Cover Lover – Born of Legend

Just a quick post before I go to bed (once again way later than I planned. I have no control). Anyways, I just spotted the cover for an upcoming Sherrilyn Kenyon League Book, Born of Legend, which is due out next June 21st. Sigh…I am tres disappointed. I loved the League books that just had the sword image on a textured background…didn’t need the dude, to be honest. They had a good thing going, between the weapons on the League books and the symbol on the Dark-Hunter books, and this looks like a step back, at least for me…

born of legendWhat do you think? A change for the better, or the worse? I mean, cover dude is handsome and all, but I thought the other design was classy and really stood out from…well, the sea of books with a cover dude.


3 thoughts on “Cover Lover – Born of Legend

  1. mjanie63 says:

    So, because I get the audio version, and those alternate a bit, I am fine with the new cover. In the audio version, there have been both people (male/female) and variations of the swords, so the combination of the two is a bit different. And because Sherrilyn is now grouping the series by timeline (Nemesis Rising vs Nemesis Legacy), maybe the cover artist is changing it up. Either way, I like it :-).

  2. PhoenixFyre says:

    I probably have to be one of the biggest SK fans out there. I love the cover. I too like photos on a cover. Dagger is going to be one hot Tavali Commander. Totally love the League series. Don’t forget in 8 days, Born of Betrayal comes out. Fiannly we get Fain’s story. So excited.

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