November’s Book of the Month…

Last month, I really, really had to scramble to try and pick 10 books to put on the poll for book of the month. The problem was, for the most part, all of the decent stories were coming out only in e-format, of if they were print editions, you could only get them through This month, though, there are almost too many. Marissa Meyer’s Winter is a big one, at least for me, and there are several solid books, too. And as always the book chosen as November’s book of the month will then be offered as a giveaway selection. If you have another selection, just press “Other” and list your choice in the comments. A complete list of November’s releases can be found HERE. Anyways, here we go…


7 thoughts on “November’s Book of the Month…

  1. dougmeeks says:

    Uh, did you forget Sweep in Peace (Innkeeper Chronicles Book 2) or since it was kinda already released in parts on the website it was not part of the poll? I am afraid it is going to outsell all of the choices above since it has been in the top 150 Paid kindle books since the preorder link went up (low as 46 and no higher than 127 that I have seen, Ilona said even she was shocked at how it was selling). Like I said before, who else can basically give a book away and then have a best seller when you put it up for sale? Boggles the mind don’t it LOL

    • kaleigha says:

      Yep, that is another tricky puppy. Right now, it is only e-format, so it can’t be offered for the giveaway. Hopefully when it comes out in print format it will be offered through more than Amazon and I can add it then. You did remind me to add it to the new releases for November, though!

  2. pals20 says:

    A G.A.Aiken book after ages!!! I’ve missed those crazy psycho dragons… Plus, I’ve been looking forward to the One-Eyed Rebel’s book…

    • Iain says:

      I, too which Laurenston/Aiken wrote more… I just devour her Pride and Dragon Kin books… and I worked through her back catalog ages ago… and now the new Call of Crows series (which I like enough) just slows it down even more… but I know I’ll just suck it up and wait every time

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