September’s Book of the Month…

With all of my whining that there wasn’t much going on and I didn’t have anything new to post, I completely forgot to up the usual book of the month post for September. That is probably because I refuse to believe that September starts next week, but anyways. It seems September has a couple of biggies heading our way, with a few smaller releases to keep things interesting. I picked 10 titles to list in the poll, but if you have a different choice for your book of the month, just click “Other” then leave your selection in the comments section. A complete list of September’s releases can be found HERE. Once again, the winning title will be offered as a giveaway.


18 thoughts on “September’s Book of the Month…

  1. Roslyn says:

    I have to go with Dana Marie Bell – Warlock Unbound. I have to admit that most of the books listed are still in by TBR pile.

  2. Iain says:

    I’m not surprised at these results… given another week to read the rest of the series, I might have voted Nalini Singh, too.

  3. Erin S. Burns says:

    Archangel’s Enigma just barely edges out Devoted in Death for me, and that may be because it’s coming sooner. I’m nervy about About a Vampire though after the last Sands paranormal.

  4. cheryl says:

    I haven’t read any or the Archangel series by Singh, I just love the psy/changling series and wasn’t much into the concept of the other series. Other than J.D.Robb ..Devoted in Death none of them seem to be must reads for me. I can even wait on the Robb book until the paperback comes out. The series is still good but not a must read right away thing. I am in a slump and reading romantic suspense just to change it up. Darn favorite authors don’t have anything coming out until Jan or later in 2016.
    Bless all my favorite authors that spend a hard working year to put out a new one and darn me for finishing the read in 2-3 days. sigh. Really liked Magic Shifts by Ilona Andrews.

    • Erin S. Burns says:

      That’s how I felt about the Guild Hunter/Archangel’s series for the longest time too. But Thanksgiving week of 2013 I was home sick in a reading slump doing some rereading and I finally decided to read the Guild Hunter novella in Must Love Hell Hounds, it was pretty good so I said what the hell and picked up Angel’s Blood and was hooked. I devoured the entire series that week.

      • kaleigha says:

        Yep, I was not sold when the Guild Hunter series was first announced. I do believe I had my nose in the air about Nalini taking time away from writing the Psy/Changelings to start something new. I grudgingly read the first book, which I thought was pretty decent, but the last 10% made me a total fan and I haven’t looked back since.

        • Erin S. Burns says:

          That is it exactly! I felt any that I had my nose in the air and begrudged her time away from the Psy/Changelings. Hell, I didn’t even read the novels in a book I actually owned I was so miffed. But that last 10% of Angel’s Blood just ate into me and wouldn’t turn me loose.

  5. Monika says:

    For me it’s Naasir’s story in Semptember. But I am also looking forward to my Eve and Roark fix in the middle of the month.
    I discovered Nalini Singh late, when she already had out the first few books in the Guild Hunter series and I love both of her PNR series. I was initially a bit upset when she announced the Rock Kiss series (because that meant less time for the other two) but I have since become a convert, although it’s not quite on the same level for my as the other two.
    With regard to Ilona Andrews I have to confess that I am one of the few fans who probably like the Hidden Legacy series even more than Kate Daniels… I do hope there are going to be more books than only three…

    • kaleigha says:

      Actually, I would put the Hidden Legacy series just above the Kate Daniels series, too. It was one of my favorite books of recent memory.

  6. DebbieF says:

    I can hardly wait for Naasir’s story – even though it is only another 24 hours. Sigh.
    In regards to Kate Daniels vs Hidden Legacy I love both series. My only complaint was the last of the HL series was a bit on the dull side compared to the other ones.

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