What was Your Take on The Shadows?

the shadowsIt has been a couple of weeks since the latest J.R. Ward Black Dagger Brotherhood book, The Shadows, hit the shelves, and I figured it might be time to see what everyone thought of this somewhat different story. No one can say Ward played it safe with Trez and iAm’s stories, and I was actually glad. I liked how the story unfolded, and I thought it ended on a high note, surprisingly. What did you think? Did the story work for you, or would you like to have seen things go in a different direction? And what about another Rhage book being next? I would’ve thought Assail or Layla and Xcor for the next book, with Rhage maybe playing a role in one of the spin-off Black Dagger Legacy stories. As much as I love me the Rhage, not sure how I feel about it.

Anyways, drop a line below, but beware that there could be spoilers and proceed at your own risk…


20 thoughts on “What was Your Take on The Shadows?

  1. Deb says:

    Personally, I loved the book. It was totally character driven. Trez and Selena is a beautifully written love story. Of course there were several other stories, but unlike some of the books, they all seemed to flow seamlessly from one to the other. If Ms.Ward continues to write them like this, I will continue to read them.

    • kaleigha says:

      I thought that the flow was much, much better here, too. Way less choppy than some of the others. It advanced a few story lines but never felt too full.

  2. Lisa says:

    While I did not think this was one of her stronger books, I still managed to cry buckets of tears so something touched me. I read all of the negative responses and got where they were coming from, but I still found the story worth the read. The stuff with Rhage honestly did not flow or make much sense to me. I wondered if it was a lead up to the curse being lifted, but who knows. It ultimately all felt like a set up book where things are being lined up for the rest of the series. Which I will dutifully read, of course!!!

    • kaleigha says:

      I do love me some Rhage, but his identity crisis or whatever it was seemed so far out there for him. I was glad he got so much page time, but it was different.

  3. Roslyn says:

    I agree with Deb. It was a very good book, less complicated with side stories. This book was going to be decider for me to continue with the series or not and I put off reading if for a week. I’m looking forward to the next book now!

    • kaleigha says:

      I actually expected it to be more complicated, what with the two main stories going on for both Trez and iAm, but I thought it flowed really well. I do wish it was a new couple rather than a return to Rhage, but then who knows what the other plots will be?

  4. S'Ann C. says:

    I had lost complete interest quite a few books back and have quit reading them altogether. From the looks of the spoilers I’m glad I have. Just too much I want to read to keep reading a series I’m not even interested in anymore.

    • kaleigha says:

      I have dropped a few, too, because I was forcing myself to read them because I should, when there were so many I was putting off that I wanted to. I don’t miss them at all, either.

  5. PhoenixFyre says:

    I loved that JR had the guts to show that just because you love someone doesn’t always give you a HEA. And Xcor totally surprised me when he told Layla to not come around anymore. iAm ended up with a very strong “Princess.” In loved her character and how she just wanted a normal life also. Glad s’Ex went after the Queen. She deserved everything she got. To hear your baby cry and then to know they killed it because of your bloodline? SAD. And now that iAm is mated I guess we will be seeing a lot of s’Ex. JR even said he may become very protective of Trez. Throe is a big disappointment. I can’t believe how he has changed and thinks he deserves to be king. Xcor was right when he told Throe that the “People” voted Wrath as King so he won fair and square. As least Assail got his sh*t together. I guess we will finally see the Brothers with Assail and his cousins go after those lessers from the school in the next book. I loved this book and the concentration was mostly on Trez and iAm this time with a little Rhage on the side with his “survivors guilt/panic attacks.” I also loved meeting Paradise who will be the star of BDB Legacy in Blood Kiss. Can’t wait.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yep, usually I would be mortified if the main character died, but I actually found it a very positive ending for the book. Although, I have to admit, I was very glad I was spoiled about what was going to happen because I would’ve been looking for the miracle that never happened at the end. s’Ex is a strong, strong contender for his own book for me now, since he moved past his kinda icky beginnings. I preferred Throe to Xcor when the Bastards were first introduced, now he is at about Lash level for me. Meh.

      I do have to say that Layla annoys me. And bores me. She didn’t at first, but everything after the pregnancy has made me want to drop kick her. Xcor deserves better, but I hope I can muster some interest in her before their story comes up.

      • Emily says:

        I hadn’t seen any spoilers before reading, and I think I might have gone into shock. lol. I double checked and then triple checked that the last page really was the last page. My mind just kind of went “…..??!!?….” It took me awhile to be able to process it, for sure.

      • Deb says:

        I agree about Layla. She has become so wishy washy. That’s why she bores me. Now I can’t even see her as a mother, much less a mate to Xcor. I’ll be anxious to see if Ms. Ward does something different with her character in the nest books One can only hope . . . . . .

  6. Charleen says:

    Its slow reading for me, I’m doing a chapter every few days, there is no action and the feeling is just not there. I’m assuming that I’m just not in the mood for this genre and hopefully it will get better.

    • PhoenixFyre says:

      Charleen, did you say no action? Holy crap. The downtown scene with the lessers and their MK’s was a fantastic action scene. You had Xcor, Balthazar , Manny, Rhage, Trez, Fritz, and Selena. I loved that action scene. I loved the Fritz’s driving which was funny as hell. Xcor gets hit by Manny’s new toy? And Manny’s new toy get destroyed? And remember the police saw Rhage disappear in front of them. Never have they exposed themselves to humans before. I thought it was the best scene in the book. It is kept going for a few chapters.

    • Emily says:

      I think you might be right about just not being in the mood for it. I’ve had that problem before, and no matter how great the book is, you just can’t get into it. There’s tons of action, a few chapters worth, at least. Put it aside until you can enjoy and appreciate it.

  7. Emily says:

    Honestly, I absolutely loved it! As others have said, it had a much better flow between story lines. I loved seeing more of Rhage, and I actually like that we’re going back to him in the next book, The Beast. I really wish Layla would hurry up and have those babies! It’s time to wrap up her story with Xcor. He’s actually a brother to one of the Brothers (my guess is Vishous since Xcor was associated with the Bloodletter), and I hope we’ll see him team up with the Brotherhood to defeat Throe. I so badly want a chauffeur like Fritz! I loved that car chase and the fact that the only thing he was worried about was getting back in time to prepare Last Meal. I think with the decline in Assail’s “business,” he’s not going to have enough to distract himself from thinking about Sola, and we’ll see some progress in their story in the future. The only parts that were slow reading for me were the Paradise scenes. I know they were a lead-in to the Legacy series, but they felt out of place. I’m looking forward to her story, but I want to read it in December, not along with Trez and iAm. Know what I mean? I figured iAm would end up with the Princess (now queen), but I thought it would be more like a sacrifice were he stepped in for Trez the way Phury did for Vishous as the primale. This way was much better. I really really liked that he got a HEA. When he came home from being imprisoned, and no one even noticed he’d been gone, I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry for the poor guy. lol. As for the ending… I think the thing that made it easier for me to bear was that Trez got to see Selena one more time during his near-death Cleansing, and we got “proof” that they will be together again one day. So essentially, their story isn’t over yet. One of the main reasons he had to go back is so iAm could be at peace and get his own happy ending. But, Selena also said he had more to do, and people to meet. Call me morbid, but I’m counting the pages in future books until we see Trez do something truly heroic and go down in a blaze of glory, to be reunited with his “queen.” But, as heartbreaking as it was, I think Ward did an excellent job with it. We got a peaceful ending, if not a happily ever after ending. That’s life, and Ward doesn’t shy away from the grittier aspects of life. We already saw 2 miracles, with Rhage/Mary and Vishous/Jane, given Mary a lifespan of her own choosing and making Jane a ghost. Then we saw Torhment lose Wellsie, go bat shit crazy with grief, and later find love again. Maybe this is the time we have to simply watch Trez lose the love of his life, and just make peace with it as he waits to be with her again. In any case, I really really enjoyed the book, and applaud J.R. Ward for staying true to her story even though she knew it probably wouldn’t be accepted well by some.

    • PhoenixFyre says:

      Emily it was amazing right? By the way, Xcor and Tohrment are brothers. They don’t know it yet. Same father, different mothers. Both have black hair and beautiful blue eyes. Just like Michael from “Story of Son” is related to Murhder. The Bloodletter had only one son. He had many daughters that Vishous and Payne don’t care about. Now supposedly Throe’s sister that died isn’t dead. Or his family may come into it. That will be his only hope considering his father was a great Brother. Just like Assail’s father was one of the best Brothers but his mother kept him away from it all. Over-protective or something. As for Assail, I think he will be out of the business eventually because of Sola. Did you ever wonder of Sola could have been pregnant? As for Paradise, I do like her. She if very independent and I like that she is working for the King. She is an aristocrat that wants to change the typical ways of just finding a mate and showing off their jewels, lol. I love the scene where she says to Peyton “I am not just a pair of ovaries.” I actually didn’t cry when Selena died. Yes her and Trez cared about one another but in all actuality they were only together for 48 hours. Had it been our other couples like Tohr and Wlessie who were together for over 200 years? That would have made a difference. But now Trez will have s’Ex looking after him since iAm will be preoccupied. I love that JR took the risk of not bringing back Selena.I hate when fans thinks that books should go the way they like it instead of the way the author actually see it. Then the author wouldn’t be true to themselves. Trez will find another to love in the future. One to spend more of his life with. As far as Rhage and Mary go? Finally the “ADOPTION” will be coming up. But i have a feeling it may be the little girl who’s mother is dying and not a baby. Either way, they will have a lot of love to offer her.

      • Emily says:

        Torhment and Xcor as brothers? How did I miss that? Very interesting. I do think Rhage and Mary will adopt the girl whose mother is dying, too. I’d forgotten about that with everything else going on, but I kept expecting it as I was reading. I hadn’t considered Sola being pregnant, but we know it’s possible. Can you imagine Assail’s reaction? lol. I liked Paradise, too. I loved when she stood up for herself with Peyton. I’m excited to read her story in the Legacy series. I couldn’t seem to really get into it while reading all the other stuff, but I did like her.

        • PhoenixFyre says:

          Emily, this was a question from JR’s yearly big Q & A in Cincinnati that was asked last year:

          Q: When you were here last year, you told us a little secret about Tohr and Xcor…

          A: I did? What did I say? (That they’re brothers…) I did??? I forgot that…. (laughter from crowd at JR’s forgetting she’d spilled those beans…)

          • Emily says:

            That is so funny that she forgot. What’s even more funny is that I think she forgot again. lol. I saw something recently where she said one of them was his brother but wouldn’t say which one. Hahaha! I guess all the stories in her head, and the spoilers she gives out are hard for her to keep up with. She must have a memory like mine.

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