Cover Lover – Kresley Cole’s Sweet Ruin

I woke up to an email from Alexandra, who kindly sent the link to the cover for the next Immortals After Dark book from Kresley Cole. It looks like the book will be called Sweet Ruin, but there still isn’t any real info yet about who it will feature, but it still has a release date of December 1st.

sweet ruinHm, different. Better than the last few hardcovers, that is for sure. But I am wondering about the symbolism of the feather thingy. And female on the front rather than male makes me think it won’t be about Munro. So, I am guessing Furie (female, wings). Any thoughts?


23 thoughts on “Cover Lover – Kresley Cole’s Sweet Ruin

  1. April B. says:

    I always pictured Furie with black hair. Doesn’t her twin sister, Cara, have dark hair?
    Also, Munro’s woman had black hair and the chick on the cover looks like a blonde. I like that the covers went in a different direction, but this cover seems a little paranormal YA and simplistic for IAD. I just reread the series for the fifth or sixth time this year, so I’m anxious for December 1st.

    • kaleigha says:

      I got a YA vibe, too. I still like it better than the MacRieve or Dark Skye, but I do wish there would be a cover theme they stuck to.

      • April B. says:

        Dark Skye’s cover wasn’t too horrible, even if the guy on the cover looked like the lead singer of an Indie Rock band (Kings of Leon?). But MacRieve looked like a medieval homeless dude in need of a dunk in the river. He looked like a younger, scragglier Viggo Mortensen and I never understood why females thought Viggo was hot.

        I wish they’d stick to one cover theme also. I don’t get why they just unveiled new awesome covers for first few books in the series and then did something so different with Sweet Ruin.

        Besides, the title Sweet Ruin sounds like a New Adult Contemporary Romance. I feel like with this cover and title, they’re being vague to draw in more potential readers.

        I understand that the original covers are a little out of style in today’s Paranormal Romance genre, but I think they should still resemble the old covers, but with tweaks to follow the current trends.

        There’s a chance the unveiling of this cover is to get fan’s reactions early and possibly change it before publishing. Hopefully?

        • alexandra says:

          I hope so too. I actually stumbled across yhis on Christina (of the author duo Christina Lauren’s) Twitter feed. I know they’re author buddies and it doesn’t seem to me like another author would perpetuate untrue rumors about an upcoming release for such a huge series. Link:

          However – I agree with the comments here and I don’t like the cover nor the title. It seems odd to me too, that the cover reveal would be on Pop Sugar when other sites would probably more appropriate (and word spreading) to reach the loyal readership of the series.

          There hasn’t been anything on KC’s Facebook page which is darn weird, especially when I’ve noticed she tends build excitement by hinting at news to come soon (like in a few weeks) and then we don’t hear anything for month(s).

          I actually really hate this and don’t visit her social media anymore because of it. I feel it’s manipulative of readers. From a marketing and business standpoint I get it. At the end of the day all her publisher really cares about is selling books. I do wonder if maybe it’s honestly because her plans just change when she’s writing.

          During the lead up to Dark Skye I also wasn’t a fan of the preorder contest. I’m glad readers are rewarded with an excerpt or even an iPad or whatever. What I didn’t like was the comment in her newsletter that basically stated lots of preorders ensure the future of the series. Really? She’s such a huge name and such a prolific writer I can’t imagine it would be difficult for her to find a new publisher for the series if hers chose to drop her or the IAD books. And there’s a little something called self publishing that has pretty much exploded in the last decade.

          I guess I’m getting my rant on a little prematurely but at least either way I can have something to gripe about: shitty cover or KC/her brand/her publisher/whomever pushing false information.If you want to test reader reactions to branding then form a focus group. It won’t be difficult to find readers willing to participate.

          • April B. says:

            I agree with you. But maybe Popsugar is wrong and it’s not an IAD book, but some other new series. I also wondered if maybe this was the UK cover, seems like it could be. It’s really weird that she hasn’t put anything about this cover on social media, since usually does.

            I hear what you’re saying about the preorder contest. She’s said that about a couple of books and it’s almost like she’s threatening fans of IAD that if she they don’t buy the book early, she may stop writing the IAD series. At this point, she could probably make higher royalties with self-publishing and marketing herself. She seems iffy about the third Game Maker book also.

            Have you noticed that she’s beginning to change as a writer? Steadily, her heroes (Declan, Lothaire, MacRieve and Thronos) are all becoming more hateful toward their heroines. I still really like the books, but they’ve definitely changed. I was afraid after the lack of adventure in MacRieve that she was getting burnt out with the series, but Dark Skye was a definite improvement (though the adventure seemed a little forced – prompted by complaints by readers after MacRieve?)

            I haven’t read the Arcana Chronicles, even though I bought all 3 books, because they aren’t standalone books. I’m waiting until the series is completed. Do you have any idea how many books she plans?

            I’m a HUGE Kresley Cole fan, as in she’s my all time favorite author, so I’m always on the lookout for news on her books. I actually read her historical romances first and loved them, but IAD is the absolute best pararnomal romance series of all time. Each book tends to have the perfect balance of romance and non-romance plot.

            I think she hasn’t announced anything definite about the next IAD because she’s becoming overloaded with 3 separate running series. She also hinted once a few years ago that she doesn’t have the final say on book covers, that her publisher does. Maybe she hasn’t put this Sweet Ruin cover on her Facebook because she isn’t happy about it either.

            Have you read Cara’s bio on the IAD character page? It’s been there awhile and I’d be really excited to read Cara and her human male’s story.

            • alexandra says:

              KC’s historicals actually led me to PNF; A Hunger Like No Other was my first read in the genre – the last 30 percent still blows my mind every time I read it!

              In a Goodreads Q&A she said there would be more Arcana Chronicles books. I didn’t get an iffy drift about a third Game Maker book but, like I mentioned earlier in the thread, I don’t follow her social media anymore like I do my other favorite authors.

              I think she has changed as a writer but it’s not unexpected. She’s been writing for what? Ten years? People change over time and I’d expect her to change as a person and as a writer as well. She’s got 15 IAD installments under her belt. If she’s getting…bored with them I understand. However if that’s the case I wish she wouldn’t tell fans ‘so-and-so will have a book’ and ‘I’ll keep writing as long as you keep reading’. Finish the series out with a bang rather than dragging it out forever.

              Preorder ruckus aside, I thought there was a real lack of fanfare surrounding Dark Skye considering how long readers pretty much begged for it. I really enjoyed Dark Skye but I know others didn’t. It seems like Lothaire was a high point for a lot of fans. And MacRieve was just a mess. I think KC tried to address some heavy material but kind of fell short in that one.

              Now that you say so, I do notice her heroes have become more hateful toward their heroines. I’m hoping with at least Munro’s book that won’t be the case. And Cara’s story would be awesome! Maybe she’ll be one of those unexpectedly awesome ones to sort of come out of the blue, like Cade and Holly.

              The last thing I’ve noticed beyond the bait-and-switch tactics you and Kaleigh discuss further down I do agree maybe the changing landscape of the romance market is a factor in the preorder business. The increasing wait between IAD installments combined with the lack of forward momentum in the overarching plot also hurts the series IMO; maybe the lack of excitement for Dark Skye is because some fans just got tired of waiting and couldn’t be bothered to care anymore?

              • April B. says:

                Her historicals also led me to adult paranormal! (I’d already read teen paranormal going back to The Vampire Diaries and Night World in the 90s) I even re-bought Kresley Cole’s first two historicals when they came out in over-priced hardcover (to complete my KC collection).

                “lack of forward momentum” – You mean the slow moving overall series arc of Nix and her Accession maneuvers? – It’s almost like even KC isn’t sure exactly where that’s going. But there’s also the Bringers of Doom that have been mentioned a couple times. Maybe that’s where the story is going? I’m still waiting for the Wraiths to control the Valkyries “for a time” and for their husbands to freak out about it!

                I know a lot of fans loved Lothaire (and I definitely enjoyed it), but there were a few moments in the book where Elizabeth was just TOO hillbilly for me. She said something like, “blo-berry waf-fles” – Southern accents can be cute and sexy on chicks (Hart of Dixie), but she just sounded ignorant. I felt like KC came up with the character after watching Winter’s Bone and decided to make her an extreme version of Jennifer Lawrence’s character.

                I enjoyed Dreams of a Dark Warrior, Lothaire, even MacRieve and Dark Skye, but for me the high point of the series was every single book before Dreams of a Dark Warrior.

                Regin – immature and foul-mouthed – not judging, but she didn’t compare to the previous Valkyrie characters because she was like the annoying little sister for all of them
                Elizabeth – hillbilly with too deep of an accent (and her family were like the Beverly Hillbillies
                Lanthe – the biggest slut of The Lore – a little pathetic
                Chloe – I liked Baby T-rex, but her being a succubus gave the judgmental Vertas (MACRIEVE) reason to think she might be an evil parasite.

                What’s up with these heroines? They’re not as awesome as the heroines in the previous books.

                And didn’t you feel sorry for Aidan The Fierce when Declan won the split personality battle and got to be with Regin. I feel like Aidan deserved to be more than a memory in Declan’s mind.

                I’m a KC fanatic and I still think she can do no wrong (only make a few bad plot choices) – and I was seriously annoyed when Smart Bitches Trashy Books gave The Master a “D” grade (that book was hilarious!) – but I’m always afraid of when an author starts changing because what if she starts slipping? (KC isn’t yet! I’m just worried it could happen) Look at the Anita Blake series – the first books are among the best urban fantasy ever, but now the newer ones are crap – and the Sookie Stackhouse series – also among the best but the last 3 were horrible.

                I love Cadeon and Holly, but I wish she’d given the book a couple more chapters. It seemed to end abruptly. I’m also glad they’re the only pregnant couple. Too many authors like to pretend that a pregnancy is a full plot.

                I don’t know how she could get bored with IAD (although it’s possible since she’s been living and breathing it for years) – I like there is so much future plot potential. It could really go on forever with the right plots. And I would totally read it as long as she’s writing it.

                MacRieve had potential (Both he and Chloe were so awesome up until she turned succubus – then he was an incredible jerk and there was no adventure) – Not sure why she even fell in love with him.

                I do remember when it was like 9 months in between books, those were the days.

          • kaleigha says:

            I don’t mind mentioning that something is up to preorder, but both Kresley and Gena Showalter tend to push it a little hard, and I found myself a bit uncomfortable with it. It came off as a little desperate sometimes.

            What did bug me was a couple of months ago when there was a sort of big deal made about the next newsletter having info on the next IAD book…and the announcement was that there was no info about the series as yet. That seemed like a bait and switch.

            • April B. says:

              Bait and switch. Like she was getting the IAD fans to pay attention so she could then plug her other series?

              I don’t think Kresley and Gena are losing fans, but with self-publishing flooding the romance market, maybe they haven’t seen their fan base grow in the last couple years? Hence, the desperation on pre-orders?

            • Lavonda44 says:

              Kaleigha, I concur. If Kresley is tired of writing the IAD it’s understandable but end it on a high note and don’t mistreat your fans by slapping something together. We deserve better than that.

  2. Cassandra B. says:

    I am not sure it is desperation on the pre-orders, but rather publisher pressure. With the changing market, publishers put a lot of emphasis on pre-orders and social media followers. I, too, was bothered by the pre-order push by KC. It was several months ago, but I think I remembering it feeling like blackmail — if you like the series and want it to continue, you better pre-order. I am sure it was not intended that way, but that was how it felt.

    Kresley Cole used to be one of my favorite authors, but I have not really liked the IAD books since Lothaire. I also started with her historicals and love many of the early IAD books. I tried the Arcana series, it is interesting, but I HATE cliffhangers and love triangles and peaced out after the second book (may check in with the other books when I am sure the series is finished). I do read some erotica and picked up at least one of the erotic series, but have not tied it yet.

    I am not a fan of the cover or title either, largely for the reasons y’all gave. It looks and feels like a YA/NA book, not IAD. Seems really weird to reveal cover but no hint of characters (or explanation on lack like Nalini Singh’s Heart of Obsidian). PopSugar is a major style blog, so I doubt they would knowingly misrepresent something, but I do agree it is weird that KC doesn’t seem to have anything on her social media about it.

    I am not interested in Munro’s book (just not invested in him enough), but would be excited for Furie or another major character from the early books.

  3. April B. says:

    I know what you mean about Munro’s book. His mate was turned into a Lykae and I’m not looking forward to her letting the beast out of its cage – It’ll be like Fiona turning ugly in Shrek.

    I’d like to read either Cara or Furie’s books. Hopefully the feather is symbolic of one of them. I have a feeling Furie might end up with Kristoff (or maybe Nix will end up with him). Cara’s book would be awesome since we already know a little about her hero.

    I do agree with you that KC’s publisher probably made her push the preorders. I’m also waiting till Arcana is finished before diving into it. The series seems interesting, but a year between books is too much. It’s like watching Game of Thrones – I sometimes think about how many years I have left of watching the show and I think: Oh my god, I’m going to be X years old by the time it’s over!

    Kresley Cole said a month or two back that even she wasn’t sure which IAD couple would be next, it depended on where her writing went (like she was working on more than one and whichever took off more would be the next story). But it’s now May and the book comes out in 7 months. Surely she knows by now and can let us know like she promised earlier this year.

  4. Lidy says:

    I think it’s too early to be Furie’s book. After what Kresley’s said about her, I’d be disappointed (she said Furie will be rescued, then all the Lore would want to drown her again because she’ll try to get revenge on a few beings… and KC also revealed who’s her mate). In theory, everyone knows where she is, but she hasn’t been rescued – and I’m really hoping to see her going after Lothaire.

    Now, the feather and the title… I’d like to know more about Emberine and about Cara (KC said she’d eventually find out her human knew she was watching over him) – it’d be a good setup for finding Furie (her twin goes to… you know where… and brings her home). Or not. LOL

    AprilB, Lothaire and Nïx make it appear Furie’s Kristoff’s mate – and, well… 😉 GOT ends in season 7 (accordingly to the showrunners). I’m worried about the last two books. Hopefully, they’ll be released before I’m 40 (and since I’m not even in my mid-twenties, that’s saying a lot).

    • April B. says:

      Hi Lidy, The GOT writers have said they plan 7 seasons and that the most any HBO show has gone is 8, but I also read an article online about where the show is matched up with the books and it seems like they have so much to tell that it could end up being 10 seasons.

      I’m wondering what type of immortal Cara’s human will end up being. A vampire would be interesting. Did KC say that Furie is Kristoff’s mate?

  5. Lidy says:

    AprilB, there are theories about the eighth season, but D&D said they’ll just do the seventh – though I guess if HBO wants to stretch it, they could. It happened with Supernatural, after all. GOT is still one of their most successful shows (or the most, who knows), and I wouldn’t put it past them to want more. But so far, the “greater” cast’s signed up for seven seasons. If there is more than seven seasons, it’d annoy me, the amount of book stuff that didn’t make it to the show (Coldhands, Stoneheart).

    As for Cara’s human, I also wonder what he is. Vampire is good – I mean, when Furie finds out her brother-in-law is a vamp… I mean, one of her brothers-in-law… Wow. Twin angst.

    And yes, she confirmed Furie and Kristoff. In Lothaire, then somewhere on her forum. She also said she wasn’t sure if their book would be the last in the series or if it’d be Nïx’s. I want to know who Nïx’s mate is.

  6. renpuspita says:

    KC indeed confirmed that Furie will be with Kristoff in Dear Author chat back in 2010 (or 2011), but who knows if she will change her mind? I always think that the title Sweet Ruin is like YA title and somehow don’t match with another IAD title, that mostly have “dark” or another word that resemblance IAD lore/creature (like wicked, desire, demon, etc). Sweet, imho, is not one of them (if you count out “ruin”). Interesting to see what KC will bring, tho

    • Lidy says:

      Now, KC, just spill the beans on the couple. Pretty please.

      Still, I think this one’s an odd cover. Looks more like YA – maybe it’s Thad’s book? :p

  7. Jennifer @ The Book Nympho says:

    Not loving the cover but I could care less about how the cover looks it’s FREAKING COLE it will be awesome. LOL

  8. I love Thad says:

    KC said the idea behind the new covers was to show characters hidden behind a certain element.

    Maybe the departure from the old cover styles and titles indicates a fresh direction for the entire series?

    • kaleigha says:

      Hm, I don’t really mind a change in direction, I have to admit, since the last couple were quite on the homely side. At this point I would just be happy knowing who the darn book is about.

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