Devon Monk’s Back Lash…

So, as I have whined about over and over again, I am not a fan of e-books. I think the main reason is that those suckers are just too darn hard to keep track of for the blog. Traditionally published books have months of publicity and preorder time for me to find them and list them here. E-books? Not usually so much.

For example, I just now noticed that Devon Monk has a new novel out in her Broken Magic series featuring Shame and Terric called Back Lash. Great! And it comes out…yesterday. Huh. I am late to the party once again. Better late than never, I guess. Take a peek at Back Lash…


Magic isn’t a blessing with drawbacks, it’s a curse with upsides.

Shame Flynn and Terric Conley hadn’t meant to become the living, breathing vessels for Death and Life magic. But they hadn’t meant to die, be reborn, break magic, save the world, and kill a few psychopaths along the way, either.

The one thing they had meant to do was to seal magic away so it could never be used to kill again.

When a string of dead bodies–people killed by magic–appear throughout Portland, Oregon, Shame and Terric must scramble to uncover who broke the locks on magic and how.

Before Terric’s sister becomes the next target.
Before the Russian mob locks them in their sights.
Before the question of who can control magic is decided by bullets and blood.

How many Shame and Terric fans are out there? Are you happy to see more from this world?


3 thoughts on “Devon Monk’s Back Lash…

  1. Iain says:

    When I saw the title today, my first thought was: “ANOTHER author blog post turned flame war / scandal?”

    Luckily I was wrong… I still haven’t finished Allie Beckstrom, myself… only on #3

  2. Connie Little says:

    I have just finished the Allie Beckstrom series and loved it. It was like eating a delicious meal of heaven. Loved the series and can’t wait to read Shame and Terric’s stories. Thanks Devon for writing such a great series.

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