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Thanks once again to Doug Meeks, who got his hands on an early copy of Magic Shifts from Ilona Andrews. Yes, that Magic Shifts. Holy crap, that really is a treat. Anyways, Doug was kind enough to share his spoiler-free review, but the rest of us will have to wait until August 4th to get our hands on it.

magic shiftsWhat Doug said…

Where to start, I have written a review on most if not all of the books in this series and I find myself running out of superlatives. The plots are multi-layered, interesting and unpredictable. The characters (all of them not just the main couple) are fully developed, no cardboard cutouts and you actually grow to care about all of them. The thing though that makes this such a huge success is that Kate and Curran are deeply in love at all times, add in the best “graveyard” humor ever and you have a mix that can’t lose.

This time you have to wonder, after last book (shame on you if you have not read that epic) what could even give them any problems? It seems there are a ton of things in this world that Ilona Andrews has crafted that can do that and one of them has come to town (no I won’t tell you, it is part of the plot to find out).

Their future involvement with the Merc Guild is something that made me happy since I can see all kinds of fun things coming from that arrangement if everybody survives enough to make something happen.

As usual there are a multitude of plots, they all seem to be able to tie themselves back together by the end of the book and we are left with a tidbit or two towards a future book (not always the next one) and in addition to everything else Kate and Curran are trying to look like a family unit, kinda hard but, hey, they are giving it a really great effort. The fact that they have some minor problems with the self-appointed neighborhood HOA in the midst of everything else is just another level of humor here, in spite of end of the world plots I laughed more at this book than many romantic comedies I have read over the last year.

The ongoing [fill in the blank for what you call her relationship with her Dad] is still confusing to me, Kate leaves us no doubt as to where her feelings lie but they keep throwing just enough information into the mix that you have to remember some of the things from previous books to not start to like him a bit. He is still put forth as the big bad thing in some epic battle to be fought in the (I hope) distant future. There may be just the smallest bit of light at the end of that tunnel after this book but it was a teaser at the end of the book.

This book as many of the others revolves around complex relationships and loyalties between friends and loved ones and that is part of why this is such a great series, it is never as simple as “beat up the bad guys”, people’s emotions are involved and used to deepen plots, things that people would never risk are done for the sake of loved ones, and the list of such things is near endless but it takes this series from the swamp of interesting but average urban fantasy and raises it to the level of exceptionalism that you only get from one of the best series being written in this genre or any other.

You just know this one will be epic. After the game-changer that was Magic Breaks, it is anyone’s guess what will happen next. I am on the favorite-character-death-watch, though, which is always tense. Derek must live!

10 thoughts on “Magic Shifts Review…

    • dougmeeks says:

      Gee Ezi, why not ask a hard question 🙂 While there are not “bad” books in this series Books 3, Book 7 and this one are going to have to get my vote Book 3 (Magic Strikes) because it is the one that cemented my addiction to this series, books 1 & 2 were great but she had to do a lot of world building (hence I ALWAYS tell people to read the first 3 books before you make a decision on this series), Book 7 (Magic Breaks) because a TON of stuff that we waited years for got solved (kinda) but really books 6/7/8 are kind of a set since you can’t read any one of them without the other two. This book (#8 Magic Shifts) builds on book 7 and lets us know that there is still a LOT of crap to be killed/solved in this crazy world.

  1. Debs Malcolm says:

    I have never read this series by Ilona Andrews… for some reason it never appealed …. is there any other series it compares to give me a flavor of what I would be getting myself in to?

    • kaleigha says:

      Hey Debs…that is a tricky one. It sort of stands alone (at least for me), even among other UF series. I will warn you, though, if you do decide to dive in, that book one can be a bit overwhelming with all of the world-building. Things really hit their stride in book two and don’t look back.

    • kaleigha says:

      Like I said to Debs above, just beware that there is a lot of worldbuilding that happens in the first book, and at least for me it took me a while to get into the flow of things. Even if you struggle a bit through the first book, keep going because it really takes off after that.

  2. snapdragon says:

    I’m eagerly awaiting for this to come out.

    Also, Sweep in Peace should be coming out sometime in October. There will be a 3rd book in this series but they’re not sure when it will be put into writing.

    White Hot will be coming out next year.

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