Arcana Chronicles Adaptaion News…

poison princessIn the long, long list of book-to-screen adaptations that have been announced in the last couple of years, there have been a lot of false starts. I guess, as I understand things, even though often times the rights to a particular product are bought, there is no guarantee that the movie or TV version will ever see the light of day (I am STILL looking for info on Sherrilyn Kenyon‘s Chronicles of Nick and Dark-Hunter adaptations). It seems that that is not the case for Kresley Cole‘s Arcana Chronicles.

It was only a couple of weeks ago that Kresley announced that the rights had been optioned, but details were a bit sketchy. A little more info has come to light in an article in Deadline Hollywood…

“In a competitive situation, Warner Bros. TV has acquired the rights to Kresley Cole’s popular series of young adult novels The Arcana Chronicles for Adam Shankman and Jennifer Gibgot’s studio based Offspring Entertainment. Writer Seamus Kevin Fahey (Battlestar Galactica, The Following) has been brought in to pen an adaptation of the first book in the series, Poison Princess.”

To be honest, I didn’t see this one going the tv route…I would’ve figured it would hit the big screen. I have to say, personally I think this one could be really interesting. But then again, up until last week, I was thinking the same about Cassandra Clare‘s Shadowhunters. I have seen a lot of people online complaining about changes to the plot and characters of Shadowhunters, but mostly that doesn’t bother me. I don’t expect a totally faithful adaptation, and in fact I look forward to seeing how then have mixed things up. What has thrown me a bit is the rather, uh, cheesy-looking trailers that have been coming out. I am not abandoning ship, but my excitement level did take a bit of a hit.

So, are you looking forward to The Arcana Chronicles TV show? How does your dream cast shape up?


4 thoughts on “Arcana Chronicles Adaptaion News…

  1. PhoenixFyre says:

    Sherrilyn Kenyon’s Chronicles if Nick first book “Infinity” should be out in 2017 according to SK. As for the TV show of Dark-Hunters? She is probably still putting the character guides together for production. She won’t let them change anything about either series. Now they want her “The League” series also for production.

    • kaleigha says:

      Hm, I hadn’t heard about The League. A good sci-fi show would be great, I haven’t really liked one since, oh, Battlestar Galactica and Stargate, I figure.

  2. Iain says:

    Dark-Hunters seems like a nightmare series to try and adapt… whether to TV or Movie… there’s just SO MUCH going on… and it just keeps growing on itself like a big web

    I think its called optioning the rights… like the studios are keeping their options open…

    I don’t tend to pay much attention to whether a show was a book series… most shows I’ve watched that WERE book series I never read the series… altho I did watch a few episodes of Bitten a few months ago…

    It seems to me a lot more YA series get greenlit… I don’t want to stereotype, but I think the studio banks on teen girls latching onto the eye candy… Vampire Diaries, Secret Circle, the upcoming Shadowhunters and Arcana Chronicles, Pretty Little Liars, Eye Candy (unintended pun thanks to goodreads listopia), and more

    The main adult series I can think of are on premium channels mostly… Game of Thrones, True Blood, Bitten, Outlander, Dresden Files briefly… drawing a blank here really

    • kaleigha says:

      There was/is one called Hemlock Grove, too, that I have been meaning to check out. I love me a good adaptation, but quality has to stay up there or it will go downhill fast.

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