Weekly Wrap Up

booksAfter a completely crap-tastic reading week last week, where I managed to read precisely zero books, anything is progress. I didn’t do as well as planned, but still I got a few under my belt.

I started out with something a little different. Everything, Everything is a contemporary young adult book from Nicola Yoon. Hype on this one has been pretty heavy on YouTube and such, and I thought it would be nice to read something outside of my usual PNR/UF box. It was a quick, fun little read that I finished in maybe 2 hours, and it was a nice change of pace. I did figure out the twist within the first few pages, but I still thought it was ok.

This next one is a book I have been putting off for quite a while. Kresley Cole‘s third Arcana Chronicles book, Dead of Winter, has a dreaded love triangle and that made me run far, far away. After snarling at it for months, I figured I might as well bite the bullet and get caught up. Minus the triangle, I liked this one. The story is progressing well, we are learning more about the whole backstory and other Arcana, and everyone seems to be coming into their powers. But the triangle. Ugh. Hate them so, so much. I am way too old for that angsty crap. When you like both of the potential love options, it makes it worse. I liked both Jack and Aric, and I think they both should dump Evie and take off together. Problem solved.

And I am working on the latest Carpathian novel from Christine Feehan, Dark Ghost. It isn’t bad, isn’t great, and actually a bit on the dull side so far (maybe a third of the way in). Lots and lots of cave. Andre has done the whole claim-her-now-and-explain-later thing, which never works out as planned. Teagan is handling things pretty well up to this point, so that is a bonus. If anyone has any question about Christine having a ghostwriter (no pun intended) for some of her more recent books, this one seems like Christine all the way (short, choppy sentences and lots of random info-dumping). Oh, and may I present to you my laugh of the week, maybe the month, and my new favorite expression…

Velvet helmet

Yep. Velvet helmet. And if you have ever even glanced at a Feehan book, you know exactly what she is referring to. Hard to believe two little words can completely take you out of a scene, but there you have it. I read it, blinked a few times, then laugh for a good 5 minutes right in the middle of a love scene, and I still snicker like a teenage boy whenever I think of them. Probably not the effect anyone was going for, but there you go.

What did you read this week? I figure most of you probably dove into Nalini Singh‘s Archangel’s Enigma by now, so what did you think? Did you love Naasir and Andromeda’s story, and where do you see things going from here? I am hoping for Aodhan’s story next, I think, but I would be happy with any of them.


26 thoughts on “Weekly Wrap Up

      • Iain says:

        Took me months to finish Tempting the Beast by Lora Leigh this year… it was just all the FROTHING and such going on… no plans to continue the series

          • Iain says:

            The true beauty of velvet helmet is in the way it rolls off the tongue *wink*. It’s just so rhyme-y.

            Disclaimer: I’m not responsible for my weird thoughts when I’m barely awake yet.

            • kaleigha says:

              Snicker – I have been trying to find a way to work that into a casual real-life conversation, but it seems to be more than I can handle. Actually, I think it has replaced my previous favorite Feehan descriptor – “scorching tube of fire”. Bwhahahaha!

  1. Monika says:

    Now I feel I have to get Dark Ghost just to be let in on the Velvet Helmet joke…
    After reading Nalini’s last Newsletter I was quite intrigued by “The Bollywood Bride”, a romance set within an Indian immigrants community in the US, something I wouldn’t have considered otherwise. It is very heartwrenching and emotional so I am enjoying it quite a lot.
    As to Archangel’s Enigma, I love Naasir and I think among the stories of Raphael’s Seven this is my favorite so far. I liked that it was a bit lighter in tone than some of the others. There is still a lot going on in the overall arc, but Naasir’s playfulness is just so engaging and I think the mystery of his origin was perfect and perfectly revealed. I really would like to see Aodhan next (I feel Bluebell’s not ready yet) and I was wondering if Suyin is being set up as his mate, both being artists. That’s the only little thing that left me a bit unsatisfied, that after her daring rescue she then almost completely disappeared from the story, except it was mentioned later that she was healing. But I did get the feeling that we haven’t seen the last of her… or maybe Nalini is going to throw us a curveball and the next story is going to be about Venom (and Sorrow)…?

    • kaleigha says:

      I usually follow Nalini’s recommendations, too, since she never seems to steer us wrong. That sounds like a nice change of pace. I loved Naasir’s story – I found it to be totally different than the other Guild Hunter stories, but still fit within the series, if that makes any sense. I think Bluebell needs a while, too, but Aodhan seems to be in the perfect place. I thought of Suyin, too. She didn’t feel like she was going to be gone for good, that is for sure. I have to admit, I am happy with anyone’s story at this point.

      • Naughtybookjunkie says:

        I had the same feeling when reading Naasir’s story! It fits in but a bit different, which can be good every now and then.
        I agree Bluebell needs a while longer but so does Sparkle, even Venom because Sorrow is not ready. I’m actually more interested in Keir after The Scene in Shadows. Hot!💓
        I know it’s impossible for a triad but I almost wish for a Lauren Dane pairing! Lol

      • kaleigha says:

        Yeah, I don’t think me and Grandma are going to be on the best of terms, honestly. All the talk about her in this one annoyed me for some unknown reason, so I don’t have high hopes.

  2. Carol Vasseur Scanu says:

    I read Feehan’s Earth Bound, the latest in the Sisters of the Heart series. It had been cooking on the back burner for a bit. Apparently the Russians don’t have ‘velvet helmets’!

    • kaleigha says:

      I think my favorite part of Earth Bound was the set-up for Lissa’s story. That one sounds like it will be pretty intense. And thank God the velvet helmets are so rare – I couldn’t stand too many more.

  3. Iain says:

    Took a break from Guild Hunter after finishing Archangel’s Blade and reading Archangel’s Storm… I find I prefer the stories of the Seven and other side characters vs Elena and Raphael, so I stopped after starting Archangel’s Legion… I hope Ashwini & Janvier get a lot of page time in Archangel’s Shadow…

    Finished Drafter despite my misgivings… liked it best from about page 100-200… pretty much when active time travel wasn’t affecting the plot in any way… was surprised at how much resolved in the end and still plan to continue with trilogy I think…

    Almost finished Touch the Dark by Karen Chance (Cassie Palmer #1)… another long time TBR book… I’m happy with how unlike Anita Blake this book was despite the comparisons I’ve seen (I HATED Guilty Pleasures when I finally read it this year)… reminded me more of Mercy Thompson only swapping weres for vamps…

    Didn’t get much listening done… heard about 25% of Heart of Venom by Jennifer Estep (Elemental Assassin #9) before needing a break… almost finished Prudence by Gail Carriger (Custard Protocol #1) instead… gonna go into steampunk audio withdrawal soon

  4. Adaiah La Vonda says:

    Hi Kaleigha, I stopped by to tell you many of us on Christine Feehan’s Community ran with the Velvet Hammer comment. We had a blast discussing it yesterday on the Dark Ghost wall. We’ve highlighted those 2 words in our books. Love it!

  5. DebbieF says:

    Am I the only one getting the vibe that Bluebell and Diamond Boy will be having their own romance? Just the way Singh worded things when discussing them – especially the “emotional discovery” Bluebell made when he first started his assention (sp?)

  6. Naughtybookjunkie says:

    You know there are 3 authors who I just keep on automatic, but it has become a sense of nostalgia rather then the love I had for their series. I’ve made reading their books into a game in order to cope with errors and ridiculous scenes. Nothing like a shot of liquor each time it happens. Problem is the hangover the next day……especially as I’m getting older!LOL
    They are Christine Feehan, JR Ward & Lora Leigh. After re-reading their series in the past year I’ve realized it’s not me but their writing and editing that has changed dramatically.

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