Happy Endings and New Beginnings…

Pheonix was kind enough to send me over her notes from the RT book convention about some PNR/UF series that are coming to a close soon, and that got me thinking about who is wrapping up one world, and starting on a new one. It is hard to let go of a favorite series, but when you have something new to look forward to it takes some of the sting out of it.

  • Kim Harrison‘s popular Hollows series is calling it quits with the release of the 13th book, The Witch With No Name, on September 9th. She went on to give a little bit of info on her new project, which will be about a slightly older female heroine, written from the third person point of view. “It’s a twist on what I usually write, and I’m so excited about it,” she added.
  • Larissa Ione is also wrapping up the Demonica/Lords of Deliverance series. She said “I didn’t want to keep adding new characters and I didn’t want to keep adding new sequel bait.” I haven’t seen anything listed after Revenant‘s book, so I wonder if that is the finale? Interestingly, she and Stephanie Tyler are returning to their Sydney Croft ACRO series with a couple of new novellas in the works.
  • P.C. Cast‘s House of Night series is finished this October with the release of Redeemed. No word yet on what is in store after that.
  • Not one but two series from Gena Showalter are wrapping up soon, with both The White Rabbit Chronicles and Otherworld Assassin stories finishing at a trilogy. And she is replacing them with two new series. She has a new four book YA series in the works, and a New Adult Contemporary trilogy + novella called The Original Heartbreakers. The novella will be called The One You Want, and the first full book called The Closer You Are will follow next March. It will be followed by The Hotter You Burn and then The Harder You Fall.
  • Apparently, the publisher has chosen not to go ahead with Cassie Alexander‘s Edie Spence series, so she has turned to a new series called Sleeping With Monsters. This one seems to be a bit more on the steamy side of things. Book one is called The Haunted, and it will be followed by The Hunted in August.
  • We have talked before about J.R. Ward finishing up her Fallen Angels books with the sixth title, Immortal, which is due out this October. Aaand I am still on the hunt for info about the rumored two new series heading our way. More to come on that one.
  • Chloe Neill still has at least three more full books and a novella in her Chicagoland Vampire series, but she is already looking ahead and planning a new series for 2015. No title is available as yet, but a bit of a teaser is out. “After humans overcome a shocking attack by supernaturals centered in the Crescent City—the Second Battle of New Orleans—supernaturals are forced into a walled community known as the District. It’s not good—or safe—to have magic, so Claire Connolly risks everything when she uses her secret magic to protect a friend. Claire quickly learns the world is more complicated than she ever knew . . . and allies are hard to come by.” Interesting…
  • Night Huntress has been done for a few months now, and the end is in sight for Night Prince, but we have Jeaniene Frost‘s New Adult Broken Destiny series to look forward to. The Beautiful Ashes heads our way at the end of August.
  • And Delilah S. Dawson ended her popular Blud series this past January, but has since turned her attention to more stand-alone (and varied) stories. Her YA paranormal Servants of the Storm comes out this August, and a very interesting book called Hit will come out next April. It is an alternate future/romantic suspense mash up where the United States was bought out by a Bank, and those in debt become the hunted. Or the hunters. Hm, like I said, interesting…
  • Oh, and on a positive note, both Kresley Cole and Nalini Singh have confirmed that their IAD and Psy/Changeling series have no end in sight. Nalini has said that the next book, featuring Aden, is the end of the second arc, but a new arc shall begin. Very, very good new indeed.

So, any you can add to the list? Anything new on the horizon from an old favorite?


29 thoughts on “Happy Endings and New Beginnings…

  1. Amber Hughes says:

    Thanks for all the updates lady! 🙂 I’m hoping the Sydney Croft ACRO Novella “Into the Storm” will be coming out soon. It got pushed back for awhile, but not sure what the new release date is.

  2. Sandy says:

    And we can’t forget Yasmine Galenorn’s INDIGO COURT series final book NIGHT’S END releases July 1-another series coming to an end.

  3. PhoenixFyre says:

    Wow! It is sad when favorite series ends. The only one I am upset about is the “Demonica” series. Ugh!

    As for my favorite author, JR Ward I am looking forward to her two future series. Wondering what kind of series and characters she will use. Of course we know it will be PRN. When she announced on FB that she was going to start two new series after FA’s “Immortal” our yahoo groups and FB buddies all got excited but she cannot tell us of yet what the series are. Hopefully at the “Book Signing for Immortal” she will reveal at least one of the two series. Just like evey year at her signing in Cincinnati for BDB she lets us know that next book in the series.

    She did say that FA and BDB will intersect and we will find out Lassiter’s purpose at the end of Immortal but Lassiter is strictly BDB. For fans…Lash will be back with his new girlfriend “Devina” from FA series. That is going to be a wild ride. I just hopr that some of the characters from FA series will join the Brothers in the BDB series. I totally love Adrian from FA series and he reminds me of Qhuinn from BDB series. But I guess only time will tell. See…I am a huge fan of JR Ward’s.

    Of course I am also excited about my other favorite top author’s books released. Sherilyn’s Kenyon new League book starring Hauk will be out in a couple of weeks in “Born of Fury” and she will be releasing two more “League books in 2015. And I am excited to learn more about Thorn from the Dark-Hunter series who happens to be the cousin of Cadegan the major character In “Son of No One.” in the fall. But of course I am patiently waiting for my favorite character Savitar to get his own book. That will be a dusey…. and probably just as gut-wrenching as Acheron’s and Styxx’s.

    • kaleigha says:

      I haven’t gotten into the Angels series (yet). Planning on doing a marathon for it when Immortal comes out, but I am very interested in seeing what she comes up with for a new world. I would love to see her get into shifters, for some strange reason.

      I was glad Kenyon dove back into the League world, too. I am a few books behind, and I think I will have to do a re-read of the ones I have read to get back into the swing of things. And that is another series that needs a character guide, too.

      • PhoenixFyre says:

        I wonder if it will involve “wolven” since she used that word in one of her books. But for the life of me I can’t imagine what two different series she will come out with. However, I am so excited because that means one of her books will be coming out what, every four month since she will be doing three series at a time? When it is your favorite author it is hard to wait a full six months for another one to come out from that author.

        I can’t wait for Born of Fury to come out. I love “The League.” I get to see my hot Sentella men again. And been patiently waiting for Hauk’s book. Nest up is Fain’s. I wonder what happened to Chayden’s? Originally that was supposed to e the next one but the next three aren’t his. SK also said we will get a shocker about Nero. I can’t wait. She said the next three books are a bigger part of the series. And two comes out next year. Yeah!

        I know it is probably tough on you waiting for Kresley Cole or Nalini Singh, hehehe.

  4. Rika Ashton says:

    Thanks for the updates! It’s sad to a beloved series come to an end, so when Nalini Singh announced that she would pretty much be writing the Psy-Changeling series until she was 95, you can imagine how many people had to witness me unfortunate happy dance, lol! (I’ll pretty much me reading this series into my grave.)

    Plus, it doesn’t seem like the Dark Hunters series by Sherrilyn Kenyon has any end date either, so that’s more happy dance news. 😀

    • PhoenixFyre says:

      Yep Rika. I agree with you about Dark-Hunter. We still are patiently waiting for books on Savitar, Thorn, eventually Nick through the “CON” series, Jaden, Jared, Madoc, Solin, Jean-Luc, Cabeza, Carson, Peltier brothers, Colt, Constantine & Varyk, Davyn, Demos & Phobos, Dragon, Diego,Ethon, Janice, Maahes, Medea, Otto, Xirena, Zeke
      Urian & of course our Simi.

      These are just a few names, lol.

    • kaleigha says:

      I had heard that the series was in no danger of ending…but then there were the rumors that started up that in fact things were winding down. I didn’t believe them, but it was more than a relief when I found out for sure there was no end in sight.

  5. renpuspita says:

    As for Larissa Ione, I remember that she will write Hades’s story. So after Revenant, maybe we will get a Demonica story and then.. End. I know I will feel very sad when Ms Ione really, really end Demonica, but sometimes some story must be wrapped. Look what Jeaniene Frost did with her Night Huntress.

    J.R.Ward, I remember that she will write about werewolf.

    Kresley Cole, why I have feeling that her IAD sales is not as good like before? I remember that in her latest newsletter she said that pre-order affect the continuity of her series. I hope everything will be well, and Nix still need her own book! Same with Furie, Kristoff and any Dacians vampire

    I hope that Gena will end her LOTU series. No need to prolong it.

    Nalini Singh once said that she will write contemporary romance.

    • kaleigha says:

      I hadn’t heard about Hades…that sounds like fun. Strangely, I found myself more interested in Revenant than in Reaver during Reaver’s book, but Hades would be good, too.

      I don’t know why, but as much as I love Kresley Cole, I don’t find myself as stoked for her new releases as before. I thought I would be nuts waiting to get my hands Thronos and Lanthe, but
      for some reason it is going completely under my radar. Hopefully when I get my hands on it it will get me stoked again. And where are the rest of the Dacians?

      The LoTU must be winding down soon. There is only Cameo and William left that I can think of…unless she goes the route of randomly adding new characters to extend the series.

  6. Lidy says:

    Who do you think are the Psy Nalini was talking about? I *really, really, really* want a book on Anthony and Nikita…

    I also felt KC’s books aren’t selling well. I like them, but those horrid covers don’t work… Also, the Order plot annoys me. Until Carrow’s book I could stand it, but not after – of course, I dislike Declan and Regin, so it plays a great role in my distaste for their book… But it’d be nice to know how Vincente fell in love with that succubus. Not a full-length book, a SS would satisfy me.

    I read somewhere (during her blog tour) that Gena was considering writing a book about the “new” Lords – the guys imprisoned with Sienna + Viola. I want to read Cameo’s book – and I want Lazarus to be her hero.

    JRW is having the same “troubles” as GS: too many POVs and very little romance. I mean, satisfying romance. And there’s the matter of her messing with her world-building. So far, I don’t know if I’ll keep reading her books… “The Shadows” doesn’t sound like my cup of tea.

    • PhoenixFyre says:


      I hope yoy are right about Gena and the “new Lords.”

      As for JR Ward. I love books with multiple stories. I belong to her yahoo group and we discussed this. Now there were a lot of fans actually looking for authors who wrote multiples in their books because it keeps the books more exciting. I do love hot scenes but I also love action scenes the most with her characters. As far as the ‘Shadows’ go, they are just as much of the story as the Brothers. What about Xhex and Rehvenge? They are symphaths. I like the whole sub-species things. And personally I fell in love with s’Ex in “The King.” But I guess it is different strokes for different folks.

      Also every once in a while authors will put out a book with characters they either don’t like or their story came out a bit disappointing. But I never put down the series because of one or two bad books.. I also love the way some authors take a long time to read a book on our favorite important characters such KC- Nix, SK- Simi & Savitar, or JRW – Lassiter. Because once a character has a book they aren’t around much anymore. JMO

  7. Lidy says:

    PhoenixFyre, I hope I’m right about Gena, too. 😀 I love the Lords – very interested in the Keeper of Obsession. And it has nothing to do with my own OCD tendencies. LOL

    JRW… I like the Shadows – iAm and Trez – and find their loyalty to each other – and by extension, to Xhex and Rehv – truly engaging… but the I-will-eat-my-enemies thing is a big turn off. I forget this tidbit and when I remember it, it ruins the mood. Like when I’m watching Game of Thrones and think about how Jaime Lannister is awesome, then remember he has sex with his sister… a huge turn off.

    I also like multiple POVs, but I have problems when the secondary characters are more developed than the main ones. I know that ultimately they’ll play a large role, but there’s no need to keep them around the entire book – give them in small doses, like she did with Z: Z is a heartless SOB -> Z speaks to females -> Z so deserves a book -> Z’s would-be heroine’s been kidnapped -> Z to the rescue.

    I like her books, but her latest releases haven’t made me particularly anxious, and I miss the expectative the mere announcement of a new book used to create – checking her online groups and Facebook every day and so. I’ve become sort of ambivalent with her, almost indifferent, because I really enjoyed the character development she employed in her earlier books, and now I feel this is missing so other characters will appear more.

    • PhoenixFyre says:

      Lidy, I copy and pasted this from JR’s FB. It is driving me crazy, lol

      Here is a new post from JR:

      “Great. Just awesome. That moment when you’re outlining a book and it turns out that it’s not the story you thought it was— and the hero is someone else *sigh* and there’s a terrible tragedy in it that isn’t fixed at the end. On the other hand… it’s one HELL of a love story and the heroine is the best one I’ve met. Like… maybe ever. (The Shadows, coming spring 2015)”

      Let the speculation begin!!!!!

      This is her next book on the “Shadows.”

      • Lidy says:

        OMG, that’s not fair!

        I know she says “The Shadows” and all, but I thought the book would focus on Trez and iAm and their mates. However, with “the hero is someone else” and “the heroine is the best one I’ve met” I’ve started to feel it’s a case of “The Shadow” :p

        • PhoenixFyre says:

          We know that Trez, iAm, & Selena (more Shadow characters such as s’Ex possible the queen and her daughter), Assail & Sola, Murhder is going to be in it.Which means we will see Xhex (Murdher connection) and Rehvenge (connection to Trez & iAm), Layla & Xcor.

          One of these characters & the female not known yet for iAm is the hero & heroine. And ‘tradegy” strikes one of them that won’t be resolved in “The Shadows.” I think it will be either iAm or Xcor as the ‘hero.’ The heroine? Who knows

          Remember, Xcor is changing. I have a feeling that Throe is going to end up as the new ‘leader’ for the Bastards. Since “Lover Reborn,” it seems to be heading that way.

  8. Lidy says:

    I don’t know if I’m pleased or not to see that more people think Throe is about to take over the Bastards… I liked him when he first showed up.

    Sola is showing up? Then it’s a bonus, because I want to read hers and Assail’s book so badly!

    Do you think it’s possible to have a book on XCor right now? If Layla is his heroine, the only possible way for that to happen is if she hushes the timeline so Layla can give birth, and I don’t think JR is doing that, but maybe I’m wrong.

    Out of the Shadows, Trez is the one more developed and has been in readers’ minds since Covet was released and that ongoing tension between him and Selena first appeared in Phury’s or Rehv’s book, so I think he’s more likely to get a book than iAm.

    JRW should write a slice of life showing how they, Rehv and Xhex met and became friends. *wishful thinking*

    • PhoenixFyre says:

      I see we are both BDB fans, lol.
      The reason I believe Throe will take over is because of everything that happened between him and Xcor. He feels betrayed. Xcor stabs him, steals his sister’s ashes which in their world means she is not in the fade. Made him give up his whole life and family for him and then it became about Layla. Xcor know how Throe felt about Layla. He also gave all the “Bastards a death sentence because of the attempt on Wrath’s life. Throe did everything for Xcor and the Bastard’s and now the Bastards respect Throe more after the stabbing and throwing Throw to the wolves-Brothers) because he thought they needed cell phones. A lot of betrayal there. Now don’t get me wrong. I love Throe and Xcor but Throe is changing and we saw it in the “King” when he man-handled Layla. I think he is now blaming her for the turn-over in Xcor and his soldiers seem not to trust him any more.

      As far as a book on Xcor and Layla? I think it will be soon but not until the baby is born. The problem being is Tohr has the proclamation to kill Xcor. But both still don’t know that they are blood-brothers. Hharm is Xcor’s father. We don’t know if they have the same mother or not. Remember Tohrment was disowned after he left the Bloodletter’s war camp. That is going to be fascinating when they learn they are brothers. Xcor did save Tohr’s life in Lover Reborn and Tohr doesn’t know it.

      As for Trez and Selena, they only met for the first time in “Lover at Last.” But it was love for Trez at first sight.

      I too would love to see how Xhex and Rehv met. We know he somehow found her and taught her what she was. And so that she wouldn’t have to go to the colony, he made a deal with the Princess. That’s it…

      Now I can’t wait to see more of “Murhder.” I think he is going to be my new addiction.

  9. Lidy says:


    Yes, that’s why I think Throe and XCor will become enemies: Throe gave up his entire life in exchange for avenging his sister and XCor… is being XCor. Personally, I can’t picture XCor as hero – he sounds selfish and I don’t see any possible redemption, but I’m willing to see what JR has in store for all of us. And Throe… he’s becoming a psycho.

    Maybe that proclamation is what is causes the unsolved ending… I can see the proclamation coming to an end if XCor saves one of the Brothers or their shellans (unlikely, but hey!) or even Layla. Or Tohr eventually kidnaps him and they find out they’re brothers. I don’t think they have the same mother; when Tohr was telling Autumn how he and Wellsie got mated, he said his mother had arranged it and in LM, Darius says Tohr had been in his mother’s after his father disowned him and Hharm kicked him out, so I don’t think he lost contact with his mother.

    Re Trez and Selena: bad memory. Re-read time. LOL

    The Shadows and the sympaths are so awesome! Like a family. Murhder seems great… wonder if he’s related to a certain fatherless vamp.

    • PhoenixFyre says:

      Murhder is related to Michael in “Story of Son.” They both have the same hair coloring and eyes. JR said maybe Michael will show up and maybe not.

      As for Xcor, he was born on to a noble mother but she didn’t want him because of his deformity. He grew up in foster homes and then was left at the Bloodletter’s camp.

      • kaleigha says:

        Ha…the joys of character guiding! You remember who looks like what without having to flip back through page after page.

        • PhoenixFyre says:

          Actually, I have been working on a “full character guide for BDB” and will hand it over to Kaleigh within the next few weeks. I am just editing it since there are soooo many characters in the series and it is growing even more each book. It has been a long process, but I love every minute of it.

          I praise Kaleigh for what she does with putting together ‘Character Bios’ since they are a lot of work. Midnight Breed was easy compared to this one. And now with Lara Adrian having put out the Compendium and next is two novella’s and one full novel I will have to up-date that list. I am also working on one for Christine Feehan’s Dark series since there is not much info on her characters but they too are growing a growing world.

  10. Lidy says:

    I knew it! Funny, I thought Murhder, Tohr and Darius all had the same coloring – dark hair and deep blue eyes… which was why many readers thought Darius was Michael’s father. LOL

    I have to say Kaleigha has my eternal gratitude for the guides… they’re very useful and keeping them up to date – and writing them – requires a patience I don’t have. 😦

    I’ve never read Christine Feehan or Lara Adrian, though I bought two of her historicals on Amazon.

    • PhoenixFyre says:

      JR Ward and Christine Feehan are close friends and Christine helped JR out when she first got started with her writing. JR used to have a message board and every few months it would be live for us to ask questions and the Brothers would even talk to us. It was hysterical. She had Christine Feehan as a personal guest a few times. I miss those days.

      Now, If you get a chance, you need to read Lara Adrian’s Midnight Breed series. They have some hotties in them. Right now we are on the second arc with the Breeds kids. Great series. While editing the BDB Guide I had to put my Nook and Kindle down for the first times in four years, lol. But I am in the middle of Christine’s Dark series and putting her Guide together also. After that it will be either DB Reynolds, “Vampires in America” series or Lyndsay Sands “Argeneau Vampire” series. Actually I will be doing both. I love helping Kaleigh out with the Guides and we both seem to love doing it and sharing them with everyone. It is easier so fans of the series don’t get confused or forget who-is-who. Both Christine Feehan and Lynsay Sands has a lot of characters in their books and add more throughout their series with each book.

      Last night I watched a few video reviews for “The King” by several people and noticed how they forgot the correct names, pronunciations in the names like they called Xcor- score in stead of Core which is how JR pronounces his name. Also they got characters confused and one actually thought Beth was Rhage’s mate instead of Mary. This is mt personal reason for doing the guides.

      Anyway, besides BDB being my favorite all-times series with Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Dark-Hunter, Chronicles of Nick and especially The League (Amazing and truly fantastic series), I do like seeing other authors views on PRN series. Bring on…all those hot men…..

  11. Lidy says:

    PhoenixFyre, sorry for the late answer.

    I joined the board after Lover Avenged was released – binge read the series. I did the same with the Immortal after Dark and the Guild Hunter series. But I read the board archives… especially when the Brothers would post. It seemed so fun as to be hysterical. 🙂 I remember the chats she did with Jessica Andersen and Darynda Jones. You know if JR is considering doing them again? Her Facebook page is locked, so I need to login to view it – and I just hate Facebook, so I miss most of her updates.

    I have a feminist friend who hated CF’s books… and a have another who loves them. Guess I’ll have to give them a chance. LOL

    I love the Argeneaus! They’re so cute – I wish I had an Aunt Marguerite (I was going to call her Margaret…). Instead I’ve got a dumb cupid.

    Sometimes, I mistake a character’s eye color or how to spell their names (all those Hs drive me crazy), but never who-mated-who. Each couple touches me in a different way, and when they’re so perfect together and their book’s memorable, I find it hard to believe some people “forget” this kind of thing… it’s like thinking Bella is mated to anyone but Z; just wrong. Even the book tone seems wrong, since in JR’s case, they’re very attached to who the characters are.

    I like the DH and CON… the funny thing is, I dislike DH-Nick, but love CON-Nick – though I confess my favorite is Caleb. Never read the League or the Lords of Avalon or the MacAllisters. SK is so… prolific. LOL

    “I do like seeing other authors views on PRN series. Bring on…all those hot men…”²

  12. Dawn says:

    Did you happen to notice the short story coming out at the end of the month for The Hollows? Amazon shows “Sudden Backtrack” coming out 10/28, and the blurb talks about the beginning of the elves downfall. So although the series has ended, maybe we’ll still get some treats (and just in time for Halloween!) about some of the other characters’ beginnings.

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