December’s Book of the Month…

Well, well, well. Hard to believe, but it is time to pick the very last book of the month for 2015. November had some good books, but not big “Oh my God!” releases for me. December is shaping up to be the same.

As always, I have picked 10 books for you to choose from, but if you have another one that makes your list, just name your selection in the comments section. A complete list of December’s releases can be found HERE.

I should point out that I am a bit limited in what I can list. Because the book chosen is offered as a giveaway item, I am limited to print books (Amazon won’t let me gift e-books). It kinda blows, but what can you do?

So there you go. I am having to go with Thea Harrison‘s Shadow’s End – but with a condition. Graydon is my “must have” Elder Races hero, but I am meh on Beluviel as his leading lady. I like her alright, but I just wanted someone else for Graydon. I totally got the vibe that they were going to be paired up way back in Lord’s Fall, but then I figured I was just being weird. No such luck. Anyone else not on the Graydon-Beluviel train?


11 thoughts on “December’s Book of the Month…

  1. dougmeeks says:

    Well I can tell you that Sweet Ruin is a great story, sadly it is padded terribly IMHO and should have been at least 1/3 shorter but i guess it was padded to make it look like it was worth the money. I am reading The Warrior Vampire and at the 30% mark it is REALLY good. Have not read any of the others yet but basically Sweet Ruin is NOT worth the money, wait until it is less than $6 is my advice.

    • pals20 says:

      Well, that definitely helps me make up my mind, I was confused between Kresley Cole and J R Ward, but now my vote is definitely for Blood Kiss

      • dougmeeks says:

        OMG! Almost everything I said about Sweet Ruin can be cloned right over to Vampire Warrior, it kept me up all night reading it but I scanned/skilled huge portions of it with no loss of story or plot. I guess these writers with publishing houses have to write all these extra pages to make people think they are getting something for their money, both of these books could have been cut by 100 pages at least and actually been better books. I have always said and still believe “It’s all about the story” in how I a rate a book but DAMN folks, this is getting ridiculous. If I did not really love the story in both of these books they would have been 3 Stars at best.

  2. Judy V says:

    So, my pick is just a little ole novella. But it is from the best author alive! Ilona Andrews! Anything with Kate and Curran is a hands down winner in my book every time Magic Gifts gets my “other” vote

  3. Cassandra B. says:

    I too am not excited for the newest Elder Races book, but I am liking the self-published novellas. I did read a review for Shadow’s End (I can’t remember where now, it wasn’t yours, was it, Doug? — maybe at Dear Author?) and the reader liked the book quite a bit. But I think the majority of the book is set in the past when the couple first meet which I don’t like even if it is well-written. I voted Other and for me it will be the newest Jayne Ann Krentz book Secret Sisters.

    Also, thanks Doug for the advice on Sweet Ruin. I wasn’t going to read it soon, but after reading your review I was somewhat interested. I definitely wasn’t going to buy it upon release, but perhaps when the price drops enough I will pick it.

    • kaleigha says:

      I was surprised by how much I liked the novellas, too (and I don’t recommend skipping the first one, Dragos Goes to Washington).

    • kaleigha says:

      Sometimes a depressing one once in a while isn’t bad, but when the whole series turns that way it can be a bit of a challenge to marathon.

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