Guest Review – Into Darkness

review iconLast week, Morgan was kind enough to offer a copy of the final book in the J.T. Geissinger Night Prowler series, Into Darkness, for a giveaway at Wicked Scribes (I feel like I am talking about myself in the third person). Well, while Monika didn’t win that one, she also got her hands on an early copy and sent over a review (which is doubly great because I was just hunting for something to post, and I am lazy tonight).

into darknessWhat Monika said…

Dark, intense, heart-wrenching, sweet, tragic and poignant are just some of the adjectives to describe the roller coaster ride of feelings this book will take you on. The latest (and unfortunately last) installment of the Night Prowler series provides a gripping and emotional finale to this outstanding shapeshifter saga. Geissinger’s voice is both, lyrical and distinctive, and imbues her writing with a special quality.

The story takes place roughly twenty-four years after the cataclysmic events in Darkness Bound. The world has changed, become a dark and dreary place. People live in perpetual fear of the Phoenix corporation and the Imperial Federation, its military arm. This is the world that Lumina Bohn has grown up in with her father as her only family. All her life she has tried to be normal, to fit in and not to stand out, but when she gets angry or upset her powers manifest in strange and disturbing ways. On top of that she hears a female voice in her head that tells her to wake up and embrace her powers before it is too late and her dreams are haunted by a gorgeous man with yearning in his beautiful chocolate eyes. In this dreamworld they are lovers but he calls her by another name.

After another incident at the hospice where she works the Grand Minister (a type of inquisitor) is coming to discover whether there are any Aberrants hiding there. When Lumina is unmasked she finally lets go of the control she has over her inner beast and manages to flee. After she literally escapes down the rabbit hole she awakens again in the presence of the man of her dreams, only he seems strangely aloof. Lumina has to discover she is not who (or even what) she thought she was. To save her family and her people she has to trust in the powers that she has supressed for so long and in the man who seems almost a stranger…

I’ve loved this series from the start and Into Darkness is a fitting end. If possible, it is even darker than the previous books, set in a bleak, post-apocalyptic world in which the sun is hidden by toxic clouds. It’s great to meet the characters from previous books again, but in a way also sad to see how some of them have suffered over the years. The love-story is in turn sweet and heart-wrenching as the love between the hero and the heroine seems doomed almost before they have a chance to acknowledge their feelings for each other. But after all the suffering there finally is a happy ending not only for the main protagonists, but also for two other pairs of lovers and the Ikati.

Another fan of the series, and another series I have started on Mount TBR. I know, I know…it is a crowded, crowded place. But one day. I swear. What was your take on this one? A good ending, or are you still wanting more?


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