January Wrap Up…

As the first month of the new year comes to a close, it is time to take a look back and see what we liked…and what we didn’t. I had a decent reading month, between favorites that I re-read and long awaited new additions to favorite series. That isn’t to say that there weren’t a few bumps in the road, though…

my life next doorMy Life Next Door – I have heard pretty much all great things about this one from Huntley Fitzpatrick, and since I was feeling like something a little different I thought I would give a young adult/new adult contemporary a try. It made me realize that I am just not a fan of the genre. I like young adult paranormal, sure, but the contemporary stuff bores me for the most part. The tensions always feel forced, for some reason, and that makes me frustrated. I have tried to like them, especially since some favorite authors of mine have or are publishing series in this genre, but it is a no go. Gena Showalter, you are on your own with your new series. I will be taking a pass.

you slay meAisling Grey: Guardian – I started off the year reading the first three books in the series by Katie MacAlister. They weren’t bad, they were entertaining and a fast, fun read, but I didn’t get invested enough in the world to keep on. Katie MacAlister was on the list of new-to-me authors that I wanted to try, and maybe I will give another series a shot down the road. As for now, though, I won’t be picking up any more for a while.

hungry like the wolfHungry Like the Wolf – This new one for Paige Tyler has been quite well received, and most of the reviews I have read have been positive. I was really looking forward to it…and then it happened. My absolute least favorite trope is the intrepid female reporter character. Or, I should say, the completely human intrepid female reporter who sticks her nose into supernatural business and ends up needing rescuing over and over and over again, a la Lois Lane. Completely drives me nuts. Turns out the main character of Hungry Like the Wolf is, you guessed it, Lois Lane lite. I have been trying to get through it, but three weeks in and I haven’t hit the half way point. Slow going.

bound by flamesBound by Flames – The latest Vlad and Leila book by Jeaniene Frost was, um, not bad. Not great, but not bad. Even though a lot goes on, and there is some decent action, I couldn’t shake the feeling that this one felt like a filler book. I liked it enough while I was reading, but I could put it down for a day or more and not need to read more. I guess it just didn’t quite grab me.

I already rambled on about Viper Game and Burned, which were the highlights of my month, so how did your reading shape up? Anything you loved, loathed, or wished had just plain been better?


6 thoughts on “January Wrap Up…

  1. dougmeeks says:

    Like you I read I think the first 4-5 books in the Aisling Grey series and totally lost interest and have never returned to the series. They were not bad but just lost the initial spark they had for me.

    I am hearing your comments echoed by many people concerning Bound by Flames, sadly I was looking forward to this book but I think I will wait until she finishes this mini-series before I return to it. Vlad was my favorite character in The Night Huntress series but somehow he lost his luster when she decided to make this a multi book series, one really good book would have done the trick and book 1 was almost that book.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, not bad but not enough to make you run out and get more, I guess. At least I got them in e-format, so I don’t feel the need to complete the collection.

      I liked the first two Night Prince books, so I had high hopes for the third. Here’s hoping book four revs things up again.

  2. Shannon says:

    Totally agree about the latest Vlad book! It seems like she is stretching out the books with a lot of filler. It dragged in places and seemed repetitive in others. It is a shame because he was one of my favorite side characters.

    Also with you on the Aisling Grey books. I read those years ago and they were not all that great.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, Bound by Flames wasn’t bad, just…not gripping, maybe? I still liked Vlad, but I think it was the rest that sort of meh-ed me out.

  3. Monika says:

    My best January book actually turned out to be Burned. It was really gripping and action-packed and I wasn’t disturbed by the multiple POV thing as much as I feared; somehow it worked. I also liked the background we get on Ryodan, which puts some of his questionable actions in Iced into perspective. The only beef I had with the book is (I was reading it on Kindle) that it seemed to end in the middle of the story, not even a real cliffhanger, but you think the book is going to go on for another few chapters because so many things are left open and than all of a sudden: cut!
    I totally agree about Bound by Flames: it was ok but had nowhere the intensity of the first two installments, and even the horrendous torture Leila experienced was somehow nowhere as awful as it should have been, it’s like the description of it didn’t make you feel the pain but view it like from a distance.
    Haven’t finished Viper Game yet, but I am majorly disturbed not by Wyatt’s alpha-ness but by the portrayal of the heroine, how because of the way she was created SHE has to tune down her vibrancy to minimize the effect she has on men… to me it sounds just too much like the old rape excuse: she asked for it by the way she was dressing, behaving and so on. It leaves a really bad taste in my mouth. Also, I had never realized how repetitive Feehan’s style was, she doesn’t need to tell us a hundred times how lucky the Fontenot brothers were to have their grand-mere, there is also lots of other repetetiveness going on. I think I will have to force myself to finish this one, though surprisingly I like Ginger..

    • kaleigha says:

      Yep, Burned was my big read, too (even though it was third on the list going in). I was glad we didn’t get the monster cliffhanger, though – those suck.

      You nailed it on the Leila situation. I can’t say that a lot didn’t happen, but I didn’t seem to connect to it, so that made it feel dull, I guess. Here’s hoping the next one brings it up a notch again.

      I have been snickering about Christine Feehan books for a while now. I still can’t wait to get my hands on them, but they are like the breeds for me and I snicker my way through parts of them. The repetitiveness, the info dumps, the sometimes florid descriptions all crack me up. I wasn’t a big fan of how…uh…Pepper (totally blanked on the name) was enhanced, actually. I hope the same formula wasn’t used on the next heroine, Cayenne.

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