Sweep in Peace Review…

review iconSweep in Peace is nearly here. Or, at least the Kindle version is up for pre-order on Amazon, with a release date of November 13th. I read some of it when Ilona Andrews offered it up in its serialized format on their blog, but I stopped before I got to the end so that I would still enjoy the book. Thanks again to Doug Meeks for sending over his review.

sweep in peaceWhat Doug said…

OK, first thing, I did NOT read it in serial when it was on the website, I wanted to wait for the whole polished thing and WOW, was it worth the wait.

Where to start, they first have painted the picture in this series of Dina as some fragile heroine while at the same time letting you know that is totally a lie.

The plot is so intricate you would have to be able to predict the future to know where this plot is going and where it will end up.

Add some great humor intertwined into the whole book and you now have something that looks like a masterpiece of entertaining reading (which it was).

The basic plot is the inn is hosting a peace conference (hence the title) between 3 groups that pretty much hate the fact that the others are still breathing. Fun time ahead for all, it was great and I don’t know how these 2 people manage to keep cranking out exceptional stories like this but I hope they keep it up.

5 Stars only because I can’t give it more, I laughed, I was concerned, I was fooled (silly boy thought he knew where the plot was going) and above all I was entertained on almost every page, something almost nobody does and for sure nobody does it better.


5 thoughts on “Sweep in Peace Review…

  1. cheryl says:

    I swear it is like chocolate or potato chips…. you tell yourself you can wait for the finished product and not read the serial. Ha. Nope read it one chapter at a time. I loved it.
    Doug’s review is right on. I can’t wait to get the whole book so I can enjoy it even more.
    I shake my head at myself because I refuse to buy those serial books that Kindle/Amazon put out because I want a complete story and yet Ilona Andrews can put out a recipe one line at a time and I would read it
    There are only 5 great authors I would do this for:
    Ilona Andrews, Faith Hunter, Anne Bishop, Nalini Singh and Eileen Wilks.

  2. Monika says:

    I don’t buy any serial books, either. But I have to admit that I have read both books of the Innkeeper Chronicles online. When reading about how many of the 19th century novels first came out in serial form I used to wonder how people could enjoy that; now I know: each installment is a little gem by its own and gives you a rush.
    I think part of it is the quality of the writing. When I first discovered that Ilona Andrews was putting up a story for free I somehow was convinced it couldn’t be that good, because, hey, it was for free. But because it was for free I though, what the heck, just read it. Because it was so different and exciting I then was hooked. And even though I have already read, I am going to get the book, too, because I want to re-read it at my leasure, I am sure reading it all in one go will be a different reading experience than reading it in serialized form.

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