A Beginning and an End

Keri Arthur is one of many established authors who are starting up new series in the coming months. It seems to be somewhat a time of transitioning between ending popular existing series and setting up new ones, and Keri Arthur‘s next venture will be called The Outcasts. The first book is City of Light, and it will be released on January 6th.

city of lightAnd I was really surprised in my last batch of updating to find out that MaryJanice Davidson is wrapping up her Queen Betsy/Undead series in 2016. The as-yet-untitled book is the 15th of the series.

What is your take on the beginning of a new one and the end of an old one? Any thoughts on the end of Queen Betsy? I haven’t read them myself, but in what I have heard about them people usually say they should’ve wrapped up quite a while back.

6 thoughts on “A Beginning and an End

  1. dougmeeks says:

    Queen Betsy was one of the most hilarious and entertaining series I ever read for about 4-5 books (max) after that it got stupid and sometimes was just plain old bad. I gave the series up but I would recommend everybody should read the first book, it was unbelievably entertaining and fun.

  2. Reina says:

    Betsy was really fun to read at first. Then it went downhill – the humour felt old and flat most of the time now and the storyline (if there is even one now) is just not going anywhere. 😦

  3. Barb (boxermommyreads) says:

    I agree with everyone else on the Betsy books. I still read them from time to time but always get them from the library and never purchase them. It was one of the first series I really loved and I have hated to see it go so downhill.

  4. PhoenixFyre says:

    I do love a new series, so I’m in for it. However, I do hate the ending of a series that I looked forward to and loved so much. That is why I try to stick with open-ended series like Sherrilyn Kenyon.

    But I am open to something new also.

  5. snapdragon says:

    Well at least MJD knows when to finish a series. Janet E’s = Stephanie Plum series is on to # 22 or 23 and has not moved forward or shifted the last 10+ books? JE is not even funny anymore and I can’t stand to read her other series she’s got out with Lee Goldburg. I tried. So I will check out the last MJD and hope that it has a decent ending.

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