Review – The Lycan Hunter

review iconAuthor Kelsey Jordan has just released The Lycan Hunter on May 29th, which is the first book from The Gardinian World series. Doug Meeks was sent a copy for review, and he found himself very pleasantly surprised. It is always a treat to find yourself with an unexpected gem, and it is even better when it is the first book of a new series.

the lycan hunterWhat Doug said…

Once again I was not sure what to expect when I started this novel, the synopsis was a bit vague on what it was which was a bit disappointing, there were 11 reviews at the time I started this and all were 5 Star (which always makes me suspicious).

The start of this book pulls you in rapidly and by the 20% mark I was already hooked, the story of Alexis and Kyran was wonderful and original (something I see less and less of these days).

She is a Hunter, a group dedicated to pretty much killing all Lycans but due to constraints have been limiting themselves mainly to dangerous rogues.

He is the God chosen leader of his pack and determined to end the Forever War between the two groups but the prophecy reads “When the Lycan and the Hunter come to an accord …..”  and you can see where things are going to go.

There is a lot of action, drama, tragedy and surprisingly a nice bit of humor which all worked together to make a very entertaining book, throw in several Gods that show up regularly and things get chaotic.

The love/hate romance coupled with a “I am going to leave you to save you” mentality which I normally HATE was done with a talented touch which I actually enjoyed, all things considered it was great.  Their relationship  evolved into an epic romance  and I can’t wait to see the next one since there are many more stories to be told and with the Gods showing up and changing things it won’t get boring (especially the God of Destruction who loves violent video games).  This being that book 1 was such a homerun I hope she can repeat it.

4.5 Stars which will be round to 5 on most places I might post this review later.


6 thoughts on “Review – The Lycan Hunter

  1. Emily says:

    I might have to try this. Having the gods in the story reminds me of the Dark Hunter series (my favorite) so I’m definitely intrigued.

    • Emily says:

      Awesome! Now, these lycans- are they the kind that turn into wolves, or the kind that turn into ugly werewolf type lycans? I can enjoy a story either way, but obviously, I prefer the not ugly variety. Haha!

      • dougmeeks says:

        I think the ugly kind but to be honest they may be able to do both. Most shifting was in preparation to battle someone and the alpha can do partial shifts if he desires.

        • Emily says:

          Interesting… I just bought it for my kindle. Hopefully, I’ll get to it this century. lol. I’m trying to keep it fresh in my mind so I won’t forget about it. I have a bad habit of buying books I want to read and then getting sidetracked for weeks at a time. Oops.

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