Cover Lover – 8 New Titles

Covers, covers, covers. That time again. Let’s start with a biggie for most people…Vision of Silver from Anne Bishop. This one is due out on March 3rd.

vision in silverPurchase at

Cover number two is Soulbound, from Kristen Callihan. This one is due out on February 24th.

soulboundPurchase at

Nicole Peeler starts up a new e-book series this November, and the first book is called Jinn and Juice.

jinn and juice

Purchase at

J.T. Geissinger is up next with Into Darkness, which is part of her Night Prowler series. It is due out this November.

into darknessPurchase at

I haven’t heard of this one before, but Rachel Vincent will be releasing The Stars Never Rise next June.

the stars never riseThis one is funky. Stolen is the second book in Melissa de la Cruz‘s Heart of Dred series, and it is due out on November 18th.

stolenPurchase at

Next up is Kerry Wilkinson‘s Renegade, which has a release date of January 6th.

renegadePurchase at

And wrapping things up for today is Victoria Aveyard‘s Red Queen, which is due out on February 10th.

red queenPurchase at

Well, what do you think? I sort of thought that Vision in Silver might be, well, silver, but that is nit-picking since at least it matches the first two in the series. I am liking the trend in YA covers to move to a single strong symbol on the cover rather than a model shot…when it is done well, it looks great.


6 thoughts on “Cover Lover – 8 New Titles

  1. Janhavi says:

    After reading so much praise of Murder of Crows here and elsewhere, i finally read it recently, and it was as fantastic as you all said! I am very much looking forward to Vision in Silver

  2. PhoexnixFyre says:

    I feel bad for Rachel Vincent. I received this in my email yesterday with her newsletter:

    I was super excited, and my plan was to reveal the front cover along with the coordinating redesign of my website, which we’re hoping to debut in a couple of weeks. Unfortunately…I got scooped. Someone found my cover (probably in my publisher’s catalogue) and put it up on Goodreads before I had a chance to reveal it myself. It’s really disappointing for an author when that happens. We like for our new covers to debut with some kind of pomp and circumstance. With a coordinated reveal, or something to draw attention or some kind of buildup.

    Beyond that, we like to KNOW when our covers will go up online, so we can be a part of the process.

    So much for my plans.

    • kaleigha says:

      It is tricky. At first, I figured that when the cover was uploaded on the publisher’s site it was free to go. But others said that you are supposed to wait until it is up on Goodreads or Amazon. Then still others say wait for the author reveal. I guess it depends author to author, but it is too bad she got scooped.

      I was really impressed with Nalini Singh – when she did her reveal for Archangel’s Shadows, it was totally out of the blue. I loved being surprised that way.

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