Whose Story Needs to be Told?

question markAs I was whining to myself annoyingly about Jeaniene Frost still not confirming Ian will have his story told in the Night Huntress World series, it got me to thinking about what characters are due to get their happily ever after already. Some might be in the works, but some are long, long overdue, too.

  • I already said it, but Ian. Seriously. Jeaniene Frost‘s Night Huntress series has wrapped up, both Spade and Mencheres had their stories, and Vlad is getting not just three books, but four. That leaves scene-stealing Ian as odd-man-out, and you just know his story would be a hoot. Definitely time for Ian, and once his story is told I can say that the series is done, but not a moment before.
  • Now I have been complaining epically about this one for what seems like forever, and that is Dallas from Gena Showalter‘s Alien Huntress series (or the spin-off Otherworld Assassin series). Dallas has been, for me, the most interesting one from way back at the start of the series, and he is the last main character left. Gena has said that she would like to write about him, but as of now there is no book in sight. In fact, the Otherworld Assassin series is wrapping up at a trilogy, and Alien Huntress hasn’t been mentioned in forever. And that sucks. Dallas! Dallas! Dallas! I can’t consider the series finished until he has his story told.
  • Dane Vanderale from The Breeds. Now, from what I understand, Lora Leigh has plans to write Dane’s story in the near future, and it is long overdue. His character has been around forever, and it seems with each story he plays an ever-larger role (not to mentioned the constant changes to his backstory, but that is another issue). Cassie is also in need of her story (and I am calling it now, that it is the new assistant director dude, Rhyzan Brannigan, or whatever his name was), but for me it is Dane’s turn.

Ok, those are the three that for me have been left hanging. Not having their stories makes things seem incomplete somehow. Whose story do you think is most overdue, and which ones do you think you have a shot of getting sometime in the future?


19 thoughts on “Whose Story Needs to be Told?

  1. Emily says:

    I think there’s a pretty important reason why Ian’s story is being delayed – his future mate/wife/whatever still needs time to grow up. Frost confirmed that Katie would have a story, and that she already knows who the hero will be. There’s no blood relation between Bones and Katie, so Ian being Bones’ cousin just makes the idea even funnier rather than gross and incestuous. Seriously, how entertaining would it be to watch Cat and Bones flip out over Ian and Katie? The discussion came up in one of those “Ask the Author” questions on Goodreads and the idea has been stuck in my head ever since. Frost is too good of an author to just ignore a character like Ian. You can bet there’s a good reason why we have to wait for his story, and this could be it. Fans really love Vlad, too, so maybe him getting a fourth book is a little present for making us wait for Ian. I’m certainly not disappointed that his story has been extended.

  2. PhoenixFyre says:

    I have a feeling Ian will have several books coming out after Vlad’s stories are over. JF said Ian has to grow up but come on, Ian is Ian and we love him the way he is.

    As for the other two series, I haven’t gotten to them yet.

  3. Linda says:

    I honestly have lost interest in the Breeds storyline as the backstory gets more convoluted with each new book. At one point, I was eagerly waiting for Dane, Ely and Cassie’s stories but the most recent books are at the bottom of my TBR list. The last story I fully read was Lion’s Heat and that book was disappointing.

  4. gabrielle says:

    Savitar from sherrilyn kenyons dark hunter series, he’s been in it since vane’s story yet still no book in sight for him 😦 as well as jaden and jared (but they haven’t been in the series as long.)
    Illium from nalini singhs guild hunter novels. Can’t decide who I’m more interested in now that we know more about Naasir and he’s viciously adorable. As well as Aodhan, but I don’t know whether he would be ready for a mate as he has only just left the refuge?? And he hates being touched.

    • Emily says:

      It’s going to be a long time before we see Savitar’s book. He is the 3rd arch of the series, and she really hasn’t revealed much about him to build up to his story. We are in Jaden’s arch now and we’re getting closer for him. I’m guessing within 3 more books, but that’s a complete guess on my part based on the number of books in Archeron’s arch and what’s been revealed about Jaden so far.

    • PhoenixFyre says:

      Actually we are in Jared’s arc right now. SK said the books are leading to him before his story can be told. Then we will be in Savitar’s arc. And then someone she hasn’t mentioned yet. I have to wonder if it will be Thorn’s.

      I like that she is taking her time with Savitar. He is one of my favorites.

      • Emily says:

        Are you sure it’s Jared for the 2nd arch? Not Jaden? I’m always getting those two confused. We’ve been getting an influx of info about both of them in the last few books, so either one actually makes sense. I totally could have sworn that Jaden was the 2nd arch, though. He’s the enslaved demon broker that’s related to Thorn, right? Man, this is my favorite series and now I feel so confused. lol. Jared is the one that Stryker and his wife controlled that’s the opposite, or balance, to Nick being the Malachi, but I can’t remember much else about him. Anyway, the 3rd arch is definitely Savitar, and I’m totally with you on waiting for his story. I’m excited for it, but there’s still so much to learn that it’s just not time for it. Kenyon knows what she’s doing there. The 4th arch is supposed to be someone we’re not familiar with. I always thought that meant the character hadn’t been introduced yet, but now you’ve got me considering Thorn. Hmmm…

        • gabrielle says:

          Woah, Jaden is related to Thorn! When did we find this out??? 🙂 there is definitely some sort of relationship between Jared and Jaden though because it says in Dream Warrior, “they were either brothers, lovers or really close friends” (yes, I have that memorised, I love both of them).

          • Emily says:

            It was at the end of one of the Dream Hunter books. Maybe The Guardian? I don’t think it’s possible for him to be brothers with Jared because Jared’s the last of his kind, right? So maybe we can narrow it down to lovers or really close friends. Anyway, I can’t remember what was said between Jaden and Thorn but I remember having an “OMG, they’re brothers” moment. And then, Thorn is actually Cade’s dad even though Cade thinks they’re brothers. I love all the soap opera-ish stories going on on the side.

  5. Alyssa says:

    I actually don’t want their to be an Ian book, he’s a great side character, I don’t want him ruined by ending up with some bland, Mary Sue who blushes and stammers at innuendos or dirty talk. Vlad was totally ruined for me when he ended up with that dull, needy, irritating, childish Leila.
    I know Ian will end up getting his own series though, I also hope he doesn’t end up with Katie, that’d be disgusting considering Bones will be like a dad to her and Ian will thus be like an uncle to her. There’s something icky about a heroine that’s been introduced as a child in the series, growing up and ending up with the establised-really-old-sexually-perverted man of the series

    • Emily says:

      Now I feel “creepy.” lol. I feel like I need to defend my idea of Ian ending up with Katie. I just don’t see it the same way you do because we’ve only just learned of Katie, and she was only in a couple of scenes in Up From the Grave. Because of the way that book ended, I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see her again until she’s grown up. That was the point of them going into hiding; to keep her separate from the rest of the world until she’s an adult. Ian definitely won’t be around helping raise her, or anything. He’s not going to be an “uncle” to her, blooded or otherwise, and may not see her at all until she’s an adult. Not only that, but she didn’t really come across as a child, to me, in Up From the Grave. She felt like an adult in a child’s body, and a deadly and dangerous one at that. Anyway, that’s why I didn’t find it creepy. And I like the idea because I know Cat and Bones will be fiercely protective over her and it will be hilarious to watch them freaking out when every parent’s worst nightmare comes calling. Also, I agree with your comment about what kind of woman we DON’T want him to end up with. You know that Katie will be a serious badass when she’s grown up (already is, really) and that’s the kind of heroine I’d like for Ian to be with.

      • Alyssa says:

        It’ll be great if Ian ends up with a flawed badass who’s just as experienced as him in every way, he needs someone who would be a real challenge and someone on his level. I don’t however want that to be Katie, even though she was only introduced in the last book, I still saw her as a child, a child with a lot of issues, I never once thought she had the personality/wisdom/experience of an adult. If anything I think she was mentally younger than her actual age, there was so many basic things she didn’t understand because of the environment she .grew up in.
        Even if Ian doesn’t see Katie grow up, to me she’ll grow up with Bones as her dad and since Ian and Bones have centuries of history as brothers and are actual cousins, it’ll be very incestuous and disturbing, because all I’ll see is Katie being preyed on by her old pervy uncle.
        Oh, and then there was Ian lusting after Cat too for a while and even kissing her that time, that just adds a whole other level of wrong for me. Ian ending up with Bones’s daughter is icky for me, Katie might not be Bones’s daughter biologically but she will be his daughter and he her dad in every way that matters. I’d lose all respect for Ian if he even considered for a second anything remotely sexual about Katie.
        I want Ian to be with a vampire who’s a similar age to him and just as mad and fun as him. *Sigh* that probably won’t happen though, he’ll end up with some virginal/near-virginal speshul snowflake Mary Sue of some sort.

  6. Dawn says:

    For the Breeds, I forget where I saw it listed, but supposedly after Bengal’s Quest in March, there’s going to be Wake the Sleeping Tiger (Cullen/Judd), and then FINALLY Cassie’s book. Unless there’s another novella interruption, it looks like maybe 2016/2017? If we’re talking characters we’ve never gotten a full story from, though, I’ve always thought Leo & Elizabeth needed their complete story told. And whatever happened to Keegan (the winged one that was rescued in South America in one of the Ellora’s Cave novels)?

    And I don’t know about specific characters, but I have to say that I felt like there was a lot left undone in Stephanie Tyler’s Eternal Wolf series. I would love for that series to be picked back up and the remaining Dires to get their own books & HEAs! (Same for Jenna Black’s Nikki Glass series — it just felt unfinished.)

    • Charry says:

      Oh I agree! Originally I thought they were going to somehow make Julie age appropriate for him, but I’m wondering now if she is going to have her own YA series. I think his love interest will have to be a new character.

  7. snapdragon says:

    George, Jack and Sophie from Ilona Andrews’s Edge series…I know they were not feeling the last book but I really hope they get their own book(s) later down the road. They are in Sweep in Peace as side characters along with Gaston but I don’t believe they are ready to be heros in a full length book.

  8. Monika says:

    Yes to Ian, but not with Katie. Like Alyssa said, he needs a badass. I also would like to see a happy ending for George and Sophie (there is some history implied in Sweep in Peace). Derek for me still feels too young, despite his experiences (I am so not into YA), so I think he will keep for a bit.
    I’m reading Eileen Wilks’ Lupi series and I would really like to see Benedict get a story and maybe a new love if that is even possible after having lost his Chosen.
    There are also several characters in the Guild Hunter series whose story I would like to see, but I don’t feel deprived about them yet, because I figure their story is going to come. It’s not like we have waited and waited like what seems like forever. I think the two heroes for whose stories I waited the longest (and with the most anticipation) in the past were Archeron (though the book moved me deeply I was disappointed with the heroine he got) and Kaleb (the best of Nalini’s stories so far)…

  9. Indi says:

    I agree!! Cass and Dane need a story, and I’m dying for a need breed book!! I crave them. I’ve been reading them over, just in case I missed anything and I think have a crush on Dane LOL!!!! He really needs a mate!!!!!!

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