Still Alive…

question markThis week has been a total crap-fest in terms of finding anything interesting to post. Not much news, no really interesting covers. No new series started up to highlight, and I didn’t even have a pick of the week since new releases were pretty thin. So, I thought I would see would be interesting to see what everyone found to read this week, and what you thought of it.

I am still reading Kresley Cole‘s Dark Skye. I started just straight reading it, but then I thought I might as well go back and start over and make notes to update the Immortals After Dark character guide. I am liking it so far, but I also have had no problems putting the book down and walking away for a couple of days, which for me is unheard of for an IAD book. Not sure why, since I have wanted Thronos and Lanthe’s story ever since they were introduced, but I had a hard time mustering my normal excitement before it was released, and it has carried over to reading it. It is usually a “count the days” series. Hell, I have even made the four hour round trip drive to buy them on release day before, but this time? Not so much.

What are you reading, and what did you think of it? Any surprises, good or bad?


20 thoughts on “Still Alive…

  1. Cassandra B. says:

    I liked but definitely didn’t love Dark Skye (I am a little worried how KC wrote several times in her newsletter she thought it was her best book). I still like IAD, but it has slipped from top of the my favorite series list. I really think the “I hate you, but FATE, so I will put up with you and say horrible things, then okay maybe you aren’t so bad, ending with oh I guess I love you now” thing KC does is getting old. It worked for me in the beginning and I really like Lothaire (which is perhaps the epitome of the hate/love dynamic), but by MacReive I was done. I have not given up on the series, but I am no longer excited by it.

    I have been working on organizing my ebook library via Calibre and right now I am re-reading Stephanie Laurens Bar Cynster series (Regency historical romance). I am not a fan of her newer books, but still enjoy her classics. I am waiting for a new release by my favorite author Jayne Ann Krentz (she has one coming out at the end of August under her pen name Jayne Castle).

    • alexandra says:

      I feel you Cassandra – I think I’m always organizing my Calibre library. But then I like that stuff. I tried getting into the Cynster series and got maybe 25% before putting down A Devil’s Bride. I normally don’t like reading out of order but want to get back into them – do you have any suggestions where to start? I heard A Secret Love was really good…

      • Cassandra B. says:

        Devil’s Bride starts really slow, if you can get back into it, the second half is far better–you can even skim until you get interested, there isn’t much to miss, the mystery doesn’t come together until the last quarter or so. A Secret Love (#5) is my favorite in the series and stands out from the others, I recommend it and actually reread parts about once a year. I just finished the second, A Rake’s Vow, I quite like that one, too, so I recommend it. Then I just wasn’t interested enough to read the others. Scandal’s Bride (#3) is different from all the rest and interesting, but it takes far too long for the relationship to be settled for my tastes when rereading, but on the first read it is neat, so maybe give it a go. Then books #4 and #6 are, IMO, repackaging of the others and I wasn’t in the mood. There really isn’t any overarching story, so no need to read in order. I read the others in the Cynster family series long ago, but none kept my interest.

        I did try SL’s Black Cobra quartet that came out a few years ago. I really like the premise and the story is neat, but I now find SL’s writing style annoying. She doesn’t write erotica, but her characters have lengthy sex scenes every 10-15 pages. I was skimming the long, repetitive sex scenes to get to actual story, it was annoying. I want to go back and re-read the series because around the sex scenes is quite interesting, but I have been putting it off. After my frustration with the Black Cobra series, even if I find a new book intriguing, I don’t buy Stephanie Laurens anymore 😦

    • kaleigha says:

      I am pretty much in exactly the same boat…it has dropped a bit in my favorite series list, too, which I never ever thought I would say. It seemed it peaked for me with Lothaire, and then started to drop after that. I don’t dislike it, it just isn’t where it was for me, I think.

      I read the early Cynster stuff back in my historical days, but I had no idea she had kept up with the series. I remember the original five (or six) cousins, and I really enjoyed those ones.

  2. Rika Ashton says:

    I liked Dark Skye. I had a feeling it might be the love/hate thing before I started reading it based on the teasers and such, and I was hoping I was wrong but it worked out in a way…as in it made sense considering Thronos and Lanthe’s shared past. However, I sincerely hope that Kresley Cole’s done with this theme/trope/or whatever we call it…I want her to write something more like Holly and Cade’s book – where it’s love but with serious plot effecting complications.

    I just started rereading The Paid Companion by Amanda Quick yesterday – I was craving something by her as I waited for the release of The Hot Zone (like Cassandra B.), which she wrote under her pen name Jayne Castle. (Yeah, she’s had like 7 different pen names – three of which are active still, lol!)

    • kaleigha says:

      It would be nice to have a book that isn’t all about some grand misunderstanding/problem. That is getting a bit played out in a lot of series lately…I don’t mind conflict, but more for the couple rather than between the couple, if that makes any sense? Oh, and when we do get Munro’s book…you know there is going to be a whole lot of hatred on her part for that one.

  3. Lydia says:

    I just finished The Winter King. It was really good – pity it takes her so long to release a book. Dark Skye was just OK….now I have to wait til the 26th for Jayne Castle and Kristen Callihan, I need some new authors if anyone can recommend some.

    • kaleigha says:

      You know, I haven’t read anything by JAK/Jayne Castle/Amanda Quick. I don’t know if it is that she has such a huge back catalog that it makes me hesitate to tackle her or what, but I do know that some are paranormal romance. I really should check her out (among so many others).

      • Cassandra B. says:

        She does have a huge backlist. If you are interested, I would start with the Harmony series by Jayne Castle. I believe it actually starts with a short novella called Bridal Jitters, but you don’t have to read that first (I didn’t). I recommend starting with After Dark and After Glow. These feature the same couple, but there are no cliffhangers at the end of After Dark.

  4. Charry says:

    I really enjoyed Dark Skye. Then again I went into it with lowered expectations. For some reason I just wasn’t excited about this one. So when I did read it I found it a surprisingly good story. I’m interested in how they are going to pull together this whole war story arc that they’ve been hinting at forever.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, I think Nixie is going to be a busy girl getting the ascension on the ball. It is good you ended up pleasantly surprised by Dark Skye…I am over half way done, and still having no trouble putting it down. Maybe it just wasn’t meant to be for me on this one?

  5. dougmeeks says:

    Reading a book of short stories called “Love Is …” , some are supposed to be PNR but so far I have not read any of them (there are 40 stories here) but it is good but not great. I have an ARC of Evernight I will probably grab next since as far as I am concerned ALL of them have been 5 Stars novels.

    • kaleigha says:

      It is a good idea to break it up and save a “sure thing” for when you need a pick-me-up. One of my friends doesn’t even like PNR, but she loves the Darkest London series.

  6. Ann says:

    I too am a fan of the series, but found Dark Skye somewhat dull with a big dose of irritating. However, my 2 stars are very much in the minority, so who knows. It’s why I love the library so much–try before you buy.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am at about three quarters, and I am with you. I really like Thronos, but totally don’t think Lanthe is worthy of him. I actually found myself skipping ahead at times to see if things picked up at all.

      • Jean says:

        I’m about 80% done with dark Skye and I’ve put it down to read something else. I’m just not into it. That series is falling off my immediate purchase list. A sad day indeed.

        • kaleigha says:

          I actually had a few minutes to read last night, and instead of reading any of Dark Skye, I picked up Dragon Bound by Thea Harrison instead. A re-read, instead of a new IAD book? Never thought I would’ve seen the day.

  7. Dawn says:

    I haven’t gotten Dark Skye yet — I really liked the early part of the series, but the last couple were just there, and I haven’t even touched Lothaire or MacReive yet! I just finished rereading & catching up on the newest of Stephanie Rowe’s Order of the Blade series. Very interesting take on fated mates and how once you’re mated you’re doomed to destroy each other.

    Next I’ve got Ilona Andrews’ Magic Breaks (need to do a reread first!), Chloe Neill’s Blood Games, & Lara Adrian’s Crave the Night to read.

    I’ve pre-ordered the Jayne castle book as well — if you’re interested in PNR in an alternate world series definitely give these a try, but I would suggest going in order, as some of the characters reappear and there’s some references made to previous books. There’s also some overlap with her AQ & JAK books.

    I’m also waiting impatiently for Dianne Duvall’s Night Unbound, Christine Feehan’s Dark Blood, Thea Harrison’s Night’s Honor, & Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Son of No One to all come out right around Labor Day — when school resumes & I have to go back to work!

    I would definitely recommend all of these series if you haven’t tried any of them yet. (Although fair warning, Sherrilyn Kenyon’s & Christine Feehan’s series have a long list of entries to them, so they would take awhile to get through.)

    • kaleigha says:

      Ooh, Magic Breaks…loved it. Definitely a game changer. And another vote for Jayne Castle means I really have to get off my butt and get to them. Soonish. Feehan is still auto-buy for me, and so is the Elder Races series. Dark Hunter is my own personal joke, since I have not just the entire series on the TBR shelf, but I am RE-BUYING them in hardcover as they are re-released. I think 2015 will be the year of the Dark Hunters in my house. I hope.

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