What’s On Your Wishlist?

question-markAt the start of the year, I did a post about your most anticipated reads for 2015. I thought that well over half of the year has flown by, it was time to do another check in and see what you are looking forward to in these last months of 2015.

For me, there is surprisingly few. Since I already got an ARC of Nalini Singh‘s Archangel’s Enigma, I am down to just a couple of books that I would say fall into the “can’t wait for” category. First up is Deceptions by Kelley Armstrong, and luckily it is due out next week so the wait is almost over. The second one is Winter from Marissa Meyer, which it the final book in the young adult Lunar Chronicles series. If there was one series that I would love to see a few more books from, this would be at the top of the list.

There are a couple that should be on the list but didn’t quite make it. J.R. Ward‘s Blood Kiss, for example, should have me excited. But for some reason I am more in a “whatever” mood about it. Ditto Kresley Cole‘s Sweet Ruin. Actually, I am past “whatever” and onto “meh” for Sweet Ruin, which is sad. Also, I have been waiting for Thea Harrison to write Graydon’s story for her Elder Races series for what seems like forever, but I can’t work any excitement up for his leading lady, so that took care of Shadow’s End.

So, what books are you still looking forward to for the rest of the year? Do you have any, like me, that you should be excited about but just aren’t for some strange reason?


29 thoughts on “What’s On Your Wishlist?

  1. Cassandra B. says:

    I am with you on all three of your “thought I would be excited, but not really” books. I like the premise of Ward’s BDB spin-off series and thought I would read it, but after she killed off the heroine in the last BDB book, I won’t be reading the new series. Not trying to start an argument, but not killing off the main characters is, IMO, an unbreakable romance genre rule.

    I might or might not read Sweet Rule. Seconding thoughts expressed on this blog, I never thought I would be meh about IAD, but that’s where I am now.

    I actually liked the last Elder Race (Midnight’s Kiss) book which was a surprise for me because I was leery after the disappointment of Night’s Honor. I still like the Elder Race series, but Night’s Honor really threw me. There is something about that book that just feels off. I am not looking forward to the next book because I don’t like going into books with the impossible love thing. I think the blurb even references how impossible it is for Graydon and the heroine to be together. I know it will work out because it is romance, but the set-up seems angsty and I don’t like that. Although strangely I really like Kinked (but mostly because the conflict gets resolved pretty quickly).

    I am looking forward to Archangel’s Enigma and G.A. Aiken’s newest Dragon Kin, Feel the Burn. Jayne Ann Krentz also has a new book coming out in December (not sure I am in love with the blurb, but I always enjoy her books, so I will read it). And although it is next year, I am already waiting for Marked in Flesh by Anne Bishop. I really dig this series, although I am a little apprehensive because the third one had some darker moments, but the world-building and characters are so compelling.

    • kaleigha says:

      I always have to psych myself up for a while to read a Ward book. I never grab them on release day, but circle them for a while before I am ready to read them. Really strange. And I am glad I am not alone about the IAD, since I felt really guilty about it like I did something wrong. I still have hope that I will get the spark back, though.

      Surprisingly, I went into Night’s Honor expecting to love it, but didn’t. I went into Midnight’s Kiss thinking it would be a dud, and I thought it was great. Night’s Honor felt like a different series to me, but I can’t put my finger on why. Maybe because I didn’t like the heroine (or her prejudices). Graydon is my favorite of all of the characters, and I just wish he had someone new for his HEA. I didn’t mind Beulaviel, but not for Graydon.

  2. Deb says:

    I only have 5 books left on my “will definitely read” list for this year.
    Christine Feehan – Dark Ghost since I’ve read all in the series.
    Kim Harrison – The Drafter. I read Sideswiped and was kind of lost so will at least try the first book in the series to see if I catch onto the story better.
    Nalini Singh because the Archangles series is one of my favorites.
    D. B. Reynolds – Alliance. Vampires in America is the best.
    J. R. Ward because it’s J. R. Ward.

    • kaleigha says:

      The Drafter will be my first Kim Harrison experience, actually. I didn’t bother with Sideswiped since the blurb seemed strange, but I am glad it doesn’t seem like I missed anything not reading it.

      Dark Ghost (and Dark Promises) has gone right under my radar. I will for sure be picking them up, but more out of habit than excitement. I am way more interested in getting back into the “city” storyline set up in Dark Crime.

  3. cheryl says:

    Steve McHugh , Lies Ripped Open
    Catherine Coulter, The End Game (not pnr)
    Jayne Krentz, Secret Sisters
    Iris Johansen, Shadow Play- Eve Duncan novel- kinda pnr -sees her daughters ghost
    Eileen Wilks, Mind Magic
    I am really looking forward to Wilks new one and kinda meh on Steve McHugh and he writes a great series… just my frame of mind, I guess.
    So many books not coming out until next year.

  4. Gabrielle says:

    ARCHANGEL’S ENIGMA!! Cannot wait for that book. When you did the post after reading it, I was both overjoyed because it exists and people have read it, and depressed because I haven’t 😦 the excerpts on her website area huge tease and Naasir is brilliant.
    Also JR Ward, she’s finally going back to her routes instead of the urban fantasy thing she’s had going on in BDB. 🙂

    • kaleigha says:

      Naasir is a sweetheart, but I ended up really liking Andromeda, too. I am horrible about heroines, so liking one is a total bonus.

  5. Stephanie says:

    It’s def Nalini Singh Enigma. I’m going to re read from start of the series before I read it though. I’m looking forward to Nalini Singh Next Psy book—From her newsletter-Psy-Changeling #15 will feature an ensemble cast and be a book about family, whether that family is related by blood, by loyalty, or myriad other bonds. Sounds good to me.

    I’m at the meh part to with Kresley Cole series too….Immortals was my all time favorite paranormal series. But I’m losing interest fast…I haven’t even read Dark Skye yet, I think maybe I need a re-read of hers. So I’m in no hurry to buy Sweet Ruin. I used to read Wards but haven’t read any in a long time, I’m not sure if I’ll read Blood Kiss, but I know it won’t be any time soon if I do.

    I haven’t read Dragon Kin Series or Elder Races but I’m looking into them. I just don’t care much for the fantasy reads. I read Kate Daniels Series and thought it was okay but just couldn’t get into them, but it seems like a pretty popular series… Theres not really much out there now that interest me.

    • kaleigha says:

      I didn’t get the last newsletter, for some reason (might’ve went to the trash folder), so that is news to me about #15. Sounds interesting, though, and if anyone can pull it off, she totally can. I was the most rabid IAD fan ever, but like I said above I feel a bit better knowing I am not alone in my declining interest. It seems to have started when she started branching out into her YA and erotic series, actually. Dark Skye was a dud for me, and we waited for how many years for it? Ugh. The Dragon Kin books are ok, but I have given up trying to keep track of the characters. The humor is a nice change of pace, but sometimes it can get a bit over the top. Elder Races was a surprise favorite of mine, with pretty much only one misstep (Night’s Honor). The rest were great. I don’t really find them to fall on the fantasy side, to be honest, since I am not a huge fantasy lover myself.

  6. PhoenixFyre says:

    The League series “Born of Betrayal” by Sherrilyn Kenyon, which is Fain’s story. I am also looking forward to J.R.Wards “Blood Kiss” since Butch will be a major part of the story.

    As said before, authors will have good books in their series and some books in that series that just sucked. But they are allowed that.

  7. Debs Malcolm says:

    It’s sad but I am with you on Kresley Cole: I haven’t even read her latest book, and whilst I have Sweet Ruin on order (I can’t bring myself to take KC off my autobuy list) I can’t say I am excited about it coming out. However, anything by J.R. Ward get’s my attention, so I am avidly waiting for Blood Kiss. It’s only a novella but I am looking forward to Darynda Jones’ “Brighter than the Sun” and Rebecca Zanetti’s “Wicked Ride”.

    • kaleigha says:

      Kresley is still on my autobuy, too (except for the erotic romance series, I didn’t have any interest at all). Some addictions you just can’t give up.

  8. Monika says:

    The last trimester of the year looks quite bleak for me, too. I am looking very much forward to Archangel’s Enigma. I couldn’t help myself and read the excerpts and now I can hardly contain myself. A nice sparring between hero and heroine really revs my engine. Then there is also Devoted in Death and though that’s already the 41th installment (not counting novellas) I still enjoy Roark and Eve and Peabody and Summerset and Galahad.
    They weren’t on my radar, but I guess I have to check out the new Eve Duncan novel and Eileen Wilks’ Mind Magic. Just discovered there is also a novella, Human Error, featuring Benedict and Arjenie. JAK is of course a “must buy” for me, I think I’ve read all of her books (except the Guinevere Jones series). I love G. A. Aiken’s Dragon Kin series and Feel the Burn sounds to be very entertaining. If I get desperate for a book fix I also might give Alexandra Ivy’s Kill Without Mercy (her new Ares Security series) a try. And I might finally tackle The Black Dagger Brotherhood a whirl, since it seems I am the only one here who hasn’t read it…

    • kaleigha says:

      Oh, excerpts are torture. You want to read them, but you know you shouldn’t because it makes the wait even worse. But you can’t control yourself. I am thinking of reading outside the box and picking up the new Alexandra Ivy series, too. Have fun with the BDB, too…don’t know if I could marathon them (especially the latter ones), but you won’t be bored.

      • Iain says:

        I don’t mind excerpts, like the snippets Ilona Andrews doles out. What I can’t do are sample/preview chapters, like chapter 1/2/3 off of a website or the end of a book.

        At least with excerpts/snippets like that you’re just getting a funny conversation or something, and not really invested in the story yet.

        • kaleigha says:

          I like a good snippet, even if it is small, but I avoid the chapter previews, too. That is just too much of a tease, and usually leads nowhere.

  9. Erin S. Burns says:

    I’ve still got a few:

    Breakout by Ann Aguirre (Ridiculously, insanely stoked about this)
    The Last Time I Saw Her by Karen Robards (not knowing how this crazy sauce end is driving me batty)
    Archangel’s Enigma by Nalini Singh
    Dark Ghost by Christine Feehan (I’m hoping this is the one that helps me turn loose, if not I’m going the next cat one will do it)
    Devoted in a Death by JD Robb
    The Single Undead Mom’s Club by Molly Harper
    Mind Magic by Eileen Wilks
    Manners and Mutiny by Gail Carrier
    Feel the Burn by GA Aiken

    And there’s a few more in there I’m moderately interested in. Actually, this makes me feel less bleak about the rest of the year, I still have a few books I want to read.

      • Erin S. Burns says:

        Yeah, I was just coming down from the peak of finishing Ilona Agrees Andrews latest and knowing I’ve got a year to see the next turn in that story. I read about a book per day though and I’m finding myself rereading not than usual. The backlist TBR hasn’t been tempting me lately.

        But in positive news I got The Last Time I Saw Her as an arc, so I’ve got that this weekend.

          • Iain says:

            That’s what makes me appreciate “writing machine” authors so much…

            Jennifer Ashley gets out a full novel and a 80-160pg novella every year in Shifters Unbound… Chloe Neill writes 2 Chicagoland Vampire books a year and sometimes a novella… Seanan McGuire writes a book a year in several different series I read, and can’t seem to stop writing short story series about other family members every other month… JD Robb writes 2 In Death books a year and sometimes a novella, and that’s on top of all her Nora Roberts work I don’t read… I’m sure there’s more…

            I feel like if I read 4-7 books a week long enough, eventually I won’t have time for new series with all the new releases I already need to read…

  10. shannon says:

    Good thread. There are some books mentioned that I haven’t read that I will look into. Here’s my list of books I’m anxiously awaiting release:
    White Hot – Andrews
    Reap the Wind – Chance
    Shadow’s End – Harrison
    Archangel’s Enigma – Singh
    Mind Magic – Wilks

    • Monika says:

      White Hot is actually one of my most anticipated books (I’ll try to get an ARC), but I am afraid publication has been delayed until sometime next year…

    • kaleigha says:

      It was a hard one, that is for sure. The good news is that we should get books two and three quite close together, which is a bonus.

  11. Iain says:

    Had to update my goodreads lists to find out what all I had coming out this year now… list has grown since I caught up on some new series this year.

    Looks like I have 14 books and 6 short stories coming, but these are the (heavily repeated) highlights:

    Make Me (Jack Reacher #20) by Lee Child (Thriller) 8/27/15
    A Red-Rose Chain (October Daye #9) by Seanan McGuire 9/1/15
    Drafter (Peri Reed Chronicles #1) by Kim Harrison 9/1/15
    Devoted in Death (In Death #41) by JD Robb (audio) 9/10/15
    About a Vampire (Argeneau #22) by Lynsay Sands 9/29/15
    Wonderment in Death (In Death #41.5 in Anthology) by JD Robb (audio hopefully) 9/29/15
    White Trash Zombie Gone Wild (WTZ #5) by Diana Rowland 10/6/15
    Happily Ever Ninja (Knitting in the City #5) by Penny Reid (indie Contemporary) October 2015
    Manners & Mutiny (Finishing School #4) by Gail Carriger 11/3/15
    Feel the Burn (Dragon Kin #8) by GA Aiken 11/24/15
    Shadow’s End (Elder Races #9) by Thea Harrison 12/1/15

    I quit reading In Death at one point around book 5 because the mysteries were easy to solve, and later gave it a 2nd try on audio at work and really got into it… really like Peabody on audio. The shorts are fun because they’re all paranormal/fairy tale reinterpretations.

    I think Sideswiped was supposed to be backstory for the “mysterious rogue agent” mentioned in the Drafter blurb, but we’ll see.

    I’m not the biggest White Trash Zombie fan, but after book 4 I NEED TO KNOW where the MC’s head is at in book 5.

    Always good to have some Contemporary Romances or Thrillers/Mysteries/etc to cleanse the palate between UF/PNR-binges IMO, and my TBR list has that aplenty.

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