Site Updates…

This probably won’t affect many people, but I am going to scrap the Series Reading List pages. I have been thinking of it for a while, for a few reasons. A while back, I had my heart set on adding covers and blurbs for each book listed, but after updating something like a hundred of the listings done I realized that it made the whole page so slow to navigate that it wasn’t feasible. Also, they are a pain to keep updated, and can be a pain to link to. And even worse, I don’t even use them.

So, what I am in the process of doing is changing the monthly new release page links. Where it usually says “series reading list HERE”, I will now link to the particular series page on Goodreads. You still get the benefit of finding out what books are in the series, and I don’t have to update. Beauty.

Oh, and I recently completed adding a batch of new releases. Next up will be a double check on the new release dates, since I have noticed I have some duplicate listings. Story of my life.


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