Weekly Wrap Up…

booksAnother week, another few books to mention. I actually am quite happy with the reading I got done, and everything was quite positive. I did a Kelley Armstrong Women of the Otherworld marathon and managed to almost finish off the entire series. The last three books were Savannah’s arc, and I blew through Waking the Witch, Spellbound, and the finale, Thirteen. I wasn’t sure how I was going to dig Savannah as a main character, but I found that it worked great. I liked her storyline, I liked her and Adam as separate characters and as a couple, and I was especially happy to have pretty much all of the old gang back for the final book. Clay and Elena, Paige and Lucas, Eve and Kristoff, Jamie and Jeremy, Hope and Karl all join Savannah in wrapping things up (only Robyn from Living With the Dead is missing, and it was no big loss. I had forgotten about her anyways). I even finished up most of the stories in the three anthologies, which was a bonus. Sad to see this one end, but at least I still have season two of the show to watch.

I also read Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones, and that sucker had a lot going on. If  you are a fan of the series, this is not one you could miss and just jump ahead to The Dirt on Ninth Grave. Nuh-uh. I breezed through it – and even did the updated character guide, I got so involved. Can’t wait to see what happens next.

The last couple of weeks, I was trying to get into A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, and it was touch and go. But most of you said that things pick up if you give it a shot, so I kept at it – and things really did pick up. For me, it started to get good when Tamlin and Feyre stopped being enemies and gradually started to find common ground. Thanks to those who said to keep reading, it is turning out to be well worth it, and I will be picking up the print copy ASAP.

And finally, I have started the final Guardians of Eternity book by Alexandra Ivy, When Darkness Ends. I am not far in yet, but so far things are going really well. I am liking storyline and characters, and hating the final big bad (which is the point). Another one that is going out on top.

What was your reading week like? Did you tackle the TBR pile, or were you busy with new releases? What was your take on Charley Davidson’s latest adventure?


4 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up…

  1. dougmeeks says:

    Reading Shards of Hope by Nalini Singh and it is fking fantastic but as always this is a series you kinda have to read all the books in order to really appreciate everything.

    I saw Eight Grave After Dark as a possible bit of a series reboot because it was getting stale, I think this book solved that problem in spades 🙂

    I have Shona Husk latest book to read soon and a few other ARCs I can’t remember at the moment and too tired to look them up 🙂

    • kaleigha says:

      Nalini can do no wrong, and I enjoyed the more romantic side of Shards of Hope, too. The action picks up again, for sure, but it was a great romantic story, too.

      Seventh Grave wasn’t bad, but like you said it seemed it was getting a bit tired. Or Charley’s ditzyness just hit new levels. I was goad to see things get back on track, and how.

  2. Charry says:

    I read all the Kelly Armstrong books except 13. By the time that one came out it felt like the series had been going on forever and there were so many characters, I just gave up…which is not something I usually do. However I’m wondering now if I should start the series from scratch and just read it straight through. It seems like that worked well in your case. Or maybe just read the last 3 books.

    Loved Eighth Grave but the end came out of nowhere. It actually kinda reminded me of one of those Mary Janice Davidson “undead” plot twists. That’s not necessarily a compliment. However Darynda Jones has a pretty good track record, so I’ll be interested in seeing how she pulls this transition off.

    • kaleigha says:

      You could probably do the last three, and even if you don’t remember much from the previous books you would be good. The last three are pretty closely linked, but read almost like a stand alone part of the series.

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