Sooo, This is a Thing…

life-and-death_0All day today, I saw weird composite images of Bella and Edward from Twilight fame (or maybe infamy?), and I thought it was weird. Like, really weird. But then I remembered that it was something like the 10th anniversary of the first Twilight book, and I still thought it was weird but made a bit more sense. THEN I saw all of these covers pop up with a dude’s hand holding a green apple, and I am still like “What the hell is all of this crap Twilight Photoshopping about?!?” No, of course I didn’t read any of the articles attached to said weirdness, that would be too easy. It turns out there really is a thing. I had heard there was going to be an anniversary re-release of Twilight, but it has one hell of a twist.

So, turns out Stephenie Meyer pulled a total coup and managed to both write and release a gender-switched re-write of Twilight called Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined. Yep, you heard me right, an alternate reality Twilight where every female character is now male, and every male is now female. Bella is Beau, Edward is Edythe (pardon my language, but that is still some shit name choice. Moving on). I do believe my mind might very well be blown trying to figure this one out. Like is Charlie now Beau’s mom? Does female Jacob go all cougar and imprint on whatever the hell one would rename Renesme? Help…me….

I saw over on Youtube where someone filmed themselves running out to the store the moment they heard about it and picking up a copy. It turns out that it is pretty cool, actually. The anniversary version of the original Twilight is on one side, but if you flip the book over it is the mutant new version. Not sure how my ocd would handle shelving that, but still looks cool.

I love, love, love the idea of an author pulling something like this off. I mean, seriously, can you imagine what went into keeping something like this secret? Truly, I applaud all involved, since nowadays it is almost impossible for something like this not to leak. Will I be running out to pick this one up? Probably not, but I still am amazed that it worked out.

How about you? Excited for another crack at the Twilight world? How excited are you to get your hands on weepy Beau and sparkly Edythe? God, I think I would’ve named them Bert and Ernie, instead. Now, if you really want to torture yourself, picture the E.L. James gender swapped version of 5o Shades of Whatever that will jump out at us any day now. If you dare…


22 thoughts on “Sooo, This is a Thing…

  1. April Brookshire (@AprilBrookshire) says:

    I think it’s so awesome she could pull that off, especially with how unsuccessful J.K. Rowling was at keeping her male pen name a secret. I actually placed a pre-order for this 10th anniversary edition for nostalgic reasons. I couldn’t reread the original books now, because they’d be boring (sometimes they actually were a little boring the first time around), but I’d like to eventually read the re-imagined version.

    • kaleigha says:

      I have only read the first book, and that was a long time ago. That whole chicken/egg thing happened to me…do I read the book first and spoil the movie, or watch the movie and spoil the book (and probably never read it). You can guess which I picked.

  2. April Brookshire (@AprilBrookshire) says:

    It was a good series back then and got a lot of people interested in reading. I never read The Hunger Games books because I didn’t want to ruin the movies. The Twilight books had their interesting moments, but for the most part it’s a slow moving story.

    Bella was also an incredibly boring narrator. That’s why Midnight Sun (what was written of it) was so awesome. Things from Edward’s POV were better because the reader also got other characters’ POVs through his telepathy.

    Also, while Bella was self-sacrificing and a “good” person, Edward was not. From his POV, he was a stuck up, kind of hateful jerk. His pissy thoughts were entertaining, as were his different plots for murdering Bella when he first feels the incredible thirst for her blood. The anti-hero is always more interesting than the martyr.

    • kaleigha says:

      I guess when Midnight Sun was scrapped, maybe this became the back-up plan? And since the last one was leaked, it is even more impressive that this one was kept a total secret.

  3. Emily says:

    “Bert and Ernie” AhhhHahahaha. Sorry, that was just too funny first thing in the morning. I’m sure I’ll read this at some point because Stephenie Myer is a fabulous writer, and I absolutely loved the original books, as well as The Host. But, then there’s this side of me that hated the movies, and all the hype that came with them, that’s going to be putting this read on hold for a while.

    • Iain says:

      So you wouldn’t be happy if some enterprising Hollywood-type saw this as the perfect opportunity to cash in on 4 more Twilight money-grab movies? 😛

    • kaleigha says:

      After I wrote it, I have Bert and Ernie stuck in my head. I thought that the Host was a great book – really different. I even sort of liked the movie.

      • Emily says:

        Yes, the movie for The Host turned out much better than the Twilight movies. But with the Twilight books, there were so many scenes where you could just feel the emotions coming off the pages, and those amateur actors didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of portraying it accurately. I always read a book prior to watching the movie, because you just seem to miss too much otherwise. And the ending of Breaking Dawn part 2 still ticks me off to this day. They just totally ignored the fact that Alice can’t see futures involving the Wolves or Renesme. So, that entire vision she had of the fight wasn’t even possible. Grrrrr!

        • Redbutterfly says:

          Not sure if I’m right, but from what I heard Stephenie Meyer was the one who wrote that scene for the movie (Alice seeing the battle).

          • Emily says:

            I think you’re right; which makes me even more frustrated about it being completely unfeasible. She had a lot of influence with the movie productions, but none of those actors brought so much as a tear to my eye, whereas scenes in the book had me bawling. The best casted character was probably Charlie. lol.

    • kaleigha says:

      I know people complain about Cassandra Clare and Rick Riordan writing within the same world, but they also write other works in between, and they also seem to have long term plans to expand their worlds. This feels a bit different than that.

      • Redbutterfly says:

        Well… I read the foreword for this book and she said that her agent/publisher wanted her to do something for the 10th anniversary and this was what she came with (all the other ideas were too boring). She said she didn’t have time to write Midnight Sun.

        As for Charlie and Renne they stayed the same, as for the others I can’t say since I haven’t read it yet.

  4. hotiedethknt says:

    hmmm… Maybe we should make a post on Ilona Andrews forums about this. Can you imagine a Kabe Daniels and a Curina novel? This is making my head spin now!

    • kaleigha says:

      Snicker…that would be a sight. How about the complete Black Dagger Brotherhood series gender swap? THAT is a scary thought…

      • Emily says:

        Noooooooo! My head is spinning at the thought. Besides, a girl couldn’t get away with being a slut like Rhage used to be. Although, a girly beast is a humorous thought, scary like the original but with long gorgeous eyelashes. Hahaha!

      • hotiedethknt says:

        hmmm the Others series by Anne Bishop would be another interesting series to have this happen too. Mike as male CASSANDRA SANGUE and Salame as the female wolfguard leader of the Lake Side courtyard.

        • Redbutterfly says:

          Salame *snicker*
          That’s so scary that I don’t even want to think about that rotflmao
          Great thinking hotiedethknt

  5. hotiedethknt says:

    Well I started reading the ebook and it is not terrible it is different then the original Twilight with the different sexes. I have only read the first 2 paragraphs so far.

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