October’s Book of the Month…

book of the monthI have been looking forward to October 28th ever since I realized that it was the day that both Nalini Singh‘s Archangel’s Shadows and Ilona AndrewsBurn for Me were being released (among some other great ones). I will be doing my annual get-away where I hit the book store, a pizza joint, and a hotel room and settle in all night to read. Can’t wait.

Anyways, it is time again to vote for your most anticipated book for October. The title with the most votes will then be the next giveaway book. I have listed 10 upcoming releases, but as always if your choice isn’t there just select “Other” and leave your pick in the comments section. A complete list of October’s releases can be found HERE.

Since I already got my ARC of Archangel’s Shadows (thanks to the kindness of Nalini Singh), my absolute must-read is Burn for Me. Actually, it is my pick for the rest of the year, to be honest. I can’t wait to dive into a new Ilona Andrews world, and the teasers I have read have gotten me even more excited for it.


14 thoughts on “October’s Book of the Month…

  1. Emily says:

    I was so torn on this! On the one hand, Immortal is the last of the Fallen Angels series and I’ve been waiting forever to see this final battle and find out what happens with Jim and Cissy. On the other hand, Seventh Grave and No Body is a Charlie Daniels book and that series is one of my top 5 favorites. Reyes was the decision maker. That man has to be one of the HOTTEST heroes ever written (no pun intended since he is the son of Satan). I’ve also got Archangel’s Shadows and Burn for Me pre ordered. I enjoy the Guild Hunter series but, while Psy/Changeling is also a top 5 favorite, Guild Hunter just… isn’t. lol. I was a lot more excited about Burn for Me prior to reading her Kate Daniels series. I know tons of people love that series, but it was all I could do to trudge through the first 4 books; just not for me, I guess. So now I’m wondering if I won’t enjoy B.f.M as much as I thought I would. Anyway, Reyes is #1!! ♡♡♡ (I’m such a fan girl) 😛

  2. Roslyn says:

    I voted other for Stephanie Rowe’s new Night Hunter Series, Not Quite Dead. She is a favourite author of mine. Closely followed by Lolita Lopez. I have really struggled to engage with the Fallen Angel series and (I’m a bit ashamed to admit) Nalini Singh is still sitting in my To Be Read pile.

  3. Monika says:

    I voted “other”, because although I am looking forward to both Archangels Shadow and Burn for Me, and to a lesser extent also Faith Hunter’s new Skinwalker book Broken Soul, the most anticipated book in October for me is Demon Storm, since I can hardly wait to find out what happens to Evalle and Storm (and a host of other characters) after the last book, Rise of the Gryphon, finished on something of a cliffhanger. The only thing that worries me a bit is that Dianna Love is listed as the sole author whereas the first four installments of the series were co-authored with Sherrilyn Kenyon…

    • Redbutterfly says:

      According to what I read in Sherrilyn Kenyon’s facebook page, seems like SK didn’t have a lot of time for writing, what with all her series so they decided it was better for them to part ways and since this series’ idea came from Dianna they thought it was better for her to continue alone and give it the proper attention it needs to be finished.

      It was more or less that that I found on her FB Page. From what I could grasp if SK continue to write this series this book wouldn’t have come out this year, there would be delays, etc…

      Let’s hope it reaches your expectations

  4. alexandra says:

    Nalini Singh is still my favorite and I’m hoping for great things from Archangel’s Shadows – especially after all the awesome of Archangel’s Legion. I’ve been meaning to pick up Ilona Andrews for awhile but I’m all read out after September so Burn for Me is more attractive right now than a Kate Daniels glom.

    And I already have three books preordered for 28 October (besides Burn for Me). Oh man I have problems…

  5. cheryl says:

    It is like a 3 way tie but I had to pick one so Darynda Jones … because Reyes and Charlie… what is next. The 3 tied are : Seventh Grave and No Body… Unbroken Soul and Unbinding. Wilks would have won my vote if this book wasn’t with secondary characters as the lead couple and I already have Burn for Me on preorder. Great month for lots of books but then it becomes a slimmer choice in the next month. Sigh. I hate how tons of books are released at certain times of the year and then you scramble for something good or new to read in other months.
    sorry, end of rant.

  6. nightowlinil says:

    There are several good ones. I think two of my top picks are looking to be winners in the poll, so I’ll be throwing my name in there when you announce the book title and author who won the poll.

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