Weekly Wrap Up…

booksAnother week, another weekly wrap up. This one was a bit on the slow side, with only a few reads under my belt. I finished up a re-read of Air Bound by Christine Feehan for the character guide. I had forgotten much of the storyline, so I am glad I did a refresher before the next book comes out next week, but there were a few technical issues. There were a few changes, or omissions, of details from the previous books, and that makes me nuts. Especially something like when the main character’s name changes between one book and the next. Airiana Rydell suddenly became Airiana Ridell, for example. They are only little details, but it takes me out of the flow of things and makes me start hunting for more issues.

I finished up the young adult Darkest Powers series from Kelley Armstrong. I really enjoyed the whole series, but I was wishing that Derek would connect somehow with Clay and Elena and the pack, but that wasn’t to be. If anything, though, it didn’t read like a last book. It ends with not much resolved, and between that and no pack interaction, it felt like there was a lot of story left to be told.

Potential spoilers…

And my other read of this week was Bengal’s Quest by Lora Leigh. On the upside, there were fewer typos and errors in this one, which is always a bonus. On the downside, though, there were some out-of-the-blue developments that make me wonder if I missed something. Like, Cat? Seriously? Where the hell did Cat come from? There was Fawn Corrigan, who became Claire Martinez. There was Gideon, who became Graeme. Here, there was no mention of Fawn, no reference to a Fawn at all. There was Cat, there was Claire, there was Cat AND Claire, and there was Catarina (?) I have learned to read each book as a stand-alone, which helps my OCD issues, but when I have to update the guide things get wonky and hard to manage. One character, one name, dammit! Other than that, I am glad to finally get Gideon/Graeme’s story, and I am hopeful that whole arc will wrap up shortly.

So, that wraps up my week. How was yours? What did you think of Bengal’s Quest, if you checked it out? Did the whole sudden appearance of “Cat” make you wonder what you had missed, too? And the whole Claire and Liza developments? Ooookay…


13 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up…

  1. Cassandra B. says:

    There actually was one reference to Fawn. I believe it is in the very beginning (after the prologues) while Cat is thinking about things while Jonas talks about her safety. I believe there is one sentence about her name changes and Fawn is mentioned. But I don’t think it is ever explained why she is called Cat. I assumed from the context that it was her nickname from G and then I guess we are supposed to shallow the coincidence that her birth name from parents she didn’t know existed is Catarina.

    On another note, the eye color bleeding to cover the whites of the eyes with strong emotion is a new feature, right? It is mentioned several times as happening with Jonas and G, but this is the first book I remember that being referenced.

    Also, I really thought the push to isolate Cat for her “safety” was really overboard. How many times did she wonder why she had no one?

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, the eye thing was different, for sure. And the trying to link Jonas and Gideon/Graeme seemed like it was trying to foreshadow something. I totally missed the Fawn reference, though. Although now that you mention it, if Gideon knew about her birth situation and her parents, he probably knew her birth-name and gave her the Cat nickname off of it. That makes much more sense. I can’t stand random developments, so that helps a lot.

  2. Isabel says:

    Yes! Thank you for mentioning! I read the book on the weekend and was so confused I almost stopped to read the last 2 books of the series. I thougth it was just me not remembering well enough. The book felt a little without peak in the story to me. The whole time I was like, when is something going to happen? And then, even when something happend I felt like – that was it?

    • kaleigha says:

      What I find for the last few books is that there are developments that are added to the stories that seemingly come out of nowhere and are never explained, and then I am left wondering if maybe I missed something?

  3. Emily says:

    I’m getting ready to reread Air Bound to refresh my memory like you did. And I’m currently in the process of reading Bengal’s Quest where I really wish I had reread Rule Breaker before starting it. I sort of remember things from the last book when they are mentioned, but it leaves me wishing I could remember it fully and have the whole story. The “Cat” name change is also distracting. Does it not ever give an explanation as to why she was called “Fawn” for awhile? Or was it explained in a previous book and I just can’t remember? Other than that, I have to admit that I’m enjoying it. I want to find out more about the “winged breeds” as well. Maybe the next arch will include them.

    • kaleigha says:

      I am starting to get into the habit of browsing through the previous book before a new one is released, but I didn’t with Rule Breaker, either. I did like the appearance of the winged breeds, too…very interesting.

  4. Leah says:

    Kelley Armstrong did another YA series after the Darkest Powers called Darkness Rising, that starts off introducing another group of kids but eventually they meet up with Chloe and gang. I know she’s said she didn’t want the kids to meet up with the Otherworld adults because if they did, the adults would totally take over and save the day, but I’m holding out hope for a short story or something some day where Derek gets to meet the Pack.

    • kaleigha says:

      Thanks! I have the first book on order for Darkness Rising, and I really hoped that there would be a meet up to help resolve the whole living-on-th-run thing.

      • Leah says:

        Yeah, the second trilogy wraps things up pretty good. Not too long ago she put out a short story called Atoning that was a Chloe/Derek story set after the second trilogy. Enjoy!

  5. Redbutterfly says:

    K. you should definetely read the Darkest Powers short stories, they are great.

    This year Kelley released Darkest Powers Tales it contais most of the short stories: http://www.kelleyarmstrong.com/darkest-powers-tales/

    The ones that aren’t there:
    – Kat – you can get that one for free it her website
    – Hunting Kat – came ount in the anthology Kisses from Hell but is also sold as an ebook
    – Atoning – released as an ebook. Better to read this after The Rising.

    BTW Chloe and Derek are one of my favorite couples, they are just so cute lol

  6. Trisscar says:

    I’ve just finished reading Bengal’s Quest but the day before I had re-read stygian’s honor and the Claire/Fawn link was a pretty solid fact in that book. I was still surprised by the sudden name change but I didn’t have any real problem linking Fawn’s identity to Cat’s as it was her nickname in the labs (as they showed in the beginning), plus with the reveal about her parents it made sense in the end..right at the end.
    I still really liked the book, there just wasn’t as much action (or dead bodies) as I thought there would be, it felt like it was just tying up loose ends to the story arch and going down memory lane as Cat discovered more about Graeme and his actions from the past.
    But I still liked the book.

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