Random Stuff…

Well, after getting a few character guides updated (and many, many more to go), I also got a few new author pages added…

There were a few more great authors suggested, and I will probably add a few more over the next little while. I do the author pages because I like to have all of the covers and blurbs for a series on the same page rather than having to click links back and forth. Lazy I guess, but there you go.

Also, there has been some new release info coming out for the new year, so look for some updates there, too.

  • Jennifer Estep – Dark Heart of Magic (October 27th)
  • J.R. Ward – New series book #1 (December 3rd)
  • Kelley Armstrong – Otherworld Secrets (October 6th)
  • Lara Adrian, Tina Folsom – Hide and Seek (June 22nd)
  • Christine Feehan – Dark Ghost (September 8th)
  • Katie MacAlister – Dragon Storm (November 24th)
  • Jacquelyn Frank – Bound by Sin (September 29)
  • Heather Demetrios – Exile’s Curse (September 24th)
  • Sarah J. Maas – Throne of Glass #4 (September 1st)
  • Faith Hunter – Blood of the Earth (October 6th)
  • Diana Rowland – White Trash Zombie Gone Wild (October 6th)
  • Lynsay Sands – About a Vampire (September 29th)
  • Marie Lu – The Rose Society (October 6th)

That is about it for today, time to start updating.


4 thoughts on “Random Stuff…

  1. Emily says:

    On the new Ward series, are you talking about The Bourbon Kings? I have that on my calendar for July 28th. Was it pushed back?

    • kaleigha says:

      Nope, I do believe there has been word of a second new series, and I do believe it is paranormal. I heard whispers of a shifter series, but that was awhile back.

        • PhoenixFyre says:

          Yes, J.R. Ward has a third series beginning. We just don’t know what it will e about. Her editor keeps everything hush-hush. But she did announce that when the “Fallen Angels” ended that she would be doing another PRN series. “The Bourbon Kings” is Contemporary Romance. Maybe after “The Shadow” we will find out about the new series. She does a major Q & A at a Barnes and Noble in Pittsburgh every year. I usually send Kaleigh the Q & A every year. But she always announces the next book in the BDB series so maybe some one will ask about the other new series. Keep your fingers crossed.

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