Doug’s Review – Evernight

review iconSometimes I think that I spend too much time writing about books and not enough time reading them, because there are so very many series that I say “one day” about. And that list just keeps growing. One of the series on that list is Kristen Callihan‘s Darkest London, which I can honestly say I have never heard anyone say less than glowing things about. Even a friend of mine who doesn’t like PNR or UF loves it, which is a good sign in itself. Doug Meeks reviewed the lasted book, Evernight, which is due out on August 26th. As Doug pointed out, however, it is one of those titles caught in the Amazon/Hachette battle, so pre-ordering through Amazon isn’t available at this time.

evernightWhat Doug said…

Kristen Callihan seems to excel at bringing together couples who really don’t like each other at the start of these novels in the Darkest London series (which seems to get a bit darker as this series progresses).
William Thorn and Holly Evernight are a extreme example of that talent since their first meeting in this novel he is trying to kill her, not a great opening line in most instances since her feelings are close to his,  but this is Darkest London and it only raised the bar a bit higher than the others in this series.
You also do not get wilting flower heroines; the women are strong but still vulnerable.  Holly Evernight is possibly one of the strongest of these heroines and still the author was able to build a believable romance here.
What you get is a soaring romance that is wrapped in a mystery with a couple of subplots being moved along at the same time.  The lack of the legion of secondary characters that you saw in some previous novels is pretty much missing here and the emphasis is mainly on the main couple which is understandable since the distance from trying to get a couple from “I want to kill you” to “I love you” is an awful long way but Ms Callihan pulls it off right nicely but not without dragging the reader through some pretty emotionally gut wrenching situations and a surprising twist of an ending, throw in an almost Cinderella vibe and you have an amazingly great reading experience that will stay with you for a long time.  I would warn you to take nothing for granted in this story and the last page leaves you with a inkling for what I expect will be a series changing next novel along the lines of Acheron (sorry if you don’t know that reference).
Bottom Line:  An exceptional novel, well written, a romance that will roll around in your mind for days or longer, an alpha male, a exceptionally strong heroine and it all works together.  I only had one complaint, you left us in the dark on the maid, I expect some detail next novel.  The ending was a bit of a dark premonition for the next novel and left me a bit unsettled but I guess that was the purpose, hold on to your seat for the next one.  This may be the best book of the series to date so don’t miss it, the previous novel would give you some better background but is not a requirement I do not believe since most of the important things are revisited.
So, who else loves this series? There is at least one more book, Soulbound, which is due out next February, to look forward to.

7 thoughts on “Doug’s Review – Evernight

  1. Monika says:

    Doug, I’m intrigued by your review (and by the premise of two characters starting out hating each other). Can I read this as a stand-alone or do I have to start the series somewhere?

    • Jennifer @ The Book Nympho says:

      This series is so good. You really should start with book 1.But Doug is correct you COULD read it as a stand a lone but I recommend that you at least read the book before because you meet these characters in it and get the start of their story towards the end of it.

  2. dougmeeks says:

    It is always best to star a series at books 1 and this is no different BUT I believe a reader could pick this up as a stand alone and be fine since it recovers any really important ground the reader might need.

  3. Terri says:

    The Dark London series is one of my favorites–well worth starting at the beginning. I’m very jealous Doug has already read Evernight while I sit here waiting for my book to arrive.

  4. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho says:

    Skipping your review because I’m in the middle of reading this one.

    I LOVE this series. This is the closet I’ll get to read historical romance. I have to have paranormal mixed in with the British slang. LOL

  5. Lydia says:

    I love this series. I actually pre-ordered it awhile back, but when I pull it up now it says something about not being able to order at this time. However it still shows up in my orders with Amazon with a delivery date of Aug. 26th. I hope that it’s true. It’s one of the 2 I’m looking forward to next week.

    • kaleigha says:

      It is actually one of the titles caught in the battle between Hachette and Amazon, which sucks. I do know that for some of the new releases, Amazon is saying a delivery time of two to four weeks, but I am not sure if they follow through with it or not. It sucks either way.

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