Singh and Showalter News….

newsI just got my hot little hands on the Nalini Singh newsletter, where she give us a few details about the rumored Psy/Changling novella collection. I have to say, this sounds really, really good. It has a tentative release date of next August.

Apparently, there will be at least four original stories (not sure if there will be any re-printed content, as well). One will feature the teleporter Stefan (the almost Arrow who is based on the Alaris deep sea station). He has been mentioned several times in the last couple of books, but for some reason he didn’t cross my mind for his own story yet. Nice.

I like the stories that go back into the past and show the pack in its early days, and it looks like this time around there will be short story that focuses on a young Dorian. It follows him through being a latent juvenile, his rise to Sentinel, all the way up to today.

It looks like there will be some Kenji and Garnet time, too. There story has been hinted at for quite a while, and it looks like we will finally find out what has been going on between the two SnowDancer Lieutenants.

Aaand for something a little different, there is the potential for a submissive male/dominant female changeling story. It has been sort of touched on in previous books, like with Adria and her boyfriend, and Indigo’s concerns finding a mate that her wolf would accept, but it will be the first story that I remember where that dynamic works. I wonder if it will be about Felix, the SnowDancer horticulturalist specialist who does the replanting after the battle with PurePsy? According to, well, me…

Felix – Changeling

  • first appearance in Tangle of Need
  • SnowDancer wolf changeling
  • a submissive
  • horticultural specialist
  • in charge of re-planting the are destroyed in the battle with PurePsy
  • classically handsome face with refined features
  • brown eyes
  • 6 foot 3 and muscled
  • worked as a model while in college

Between the novella collection and the next full Psy/Changeling story being a reunion book, it looks like we will be seeing all of our favorite characters and couples in 2016.

My Gena Showalter news is a bit sketchy, and mostly rumor, but I do like gossip so here goes. We all have heard that the next Lords of the Underworld story will feature Baden, and it will be released in May 2016. But, it looks like Gena may be the next author to make the jump to hardcover. The Canadian Amazon lists The Darkest Torment as a hardcover release, due May 31st. Now, it isn’t listed anywhere else for me to be able to confirm if this is true or just a mis-print, but it does seem like strange timing to me. To be honest, I feel like the series is winding down, with really only a few stories left to tell. Cameo, William, and…uh…that’s about all I can think of off of the top of my head. Unless Gena is planning to start shifting the focus to a new batch of demon-possessed, that is. Did you see this one making the switch? I didn’t. Or, I should say, I would’ve thought it would’ve been earlier on in the series, rather than this late in the game.


2 thoughts on “Singh and Showalter News….

  1. Iain says:

    Nice to see an update on the anthology… been following news since she posted last year on her blog… apparently I missed an update last month:

    The submissive male novella is the one I’m most interested in… its an aspect of pack life that hasn’t been shown in a good light so far, as you said… and the story of Grace and Cooper, the other submissive/dominant couple novella is one of my favorites…

    On the Showalter front, hardcover doesn’t affect me, but I know it messes you up every time they pull something like that… I was surprised they chose to go with Baden and Pandora(?) on this one, since the Pandora’s Box plot can’t end until Cameo and Lazarus’s story (I would assume)…

    You missed Galen and Legion/Honey’s inevitable story… and I’d kinda love to see Showalter try and pair Viola (Narcissism) with someone… I’m sure she’ll turn back up in Cameo’s story somewhere in the Paring Rod…

    If she wanted to keep going, I’m sure she could with all the minor demons to choose from… but I, too, thinks she’s winding down… if only because she doesn’t seem as comfortable writing on the erotica end of the spectrum since reaffirming her faith…

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, the minor demons barely even registered on my radar, but maybe they will start to take a bigger role in the next few books. And I totally forgot about Galen and Legion, too.

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