April’s Book of the Month…

March was a pretty stellar month for new releases, to the point that it was hard to choose just one for book of the month.

I don’t see the same problem for April.

In fact, I am having a hard time picking 10 titles to even add to the poll. Oh well, hopefully that means I take another bite out of the TBR pile. As always, if your choice isn’t there just select “Other” and leave your pick in the comments section. A complete list of April’s releases can be found HERE.

That’s about it. Actually, I can personally tell you that the only one that tempts me at all is Dark Heir, but I am only on the second book of the series so I have a ways to go yet. I like Jennifer Ashley, but I have drifted away from the Shifters Unbound series for some reason. Meh, looks like it is time to play catch-up.


4 thoughts on “April’s Book of the Month…

  1. Emily says:

    I’m not reading any of the books/series that are on the poll for this month, so I was going to vote “other.” But, when I checked my calendar, the only new releases I’m looking forward to are 3 Contemporary titles. Not a busy month for PR/UF, huh? On the other hand, I have too many books on my calendar for the last week of March, so that’s going to keep me entertained for the beginning of April, anyway.

  2. Roslyn says:

    I voted other, while there are not many coming out in April, I am looking forward to Carrie Ann Ryan’s Fierce Enchantment.

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