Pick of the Week…

There are a couple of really anticipated releases this week. G.A. Aiken‘s Feel the Burn, which is the book of the month, is a biggie, but I have to go with my guilty pleasure author. Christine Feehan‘s 7th Leopard book, Wild Cat, is my pick of the week. It has literally been years I have been waiting for Elijah’s story, right since the beginning of the series. Every series has that one character whose story you want above all the rest, and Elijah is mine.

wild catSynopsis…

A simple request for Siena Arnotto: deliver a gift to her grandfather’s friend. One look at Elijah Lospostos, hard-bodied and stripped to the waist, and Siena succumbs to a feline stirring she never felt before, and to Elijah’s reckless and pleasurable demands. But when that pulse-throbbing moment ends in the murder of an unexpected intruder, Elijah accuses the shaken and confused Siena of setting him up.

Then Siena discovers the truth of her Leopard heritage, of the secrets in her grandfather’s inner circle, and the sinister plot of revenge that has put her in jeopardy. When Siena’s grandfather is assassinated, she realizes the only man she can trust is Elijah. Now as her Leopard rises from within, Siena and Elijah share not only an animal instinct for survival—but a desire so raw and wild it may be the only thing that can save them.

Feehan is my guilty pleasure, no matter how many times I snicker and mock. I just hope that it is back to her “original” voice, not whatever a few of the last few books have been. I got my copy today, and I did do a sneak peek at the excerpt at the back for the next release, Spider Game. My Ghostwalker love has long been whined about, and my hopes for that one are sky high. Who else is looking forward to this one?


14 thoughts on “Pick of the Week…

      • vgm0826 says:

        I liked it, but didn’t LOVE it. It was like the last couple of books. Very violent. And the always present rough sex. And , I don’t know about you, but I like for the big showdown to be just that. A BIG SHOWDOWN. But, like the others, it was almost an afterthought. Lots of repetitiveness, like the others. In my humble opinion, her writing style has changed a lot. Not just with the leopards, but with all of her series. On the plus side, we get to see everyone and we get to make a quick, albeit very necessary, trip to the bayou.

        • kaleigha says:

          Yeah, I like the showdown, too. A payoff for the pages and pages of buildup. What I find distracting lately is the short, choppy repetitive sentences. “He was a warrior. A fighter. He never stopped fighting. Ever. Because he was a warrior. Of fighting.” I never noticed it when I first starting reading her, but it is the first thing that jumps out at me now.

          • vgm0826 says:

            Same here. “He knew he was a demanding man, demanded total control……”, blah, blah, blah. The only thing I remember her repeating is “like a cat lapping at cream”. GAWD!!!! If I never hear that line again, it’ll be too soon!! LOL!!!

  1. Monika says:

    I’m just in the middle of Cat’s Lair at the moment. I have to say it does not only make me snigger, but cringe. I don’t know if I ever found her controlling, domineering alpha-heroes sexy, but nowadays I just find them patronizing and demeaning. Some dominance in the bedroom is ok, but they way her males try to control all aspects of the females is disturbing and bordering (or more than bordering) on the abusive. I have come to prefer kick-ass heroines who give as good as they to some of the pathetic, needy doormats Feehan’s heroines have become… or maybe my preferences really have changed that much. I guess as a kind of masochistic self-flagellation I’m going to continue to buy and read her books…

    • kaleigha says:

      I am so totally in the same boat. Each of “my” authors has a certain voice for me, and when they change that voice it doesn’t seem like I am reading the same person anymore. I know things change, but the over-the-top dominance has been getting worse in the last few books, and doesn’t feel like a Feehan book anymore. Not bad, just not her. I am more tolerant about the uber-alphas in the Leopard books, but the Ghostwalkers desperately need to put the brakes on it.

  2. cheryl says:

    Okay that made me cough from laughing so hard. Velvet Helmet, oh man that is bad.
    I got Ghost Dark from the library and I don’t think I have ever skimmed so many pages of “bedroom scenes”…. Her body was a tuning fork..??
    Really a tuning fork?! Someone needs to let authors know that sometimes less is more. I don’t need 20 pages of smex descriptions. I need more plot and story progression and darn interaction without the made up language or a glossary at the end of what phrases mean.
    Darn I have read this author for years and she is starting to lose me… hopefully the next ghost walker book will be better than the last one.

    • kaleigha says:

      Sigh…I feel your pain. I have been doing the skim through the last few books, too. Especially this last one….”blah…blah…still? really?…blah…honey…blah…dammit, just quit already…blah…” Then a few pages of story, then back again.

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