Random Rant…

Mild spoilerish rant for those who haven’t read Rule Breaker…

Dear God…the Breeds make my brain hurt. I have finished the re-read of Rule Breaker so that I can update the Breed character guide, and I have started to add the information. Seems easy, right?


So many changes in plot, random new developments that seem to come out of absolute nowhere and make you wonder what you missed. So many little errors in characterization, appearance, backstory. Eyes are brown. Nope, blue. What, they are totally green. Of course Dog and Dane have been partners for years, and working with Gideon. Who was left near dead in the Navajo desert but somehow found by Dane and Leo in Africa. Of course.

And the Navajo…stuff. Covert Law Enforcement Division. Law Enforcement Agency. Unknown Warriors. Secret agents. Undercover agents. Double agents. Aaaaaargh!

I have been trying to add the info, but I have to edit all of the previous info at the same time, because there is so much conflict between what was said in other books and what came out in this one. Gotta love ’em, but they are hellish to make sense of.

Rant over. Now, what color are Dane’s eyes again?


6 thoughts on “Random Rant…

  1. Ann says:

    Wow. I bailed on the Breeds series years ago, and even purged the books from my library a few months ago. Sounds like they’ve continued to go downhill since!

    I applaud your willingness to give us complete series reviews, but… Especially when there are so many other books we might all enjoy. 🙂

    • kaleigha says:

      The Breeds are still my guilty pleasure, but there are a few that I am considering purging myself (Midnight Breed is one). Might take me a while to build up to it, but you are brave to get rid of such a biggie.

  2. Dawn says:

    While I still enjoy the overall stories, the lack of continuity and poor editing has been a thorn in many of the Breed series readers sides for several years now. (You should see all of the threads on Amazon’s discussions about these same issues that you’ve mentioned, going back as far as 2010! — I know that was when I first joined in on some of them!)

    In a way it almost makes me wish the series would actually wrap up, and I usually don’t say that about a series I truly enjoy! (I dread the day Nalini Singh says the Psy-Changling is wrapped!)

    Thank you for your perseverance in updating the Breeds Character Guide.

    And maybe Dane’s eyes aren’t changing color — maybe he’s taken to wearing contacts…?

  3. kaleigha says:

    It has actually gotten sort of funny, even if it can be hard on the head. I found the writing errors to be way down in Rule Breaker (much better editing, thank God), but I really had to stop and think a few times about these casually mentioned developments that just came out of nowhere. It made me wonder if I had missed something, for sure.

  4. Cassandra B. says:

    The personal details don’t really bother me (ie eye color) because I don’t pay attention to those details. But I am very bothered by the changing background stories and the numerous story threads that popped out of NOWHERE. Nalini Singh shows her genius in this area as she sowed seeds for story threads early in the series and it all ties together. I think part of the problem with the Breed series is that it started with Ellora’s Cave and then moved to a traditional pub. At Ellora’s Cave, I doubt series continuity was super important. Then the time jump after the pub switch added to the problems. I think there were 6 or 7 (not sure) with EC. Then Lora Leigh also writes several other series. And she was a best-seller, so I am guessing a series bible was not a top priority. Its really too bad. I think with more consistency and better editing, the Breeds could have been a top PNR series (like Psy-Changeling). I think it still sells well, the move to HC suggests so, but no one speaks about the series with respect.

    • kaleigha says:

      I don’t really notice eye color and things too much until it comes time to do the guide stuff – then it is a pain. What is really nuts is when the names change, since I figure at a bare minimum you should remember your character’s name correctly. I have to admit, I wouldn’t be caught dead reading one in public. More like a guilty secret.

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