Cover Lover – Alexandra, Darynda and Jeaniene Edition

As I was updating the author pages today, I came across three new covers for upcoming releases. Let’s start things off with Alexandra Ivy and her Sentinels series. Book number 3 will be called Blood Lust, and it is due out on May 31st.

blood lustNext up is The Sweetest Burn from Jeaniene Frost. It is the second book in her Broken Destiny series, and it has a release date of March 29th.

the sweetest burnAnd wrapping up this batch is The Curse of Tenth Grave from Darynda Jones. This one will be out on June 28th.

the curse of tenth graveI am half looking forward and half scared to get my hands on the blurb for Tenth Grave. The one for Ninth Grave was spoiler-filled from the first line, and you just can’t unsee that sucker when you stumble across it. Here’s hoping the next one is a bit less bombshell filled.


3 thoughts on “Cover Lover – Alexandra, Darynda and Jeaniene Edition

  1. Iain says:

    Didn’t take Darynda long to drop the blurb… seems pretty spoiler-y to me… but its hard to out-spoiler #9’s amnesia… probably wouldn’t feel so spoiler-y if she wasn’t blurbing 2 books ahead all the time.

      • Iain says:

        I’m terrible about spoiling books, TV shows, some movies, pretty much anything… luckily if I don’t get around to watching all the episodes or reading all the books for awhile I forget most of what I spoiled… unless I get twitchy and look it up to spoil myself all over again…

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