Weely Wrap Up…

booksWell, I have a big two books to my credit for this week.  I stared things off with the second book of Lori Handeland‘s new Sisters of the Craft series, Heat of the Moment. I enjoyed this one just as much as the first, and I will be happy to get my hands on the third and final one in a couple of weeks. The best thing about this series? All three books are being released over something like 6 weeks, meaning no big wait where you forget what happened in the last book.

My second read was Christine Feehan‘s latest Sisters of the Heart book, Earth Bound, which featured Lexi and Gavriil. I have to say, this one was more “vintage Feehan” feeling than the last few books of hers I have read (I am looking at you, Viper Game). I enjoyed this one, I liked the fact that 5 of the brothers have reunited and I really liked the direction that Lissa’s story is taking. It looks like we might be heading to Russia for the next story, which could be fun.

There were a couple of things that did make me pause, though. I had already said in a previous post how I have noticed in the last book, Air Bound, that there were a few consistency errors. Like Airiana Rydell became Ridell, things like that. It also said in Air Bound that Hannah and Jonas had had a baby boy. Two weeks later (storyline wise), and Hannah and Jonas now have a daughter. I thought maybe I had read it wrong, but I went back and checked and nope – gender switch.

Do little errors like that bug you? They do me, sometimes. It isn’t a major thing, but it seems careless. Or maybe it is just me. What books have you caught consistency errors in?


9 thoughts on “Weely Wrap Up…

  1. Sandy says:

    I am slightly bothered by the inconsistencies especially for a number one selling author whose series and storylines command a higher price than other books and authors. Changing up the sex of a child is a major faux pas, in my opinion: I have also seen name changes; spouse changes; and also setting changes. as in the city etc within the same book (and I am not talking about visiting elsewhere etc)

    Christine Feehan and other authors need some alpha or beta readers to catch these errors. Editors do not always catch content and consistency errors-they are looking for spelling, grammar and redundancy etc. I also have an issue with CF using the same names more than once in her series…and sometimes duplicating within the same series…For example: Eli and Elijah in her Leopard’s Series. Eli Lopez and Elijah Lospostos are 2 different characters in Cat’s Lair yet the short form for Elijah is ….Eli…..CF also uses the name Cain (Kane) and Stefan in several of her series….and in the Dark series she has named a vampire, an evil human and one of her good guys with the same name….

    • kaleigha says:

      Sometimes I figure I am just being a picky bitch, but it does throw me a bit. I have heard of authors who do up a “bible” of sorts, with complete character and setting breakdowns. I always assumed that every author does up biographies for all of their characters, but I guess not.

  2. nightowlinil says:

    No, unfortunately most authors do not make up a ‘style guide’ or ‘book bible’ and when an author writes a series, this can get to be a problem. I dislike it immensely when errors occur, such as names, changing the sex of the baby, etc. I also really dislike when an author uses the name of a character more than once in a book or series.
    When I edit books for authors, I make a style guide for each book (other than super short stories), and this has served me well when authors write a series. I keep track of many, many things (such as names of businesses, locations, the spelling of words, how characters are related, names of pets, character descriptions, the book formatting, etc.).
    I have let authors know before that they’ve used the same name for more than one character and asked if they’d like to change it.

    Lea-Ellen {night owl in IL}

    • kaleigha says:

      That totally makes sense…I can’t believe some don’t do that, actually. I mean with Lora Leigh it has become something of a hobby to spot the mistakes, but I guess I expect more of others.

      • nightowlinil says:

        I can’t believe it either. One or two weeks ago, an author whom I’m friends with on FB (although I don’t know her) posted a book question regarding something in one of her books because she couldn’t remember. She said she was out of town and didn’t have the file.
        She posted the question in her & another author’s personal FB ‘group’, and of course somebody looked it up for her on their e-reader.

        I commented to ask her if she makes a style guide or book bible and posted a link on making one. Her reply was: “I do not. I usually remember easily enough, however in this case it’s been over a year since the last book.”

        Well, that’s the whole point of making the style guide, and ESPECIALLY for books in a series (which this was).

        In addition to what I said in my post above, here are some more items to include in style guides:
        Names of all characters in the story, connections to other characters, the spelling of words such as – okay vs OK; gray vs grey; etc., and if two words were used, one word, or a hyphenation {ex.: door knob or doorknob; night stand or nightstand; window sill or windowsill or window-sill; good bye or goodbye; back yard or backyard; back up or backup or back-up; etc.].
        Book bibles have much more info in them (and isn’t done by editors) although I have made very long and detailed style guides before depending upon the book.

        Lea-Ellen {night owl in IL}

        • kaleigha says:

          And, dear god…physical descriptions. NO eye-color changes or height changes, please? The best one is, of course, Lora Leigh. Her characters change not only between books, but within a single book. Makes me nuts.

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