Cover Lover – Spider Game

Well, huh. This is…different. Christine Feehan upped the cover for her next Ghostwalkers book, Spider Game, to Facebook last week (yep, I missed it until just now). At first glance, I totally thought that the cover chick was pole dancing. On second glance, I still think she is pole dancing, but with spider webs. Got to admit, this one isn’t a favorite of mine, and I would so totally be mortified to be caught with it in public. I do hope this one goes back to old school Ghostwalker style, rather than the Breeds clone the last couple of books have been. We will find out when it is released on January 26th.

spider gameThe Cajun dive in the middle of the godforsaken swamps wasn’t exactly Trap Dawkins’ idea of fun. But the GhostWalker wasn’t there for a good time. He was looking for her. Cayenne. It’s where she found her victims. Poor suckers. Then again, who wouldn’t want to leave a place like this with a woman like her?

It’s not Cayenne’s fault. Locked up, experimented on and never knowing kindness, she was bred this way—with a heart of pure venom. Trap understands her. He survived his own dark past and he shares her desire for getting even. But now Trap’s greatest danger is Cayenne herself. Because what’s inside her is hard to control—especially when it’s aroused by a lover as reckless as Trap.

What is your take on this cover? Good, bad, or just plain ugly? I think this is the type of cover e-books were made for, but that might just be me.


7 thoughts on “Cover Lover – Spider Game

  1. dougmeeks says:

    I am not sure what I think of it 🙂 As far as seeing it in public , I would rather be seen with this one over some of the bodice ripping historical novels I have seen LOL

  2. Loverofromance says:

    I was curious how they would do the cover for this story, so I am not surprised it looks like this after reading the previous book. I like it but then I don’t…its just different. It will take time to get used to it though.

  3. Delia says:

    It’s different so it catches my attention, I love the spider webs. What holds me back from loving it is the belly up. I think I would like it better if she was wearing yoga pants. It would have a different feel to it. Just my opinion.

  4. Emily says:

    The thing that really kills me about this cover is that it had huge potential. The heroine is enhanced like a black widow so the webbing on the cover is quite creative. It took a very bad turn when they decided for the model to be basically naked. That made what could have been an epic design look like a cover for one of those. 99 Contemporary Erotica novels that have no plot. Seriously, picture the girl with clothes and see how much better it gets. Even if they had to put her in the overused black leather outfit and stilettos, it would have been better. So disappointed…

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