Rock Hard Review-Type Thing…

rock hardNalini Singh‘s newsletter came out today (er, yesterday?), and in it she mentioned that Rock Hard was up for review at Netgalley. Yes, that Rock Hard, as in Charlie and T-Rex and one of my must-have-now books for this year (ok, there are a few of those, but I have a dull life). I don’t Netgalley, but for Nalini I am willing to try anything once. Surprisingly, I was approved, and it was mine. The only thing is that you are encouraged to review, of course, so here is what I wrote…

I have to preface this by making two points. First, I am not a huge contemporary romance fan. My reading of them is sparse, and the few times I break down and try one I am usually not all that impressed. The second point? I love Nalini Singh’s writing, and would read pretty much anything she wrote. Maybe the two points balance each other enough to give a fair review.

Simply put, this was a hell of a book. I, as have many others, have waited for Charlie and T-Rex’s story since they completely stole the show in Rock Addiction, and there was no disappointment at all. It was at times sweet, sad, funny, and sexy. T-Rex is Nalini’s special brand of alpha hero, but Charlotte more than held her own. As shy as she was, and as afraid as she could be, it was wonderful to watch her fight her way back to living a whole life. It wasn’t easy, but it was realistic.

We knew going into Rock Hard that Charlie had had a traumatic event in her past, and I sort of had an inkling as to what it was from bits and pieces we already knew. For that matter, Gabriel himself didn’t always have the easiest time of things, either. I think what I liked was that they don’t heal each other – they help each other heal themselves. And both are a work in progress.

So, in summary…great story, loved the characters, and can’t wait for the re-read. This was one of my most anticipated reads for the first half of the year, and it didn’t let me down.

I can’t call what I write reviews. I used to do these big, involved write ups that I spent a ton of time on, trying not to ramble too much or give too much away while still hitting the high points. They were actually stressing me out. So, instead I now just try to say whether I liked it or not, basically. I was so happy with this one. Sometimes I got frustrated when Charlotte would have a set back, but I was frustrated FOR her, not AT her or the story. And I want a T-Rex of my own. Just saying.

If you can, head over to Netgalley for your copy. If not, you only have a month to go before Rock Hard can be yours.


11 thoughts on “Rock Hard Review-Type Thing…

      • Dee says:

        So glad you were able to read it. I love hearing reviews, not the details (don’t want to ruin the story for myself) just what people thought of the book. Can’t wait to read it!

  1. Shannon says:

    Thanks for the review. I don’t usually like contemporary romance, but maybe I will give it a try after reading this. I love Singh’s Guild Hunter and Psy Changeling books.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, my luck with contemporary isn’t great, either. They usually annoy me, especially in the new adult ones. Not sure why.

    • kaleigha says:

      I think it is getting a little harder to get from Netgalley, depending on the publisher. I have only tried for something like five books, and I got four of them. You have to classify yourself as either a blogger, book seller, or something like that. I have requests in for Dead Heat and Vision in Silver, but I doubt I will get them because your blog must have 1000+ followers to get a book from Penguin. Still hoping, though.

      • Liz says:

        Thanks. I knew it wouldn’t be easy. I have e-mailed Ashwini for Nalini’s newsletter, but do you know if she included another excerpt from Rock Hard? Thank you.

  2. Cassandra B. says:

    Thanks for the review! I still have not read the second book (although I did buy it, some reason it just doesn’t grab me), but I am looking for to this one a lot. I thought this review was great. I always worry about a few things (ie love triangles, cliffhangers, tragic events, etc) and appreciate when reviewers address trigger points. I was a bit worried about Charlotte’s past, but your review helped relieve my mind.

    • kaleigha says:

      Charlie has a lot to get over, and she has quite a few set backs. More like two steps forward and one step back, but thank god there was no triangle. Can’t handle too many of those myself.

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