Guest Review – Blood Prince Series

review iconSo, thanks once again to Doug Meeks, who sent over a review for the Blood Prince series from author Jennifer Blackstream. From what Doug has said, the final book was recently released, and it did a great job of wrapping everything up. He also recommended starting from the beginning and reading in order to get the full enjoyment of the story.

unnamedWhat Doug said…

The Blood prince series is a series that is a collection of 5 stories (1 for each of 5 princes) and an overarching story that you really don’t know where it is going or even what it really is until the last book and it was wonderful.

The stories use a familiar fairy tale is a basis for the plot but even though they are titled as a “retelling” they are very unlike the fairy tale except as the most basic framework.

They all were exceptional I thought but the collection of the 5 books taken as a whole and the resolution of the overarching storyline made this one of my All Time Top 10 completed series as far as being entertained but 5 original stories that never quite went where I thought they would go and surprised me at every turn.

I wrote this little review just to let people know that for about $16 (book 1 is free on Amazon) you can get what I consider one of the best reading experiences of the last 12-14 months for me. (NOTE:  That statement applies only if you read the whole series in order, each novel builds a bit on the last one).  Let me just say I HIGHLY recommend this series, quick reading and I should note that a couple of the books started slow and I thought they were going to be duds and then it would take off and become “can’t put it down” so don’t give up on any of these books if you buy them and start reading.  Book 1 is free so you can get a taste of it.

The Blood Prince series (prices shown are from Amazon):

Before Midnight: A Romantic Retelling of Cinderella (Blood Prince Series Book 1) FREE
One Bite: A Romantic Retelling of Snow White (Blood Prince Series Book 2) $3.99
Golden Stair: A Romantic Retelling of Rapunzel (Blood Prince Series Book 3) $3.99
Divine Scales: A Romantic Retelling of The Little Mermaid (Blood Prince Series Book 4) $3.99
Beautiful Salvation: A Romantic Retelling of Sleeping Beauty (Blood Prince Series Book 5) $3.99

Any other fans of this one? I haven’t heard of it myself, but it does sound interesting.


8 thoughts on “Guest Review – Blood Prince Series

    • dougmeeks says:

      Couple of things:

      1. The more I think about it, reading Dead To Begin With before you finish the 5 main novels might spoil more than 1 of them so my recommendation is do NOT read it before you have finished the 5 main novels (and thanks to Dawn I realize that it takes place after all those novels so that is where it is in the timeline)

      2. Just a note to people who know how many ARCs I get, this is a series I bought with my own money it was so good. The author contacted me after I had written my reviews and sent me a Beta copy of the as yet unreleased What Big Teeth You Have. (many people assume I get all my books for free LOL)

      • Dawn says:

        One other question occurred to me — I know What Big Teeth isn’t out yet, so should I go with the idea that it occurs last, after all 5 novels as well as Dead to Begin with?

        Again, thanks for all of your help & advice! and thanks to Kaleigh for posting your review, as I wasn’t certain originally I even wanted to read the series until I read it!

  1. Dawn says:

    So does Dead to Begin with fit in between books 2 & 3, then? So far I’ve read the first 2, and they’re very entertaining, and yes, very quick reads (I read them both this afternoon, probably within 4-5 hours total!).

    There’s also another novella coming out soon, What Big Teeth You Have (Red Riding Hood, I presume). Is it supposed to take place after the conclusion of #5?

    I like to read in order whenever possible, so as not to miss any events! Any insight would be helpful. Thanks!

    • dougmeeks says:

      @Dawn – Dead to Begin with can be spoilerish for the whole series and so I would recommend reading it after book 5 (which is where it fits in this universe timeline) but What Big Teeth You Have can be read after book 2, I did a beta read for that one for her so there is nothing really spoilerish beyond Kirill’s story.

        • Dawn says:

          Thanks for your help. It helps to know I can just keep going with the ones I have (the 5 main novels) and wait to read the novellas until I get a chance to get them!

    • dougmeeks says:

      I read What Big Teeth after I had read all of them and it worked perfectly, I think it would have worked just as well after book #2, it pretty much has no real timeline except that it is after book #2 (One Bite)

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