Sooo…Sense8, anyone?

Netflix_Sense8_promo_artI don’t really watch tv. My father watches his crap 24-7 (wrestling, Mike Holmes repeats, and the snore-fest Blue Bloods), and since that is about the only thing in life he does I let him have at it in peace. Plus, the first couple of times I did decide I wanted to watch something, I had to explain to him what I was watching, what it was about, what was happening, what everyone just said, and “no, that is not Hulk Hogan” was said way, way too many times. I usually made it about 15 minutes before I gave him back the remote so he could watch whatever masterpiece he was missing. Basically, I gave up, and now I just pick up blu-rays of shows I like and marathon them. It should be said, I do have more than one tv, but if I go to another room to watch something he thinks I am angry/sick/worried/tired, and yells every few minutes to see what I am doing. I have been known to yell back “water skiing”. It got old.

But a couple of days ago, I decided to try Sense8 on Netflix. I actually had two whole hours by myself, and thought I would turn on a non-wrestling tv show. I didn’t really know much about it other than it was quite hyped, but I really, really liked it. It isn’t for everyone, I know (and I definitely will NOT be watching it with dear daddy around), but so far I am hooked. I am trying to pace myself, but I can see me wrapping up the first season in the next couple of days and actually doing a rewatch, too. It is a bit of a mind bender, and highly sexual, but I can’t wait to see where things are going.

I am late to the game, since it came out I think in June, but I don’t know any “real life” people who have watched it at all (er, or maybe they just won’t admit it?). I also have a big love for Bitten, flaws and all, and I finally managed to watch Breaking Bad, which was great. I am way behind on True Blood, Arrow, Vampire Diaries, and pretty much everything else, but I am trying to get back into things.

Has anyone else checked this one out? If not this one, what other shows have you hooked?


40 thoughts on “Sooo…Sense8, anyone?

  1. mjanie63 says:

    Sense8 is on my radar actually. My partner has been watching it and really enjoys it as well. One of the new shows that we also got hooked on is Proof which I hope will return for another season. Also have gotten hooked on Zoo. I didn’t read the book, but really love the series.

  2. Van P. says:

    I enjoyed Sense8! I agree that it isn’t for everyone and like you, I might have to do a re-watch some time in the future…there was a lot going on. Trippy stuff.

    Gah I watch way too much television. When I’m not reading, I’m watching TV or a movie lol. Some shows I’m currently watching: The Strain, Zoo, and Mr. Robot (the finale was this past week or so).

    Have you seen any of these? – Orphan Black, Vikings, Poldark? I love these shows…even though the latest season ended awhile ago.

    • kaleigha says:

      I used to be glued to the tv every spare moment, and I was horrified by my friend who doesn’t have cable. Now? I could turf the tv and live off of blu-rays and netflix.

      I have been seeing adds for Mr. Robot, and it looks intriguing. Ditto Orphan Black. I am determined to get into that one (and maybe Vikings, too).

      • Iain says:

        I’m glad I grew up at the right time to avoid paying for cable… it’s so expensive… my parents had it… and I had similar in dorms in college… but that was about the time Netflix and started being a thing, and then Hulu… now Amazon prime… so many cheaper ways to go… and so many less commercials to watch…

  3. lemonamour says:

    I was late to the party as well, and have to say you are much stronger woman than I, as I only managed to spread it out over two days. LOL

    The other series I’m currently watching is Zoo. I wasn’t sure about it when I heard it’s premise, but have been quite pleasantly surprised at how much I’ve enjoyed it.

    • kaleigha says:

      Believe me, it isn’t easy. The 12 hour work days were the only thing that stopped me, and even then I had to do the whole “stay up and watch my show and be a bitch at work tomorrow” argument more than once. Of course, I stayed up and did other things and was still a bitch, so it was a lose/lose.

  4. Iain says:

    I watched Sense8 earlier in the summer… really enjoyed it… felt it “got good” once the necessary setup was complete and the characters could start sharing skills more to accomplish things later in the season… 2nd season should be much more interesting in that regard.

    I haven’t had too much success with any other summer shows this year. During the fall season I watch Blacklist, Castle, Person of Interest, and Scandal pretty religiously… more sporadically I watch Vampire Diaries (season behind now), Originals, Orphan Black (season behind now), NCIS: LA, and How to Get Away With Murder

    Looking forward to Doctor Who starting back up this month… I miss when I could trust it to air from Easter to July 4th every year…

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, the set up was interesting, but it was a lot of info to take in. I had to do a “study session” to keep track of who was who and who had connected to who already. I am a season (or two) behind on True Blood, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Arrow, and I have Outlander, The 100 and…something else…on order, too.

      • Iain says:

        I think they tried to simplify it as much as they could… in the early episodes, the characters are paired off… The Cop and The DJ… The Closeted Actor and the Trans Hacktivist… The Safecracker and The Hindu Bride… The Van Damme and The Korean Kickboxer.

        I finished up True Blood now that it’s over… once done, I was surprised how tight the timeline of the show was, for all that happened (when you cut the year Sookie lost around season 4 to visiting Faerie for a day)… a few years ago I stopped watching every show I could find and started cutting back… and got back into reading more than I ever did even in my best childhood reading years…

        • kaleigha says:

          I am starting episode five, and there isn’t a character I don’t like. And I like the interactions between them, too. Ah, True Blood. I have been waiting for the last season to go on sale, then I will marathon the last two.

  5. Stephanie says:

    I’m hooked on shows like Big Brother and Survivor. I stopped watching Walking Dead a couple seasons ago, it got boring. But I’ve watched the Fear of Walking dead and loved it. I really think It’s gonna beat out walking dead before you know it, just has so many other angles to go with other than walking dead. Other than that I almost never watch TV. But I love Netflix. I watched Originals and hoping the put season two up cause I loved it. I’ll check out Sense8. When someone says it’s not for everyone I’ll definitely check it out, same goes with books. LOL. I am supposed to also check out Grey’s Anatomy per my sister considering she watches it 24/7 and says I’ll love it. Has anyone here watched it?
    My hubby loves Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul (?)
    I’ve grown up with my fair share of wrestling too, I could have pulled my hair out.

    • Iain says:

      I enjoyed Grey’s Anatomy when I watched it… watched first 7 seasons in under 2 months… watched another 1 or 2 seasons week to week as they aired, then kinda stopped… I liked it best in bulk because there are so many ongoing storylines outside of the weekly medical emergencies.

      Only reality TV I watch is So You Think You Can Dance…watched the first 7 seasons of that now in the last few years… I especially love the street dancers (hip-hop, b-boy, krump, animation/robot).. mostly I think its crazy what they can do with their bodies… but I skip most of the judging and drawn-out results shows…

      It’s practically a rite of passage that everyone’s dad watches/watched wrestling, I feel like…

    • kaleigha says:

      I read the recaps of Big Brother, even though I don’t watch the show. It makes no sense, but it is still fun to see just how dumb people can be and still function. I do love me The Walking Dead, and I am going to be adding Fear the Walking Dead to my list for sure. I can’t wait to see if the two shows ever intersect. Breaking Bad was a total winner for me, and I didn’t expect it to be, at all. I am picking up the blu-rays now.

      Good god, the wrestling. Smackdown in on three times a week – the same show. And he watches it all. Three. Times. Not sure if he thinks somehow things are going to change on the second and third viewing, but it is ugly. I can usually tune things out, but that is pushing it.

  6. Aneso says:

    I’m totally hooked on Sense8. I watched it a little while ago after it came out and found the concept completely original and well executed! All the characters are interesting and lovable and bring something different to the show and I LOVE when one sensate come to the rescue of another.

    • kaleigha says:

      It really is fun and funky. There isn’t a character that I don’t like, either, so far, which is a treat. I am only a couple of episodes in, and the “meetings” of the sensates have just started but I can’t wait for more interactions.

  7. Jean says:

    I binge watched Sense8 about a month or so ago. Loved it! Viewer beware, the sex scenes are some of the most graphic that I’ve seen on TV. Other than that, Walking Dead is my go to and I’ve started watching the spinoff Fear the Walking Dead. Love the zombies.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yep, I will admit that it is a total crapshoot as to who ends up naked and…entertained…each episode. I was a bit surprised by the raunchy, but I think even more surprised by the humor. Lito kills me.

          • Pals20 says:

            Haha, you would be absolutely right, Kaleigha.. Yes, I have Iain and I don’t mind saying I did a few reruns.. And I may have renamed the episode with the time (32min) What?? It was artistically shot episode.. 😉 😀

            I never got any prior warning of the explicitness of the series but the people I recommended Sense8 to, I did give them the “watcher beware” warning…

  8. carol scanu says:

    I will try Sense8. Currently I am following Dominion, sequel to the film Legend where God abandons everyone and angels seek vengence on humanity. I also like Bitten, Outlander, Castle and a series from Netflix called Hemlock Grove, weres and vampires , which is based on a book by Brian McGreevy and stars Famke Janssen,
    Bill Skarsgård (little brother to ‘Eric’ of True Blood), and Landon Liboiron.

    • kaleigha says:

      Love me some Bitten, even though purists would say it doesn’t follow the books completely. I don’t mind changes to adaptations, as long as they work out. I was planning on checking out Hemlock Grove, too, along with maybe From Dusk to Dawn. Not sure on that one, though.

  9. Pals20 says:

    Yesss, I’ve seen the first season.. Saw the first episode, couldn’t make head nor tail of it and said no thank you… Then a friend told me that it actually comes together from episode 3-ish onwards so I pushed through and so glad I did… It is by far one of the most intricate stories I have seen. The action choreography was top notch as expected since it’s by the people who made The Matrix. I especially appreciated the true global-ness of it all. So many American series just lay lip service but this is a truly global series and as an Indian, I can say that they have done their research mostly well enough. Can’t wait for season 22

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, the first couple of episodes had a monster of a job trying to establish everyone and everything. Eight main totally separate characters, plus the back story? Not sure how they managed to pull it off, but they did. I like the global feel, too. The filming is excellent.

      • Iain says:

        This is a show that really benefits from Netflix’s full season release model, where the whole season is filmed and edited before the season starts…

        I think I read that the cast spent 3 weeks on location in each country shooting their storylines and all the necessary sense8 body-swaps and interactions… you can’t do that with a show that starts airing in September, and only has scripts and episodes taped through to October/November…

  10. Leslie Bird Nuccio says:

    Just musing here, I read your post and decided to give Sense 8 another try after turning off midway through the first epi. Glad I did, just finished a binge viewing. I think the thing that stuck me about the show was the connectedness that grew between the characters and how much it touched me. I’m working on book 2 in my series, and I was struggling to find the passion in this cold alpha hero character but something about the struggles of these characters helped. Especially Sun. Her cold, contained, submissive persona that hides a fierce fighter with repressed rage. Man, it slayed me. Then when the characters began to help each other in life or death situations, empowering them. I’ll watch this season again and again and I eagerly await season 2.

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