Release Day Review – Eighth Grave After Dark

Thanks once again to Doug Meeks, who sent over his review for the newest Darynda Jones‘ Charley Davidson book, Eighth Grave After Dark. This one was actually my pick of the week, as well, so we are getting two posts in one.

Personally, the previous Seventh Grave was the weakest entry in the series. Not bad at all, but I found myself getting annoyed with some of the bone-headed moves Charley pulled. I did love Osh and his whole storyline, which saved it for me, but I am glad to hear things are back on track with this one.

eighth grave after darkWhat Doug said…

It was a close call at first as to whether or not to rate this 4 or 5 Stars. In the end I went with 5 because I could not get some of this stuff out of my head, I will probably be thinking about it for days and that is pretty much always the sign of a really good book (well, occasionally a really BAD book but obviously this was not the case)

Charley is still stuck on the ground of an old convent since she needs hallowed ground to keep her safe we learned in the last book.

Her step-mother who always kinda treated her like dirt shows up and starts trying to be the mother she never was, which makes you suspect all kinds of things (almost all of them will be wrong).

She has an actual detective case to work on but since she can’t go anywhere for various reasons (like being 9 months pregnant and can’t leave hallowed ground) it is kind of a tough thing but she has to save a kidnapped girl if possible.

All these things while interesting are more day-in-the-life for this series, the fireworks start towards the last few chapters (as she seems to have done in the last 2 books) and they will leave your head spinning BUT (and I don’t think this is much of a spoiler) after 7 books and most of the eighth one we FINALLY get to find out who Mr. Wong is, WOW talk about super power ‘ability to keep a secret”.

Bottom Line: I loved it, the last book was ok but forgettable (which made me have to stop and remember stuff I had forgotten) in this book the humor was great (you gotta love sarcasm and she is a smart a$$) the story kept you interested until it became a total “WTF just happened!!!” story. this is not a cliffhanger but she has gotten in the habit of leaving us with a huge hook for her next book and this is no exception. Surprises galore and I could hardly put it down, 5 Stars because I am still thinking about things that happened over 24 hours later so I think that means a really good book and I want the next one NOW!! (Ok, that may be a bit selfish since this one is not even released at this writing but it was great and I really look forward to the next one). Did I mention we have to get a baby delivered while all hell breaks loose? Fun times ahead folks.

My copy just came a half-hour ago, so I know what I will be doing this evening. I have to admit, reading the very spoilery blurb for Ninth Grave has made me even more excited for this one. Happy reading!


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