December’s Book of the Month…

Time for the last Book of the Month post for 2014…which is scary. I just can’t figure out where this year went, honestly. November was a great month for must-have new books, but December is a bit different. There really isn’t a “biggie” for me this month, but instead several interesting looking ones instead.

So, it is time again to vote for your most anticipated book for December. The title with the most votes will then be the next giveaway book. I have listed 10 upcoming releases, but as always if your choice isn’t there just select “Other” and leave your pick in the comments section. A complete list of December’s releases can be found HERE.

I was surprisingly let down by Reaver, but I have a lot of interest in Revenant, so I think I am going to have to go with that one.


17 thoughts on “December’s Book of the Month…

  1. Emily says:

    I went with “other.” I don’t read any of the series on the list except for the Love at Stakes series by Kerrelyn Sparks, and that’s not one I ever get overly excited about, even though I do enjoy them. What I’m really looking forward to in December, is “Marked” by Rebecca Zanetti, the final book in the Dark Protector series. I’ve been waiting for this story since the very beginning, and just hope it lives up to my expectations. The last book of a series is always highly anticipated, for me.

  2. kaleigha says:

    I was actually going to include Marked in the list, but because it is an e-book I can’t do it as a giveaway, which kind of sucks.

    • Emily says:

      You can gift ebooks on Amazon. Of course, it would only work if the winner had a Kindle, or device with the Kindle app. Zanetti just released a couple of those books in paperback. I would have thought Marked would be available in PB, too. I haven’t read a “real” book in years so I don’t really keep up with that stuff. Books are just for collecting and displaying on a shelf these days. Didn’t you get that memo? lol.

          • kaleigha says:

            Or, even if the Canadian site doesn’t have it, you would think I would be able to buy through the American site. But nope, Canadians have to do all Kindle stuff through the .ca site. Bleck.

            • Emily says:

              No wonder you don’t care for ebooks. Does it at least let you loan books? I’m curious about exactly how deprived you are up there. lol. 😉

              • kaleigha says:

                I am not sure on the loaning, actually – good question. I have sprung for an e-book here or there when I can’t wait for the delivery, though, I must admit.

  3. snapdragon says:

    I had to go with Low Midnight…Cormac what else can I say. I really enjoy the Kitty series so this should be a good story.

  4. Roslyn says:

    While I voted for Larissa Ione – it was touch and go. I am very much anticipating Rebecca Zanetti’s “Marked”. I’ll be sad to see this series end.

  5. Monika says:

    It’s terrible, there is no book in December I absolutely have to read. I was thinking about giving Anita Blake (Jason) another go, but the synopsis is really off-putting, it just sounds like interminable sex with no plot (the reason I stopped reading this series). Oh well, I have just started Eileen Wilks Lupi series and I’m only on book 4, so there are still a few to go, probably enough to fill December if I stretch it a bit. January is going to be a good month with books in 4 series I love coming out…

  6. Dawn says:

    I was also disappointed to not see “Marked” on the list. It’s one of the ones I’m looking forward to the most in December. And yes, gift cards DO make great gifts!

  7. cheryl says:

    I voted for Deborah Blake’sWickedly Wonderful…. this is the second book in the series and the first one was just awesome with the Baba Yaga variation it was just a nice hook for a different slant on pnr. My second choice because it is like godiva chocolate to me and it makes me laugh.. Gini Koch’s Universal Alien.

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