New Series Alerts…

There is only one new series to highlight this week, but it has some major buzz heading into its release. A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas is the first book of the series of the same name, and the early reviews have been very, very strong for this one.

a court of thorns and rosesSynopsis…

For Feyre, the downfall of her merchant-class family into poverty wasn’t easy, but after five years, she’s starting to get the hang of things. Hunt, and her family lives; fail to catch anything, and they starve. It doesn’t help that her two older sisters are lazy and ungrateful, or that her father hasn’t bothered to recover from his misfortune, but Feyre is managing.

All that changes when a ferocious beast barges into their cottage, demanding that Feyre come live with him as payment for plucking an ordinary forest rose. Dragged off into the night, the beast brings her to a beautiful manor located in Faerie, the mysterious and deadly lands bordering the mortal world. There, he sheds his animal skin, and reveals himself to be Tamlin, a young, handsome Faerie Lord.

But the estate is overshadowed by a curse: each of its inhabitants wears a mask permanently attached to their face, and Tamlin is no exception. Despite her initial desire to loathe Tamlin and his world, Feyre soon finds herself attracted to the Faerie Lord by more than her curiosity.

Just when Feyre accepts the depth of her feelings for Tamlin, they’re torn apart by forces so dark that there’s little hope of standing against them. But Feyre has endured hardship before, and she refuses to accept that her happiness could be forever stolen from her. Resolving to save her beloved and discover a way to break his curse, Feyre sets out into Faerie, where unknown challenges and dangers await, and where her love and strength will be tested in ways she never imagined.

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Apparently, this is a beauty and the beast retelling with a Fae angle, and has a more adult feel than her Throne of Glass series. Are you checking this one out?


3 thoughts on “New Series Alerts…

  1. otakutwins1 says:

    I am so reading this one! Sarah J. Maas is my favorite author so of course I’m excited for A court of Thorns and Roses :)! Cant wait for its release tomorrow!!

  2. Lavonda44 says:

    I’ve always enjoyed the Beauty and the Beast theme. The wearing of masks is a nice twist to the story. I think I’ll give this a try.

  3. Amy says:

    I am reading this one too. I think that Maas keeps getting better with each Throne of Glass book. Can’t wait to see how good this one is. Plus, I’m always a sucker for retold fairy tales.

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