Reading Roundup…

Time again to bore everyone with what I have been reading, and what I thought of it. I have been a bit more eclectic than usual, even branching out into non paranormal (god, been a while since I can say that).

the beautiful ashesThe Beautiful Ashes – Might as well start with the hard one. I picked up the first book of Jeanine Frost‘s new Broken Destiny series as soon as it was released, but I didn’t really have any burning desire to dive right in. As I took a non-spoilery peek at some reviews, I found they veered wildly from “OMG Awesome!!!!” to “DNF”. I fall somewhere in the middle.  Well, it was…ok. I should say up front that I was not one of those looking for another Cat and Bones, either – it didn’t have to “live up” to the Night Huntress books, for me. I didn’t hate it, I made it through to the end, but I finished more out of duty than desire to see how it all ended. I guess the easiest way to say it is that I didn’t connect to it – characters, world-building, none of it drew me in. Will I pick up the next book? Probably, just because I already have the first one. If I had read it on my i-pad and didn’t have the physical copy of the first one? Probably not. Unless the reviews were stellar. All in all, a disappointment. On a ratings scale, I would say…2 out of 5.

the iron trialThe Iron Trial – This one is the first book of a new middle grade series from authors Holly Black and Cassandra Clare called The Magisterium. The most common thing I have heard about this one is “Harry Potter rip-off”. In fact, some were quite up in arms about that. Well, since I am about the last person in the world who hasn’t read Harry Potter, I can’t comment on that. Personally, I liked it. It was a fast, fun read with quite a bit of action and a few twists and turns that should lead to some very interesting storylines in coming books. Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

Rock Addiction coverRock AddictionNalini Singh is my favorite author, and I have never made a secret of that (along with Ilona Andrews, but that is a debate for another day). That said, however, I still really wasn’t driven to pick up Rock Addiction for one strange reason…I have never liked books where one of the characters is supposed to be famous. Models, actors, athletes, race car drivers…rock stars…they have never done it for me. And the strange reason is that I find them unrealistic. Yep, I said it. A chick who reads pretty much all PNR and UF finds a book about famous people more unrealistic than vampires and dragon shifters. If it was written by anyone other than Nalini I wouldn’t have given it a second look even if it was free. But because it is Nalini, I did take the plunge – and I liked it. I know that a lot of people didn’t like the insta-love or the abundance of sex scenes, but neither bothered me. I think, for me, there was enough story to balance that out. I didn’t even mind the rock star angle, which for me was a big hurdle. I do have to admit, though, that I thought Gabriel and Charlie completely stole the show, and I cannot wait to get my hands on their story. That one is going to be fun. So, I can say I am glad I overcame my bias against famous characters and tried this one, and I am first in line for Charlotte and Gabriel’s turn. Rating: 4 out of 5.

How has your reading been stacking up? Any standouts, good or bad? What was your take on any of these relatively new releases?

13 thoughts on “Reading Roundup…

  1. Joie says:

    I am totally with you on Frost’s The Beautiful Ashes. I was not looking for another Cat & Bones, but I knew the writing Frost is capable of, and this was so not there. Disappointed too and will not be picking up the next one.

  2. Cassandra B. says:

    Seconding the Happy Birthday wishes! I am in a bit of a reading slump, which for me just means going between different books looking for something to grab me. It is almost a bit of a break. I really liked Rock Addiction and I bought Rock Courtship, but I haven’t read it. Sweet heroes don’t really do much for me, I will probably enjoy the book, but it will likely be a while before I read it. But already excited for Charlotte and T-Rex.

    Just finished a reread of the Guild Hunter series. I have been going through my Calibre library, using the EPub Split function to break up the box sets I have brought. It was like adding dozens of news books. Hoping to find some gems there. Also thinking of doing a reread of Anne Bishop’s The Others or Shelly Laurenston’s Pride books. Looking forward to the releases later in October.

    I did read Darkness by Laurann Dohner last week. It was okay. I liked it, but didn’t love it. Too much of a roller-coaster relationship for me. I am a bit bummed because there is another book (Smiley) coming out later in October, but because Ellora’s Cave has sued Dear Author I don’t feel I can support that publishing house any longer. So even through New Species is a bit of a guilty pleasure for me, I won’t be buying it. I brought Darkness even though I was concerned about some of the rumors flying around about Ellora’s Cave, but I was willing to give them the benefit of the doubt. But suing a blogger for presenting a report on a business and demanding the identity of anon commentors is too much for me. It is difficult because I like Laurann Dohner’s books, especially with the health problems she has had this last year, I feel bad and hope everything is resolved quickly.

    • kaleigha says:

      Thanks Cassandra. Reading slumps suck, and I find I am hitting them more and more lately. Either that, or my attention is more scattered than usual, because I have been having three or four books on the go more times than I like. I find when I get that way, I miss out on a lot because I lose the flow of the story. Doing the character guides help, because that usually means a re-read of a book I really liked, like right now it is Visions from the Cainsville series.

      Ellora’s Cave is going down a slippery slope, but I feel bad for the authors. I am really anti book piracy, but that is one case where I don’t even think my conscience would twinge (except for ripping off the authors, who are supposedly getting the shaft already).

    • kaleigha says:

      Thanks, Jean. Kind of you.

      Glad to know I wasn’t alone about Beautiful Ashes. I felt guilty that I didn’t like it more, which is stupid – but what can you do?

  3. Tina says:

    I was also worried about reading a book on a rock star and not my normal PNR but I found a book called Lick. First in the stage dive series written by Kylie Scott I really loved it and read the next two, waiting on the last. Highly recommend.

  4. snapdragon says:

    I tried Beautiful Ashes but it just couldn’t get my attention. I was *meh* and basically ended up going from chapter 6 to the end and read the last 3-4 chapters.
    I really enjoyed Rock Addiction I thought it was good read.

    I have been reading Jana DeLeon her books can be more mystery or really funny depending on the series. I just finished the “Miss Fortune” series and am now into the “Ghost-in-law” series. I am also reading several other books right now. Book 3 in Cassie Palmer series, started Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater and I am almost done with Festival in Death by JD Robb.

    M.L. Buchman has a new series starting up following after his Night Stalker series. The first book in that was Pure Heat which I thought was a good story. Especially if you like helicopters and/or firefighting.

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