Feel the Burn Review…

review iconSometimes, when you read pretty much exclusively in a genre like Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy, it can be hard to find something that has a different feel. One of those that definitely has a different vibe is the Dragon Kin series from G.A. Aiken. With its historical setting, huge extended cast of characters, and constant laughs, the Dragon Kin books really are quite unique. Doug Meeks sent over his early review for Feel the Burn, which has an official release date of November 24th.

feel the burnWhat Doug said…

I usually have second thoughts many times when I give a 5 Star rating, wondering if I am grading it too easy. I had no such problems with this book. I started laughing on about page 5 and did not stop until the end of the book pretty much.

The way the author manages to write stories about so much chaos, blood, gore and violence while making me laugh so much and in the middle of all of this still pull off a decent if light hearted romance is nothing short of amazing.

This time it is Gaius and Kachka is great, not a lot of warm moments but heart felt ones that fall into line with the chaotic plot of this book but this book is stolen so many times by Zoya who I will not even attempt to describe since you really HAVE to read it to appreciate her.

Bottom Line: I am not sure you can really appreciate this book unless you have read at least the first 3 novels in this series to get a feeling for the insanity that is this series. The humor is insane also so get ready for a wild ride. I cannot tell you how highly I recommend this book if you need something to lift your spirits . Well done indeed.

I know this will be a big one, since it is the book of the month, but let’s look ahead. Who’s story do you think will be up next? I figure it must be Brannie’s turn soon, unless new characters are introduced in this one.


8 thoughts on “Feel the Burn Review…

  1. dougmeeks says:

    It is not made clear but if it is not Brannie then it almost has to be Gaius’ sister and I really can’t say which to be honest. Both seem to have gotten equal mentions in the book.

        • kaleigha says:

          I liked the super dragon fire – I thought it would be fun. She didn’t really stand out as a character to me at all until that came up.

          • Iain says:

            Yea… I’d say most foreigners in this world hate Southlanders on sight, mostly out of ignorance… Gaius’s sister is just a bit more staunch about it, as I remember it… I’m sure it will all work out, though… it always does…

            I hope after this Iron Dragon storyline and the impending war plays out, G.A. Aiken explores Ren and the Eastlander Dragons more… it’s the last frontier, I think, that Aiken has at least mentioned, but not explored really…

  2. sandra says:

    Does anyone understand why Fal´s character (Celyn and Brannie older brother) changed so much? in Gwevael´s book he was a normal funny, witty, lusty dragon and a great character. One I wished to reAD more about… but in the recent books he changed completly and without explantion into a obnoxious, rude, STUPID idiot and I just do not understand why!
    Did anyone else notice this?

    kisses xoxo

    • kaleigha says:

      Hey Sandra…I haven’t read it yet, but all I remember about Fal is that they keep saying he is a dud, shuffled off to the middle of nowhere because he was so useless. Is that the same fella?

  3. sandra says:

    Yes. it is. And that is exactly it! In the recent book he IS A ” dud, shuffled off to the middle of nowhere because he was so useless” BUT IN BOOK 3 HE WAS GREAT! And his character changed completly without any explanation whatsoever 😦

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