Hot or Not? J.R. Ward’s Blood Kiss

blood kissOk, everyone, I am interested in hearing what all of you thought about J.R. Ward‘s newest release, Blood Kiss. It is the first book in the new Black Dagger Legacy series, and a throwback to the original Black Dagger Brotherhood style of the first few books. A pretty much straight up paranormal romance, focusing on one new couple and one established favorite. In this instance, new soldier trainees Paradise and Craeg, and returning Marissa and Butch.

I have to say, I really liked it. I liked the set up, I liked seeing the Brothers from the outside looking in, and I liked seeing further into areas of the vampire world than we have seen before. But what I really enjoyed was a return to a simpler, maybe? storyline. I have continued to read and enjoy the BDB books, but as I have said many times before I read them differently than any other series, and I have to be in the right mood to tackle one. The latter BDB books have become so multi-layered and multi-storylined that sometimes I find that the couple the book is about can get lost in the shuffle, but Blood Kiss had a smaller scope that I found very refreshing. Did I find myself wishing for a visit from Phury or Zadist? Sure. But I am also sure their turns will come.

I did find myself with a strange question, though. If the original brothers and their significant others will be playing large roles throughout the Black Dagger Legacy books, is there still a need for the Black Dagger Brotherhood to have a second book for previous characters?


Wrath and Beth have already had their second go round in The King, and my boy Rhage is up next with The Beast. Do you think it would make more sense for the follow-up stories to be told in the Legacy books, and leave the Brotherhood books for original characters (Murdher, Assail, the twins, etc)?

All in all, what did you think of the re-vamped (yes! I have been saving that one, sadly) Black Dagger world? Hit or miss? Hot or not?


15 thoughts on “Hot or Not? J.R. Ward’s Blood Kiss

  1. pals20 says:

    I read somewhere that Blood Kiss was a return to Ward’s pre-Phury BDB (either here or at Phury’s book was where it all started going wrong for me. And it’s was a perfect description of the Blood Kiss. I read it in one sitting – it was fast paced, funny, sexy and set up a new group of young(-ish) vamps for future books.

    And I can never get enough of the original Brothers. Besides, that’s Ward’s style. She always has multiple storylines in one book. I like it, and I’m used to it by now.

    Also, does anyone think age-wise these series should be categorised as New Adult.
    😀 😀 😀

  2. PhoenixFyre says:

    I will put here what I put in my yahoo groups.

    This is some of my favorite scenes and a few questions:


    1) Does anyone else other than me think that Axe’s mom is that whore aristocrat that sleeps and feeds the Bastards and who is married to that old man????

    2) Axe & Craeg live at training center. How could you not love the way Butch has a big heart with the trainees that have it hard????

    The Pool Scene & Lassiter was hysterical – SpongeBob–meets–Magic Mike parallel universe

    Combat fight with Craeg & Butch? I knew then and there that Craeg earned the respect of not only the trainees and Butch, but the Brothers also. That is the type of Trainee/Soilder they need for the coming war.

    Movie Night for the females – Magic Mike & the Men – Funny as hell. The way the women acted and the jealousy of their males, lol

    Quote: Butch clapped him on the shoulder. “And to show there’s no hard feelings from you being a douche just now, I’ll set you up with a good TV, Internet and a twelve-month calendar of Rhage so you have something pretty to look at.”

    Scene 1:
    “And then what transpired?”
    As her father asked the question and spread more marmalade on his crust-less toast,
    Paradise tried to formulate another lie.
    “Well, after we checked in, there was a cocktail hour of sorts.” Vomitorium. “We milled around the gym getting to know one another.” Nearly were electrocuted in the dark. “Went for a swim.” Had a drowning party. “At the end, we took a walk.” Dickensian death march. “And then everybody had a physical exam.” Cardiac resuscitation. “It was a long evening, so that was why they wanted us to stay.” Half dead and barely breathing.
    Great. She was channeling Mr. Subliminal

    Scene 2:
    Lassiter was leaning against the open archway, a bowl of popcorn in his hand, a giant-bag, leopard-print Snuggie covering about seventy percent of his torso.
    As he turned around, she let out a squeak.
    Because she was staring at his bare ass.
    “What’s wrong?” he asked, all concerned.
    Covering her eyes, she said, “You told me you had something on!”
    “A jockstrap. Duh.”
    (PS: I will take a Lassiter Calendar)

    Scene 3:
    V walked over to the glass door.
    “Okay. I’m taking the class to spar in the gym. Then Z is going to talk about poisoning people.”
    “If Z needs someone to practice on, let’s get Lassiter to be the guinea pig.”

    • kaleigha says:

      You know, I hadn’t thought of it, but it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Axe’s mom wasn’t the old tramp. Good catch.

      I loved Butch, actually. It was great to see him in a little different light, and see that he still holds onto his human side, too.

      Holy crap, movie night was great. And the sad-sacks in the hall was priceless.

      I would so totally take the Rhage calendar. And Lass’s, too.

      Oh, one of my favorites was again V, saying that he was going to go sucker-punch Lassiter. Then play some pool with him. Ha.

      • PhoenixFyre says:

        Too funny. The pool scene had me laughing so hard that I had cramps in my stomach and tears coming out of my eyes. And yeah, my husband thought I was a nut-case. But Lassiter always does that to me. Rhage has some good funny scenes in the series like when he started dancing in the alley and the Brothers were just looking at him like he was a nut. I could actually picture it.

  3. Shannon C says:

    Thanks for this post! I had stopped reading this series, but maybe I should give it another try with this latest release. I liked the earlier books, but lost interest as the series went on.

  4. PhoenixFyre says:

    I think I am one of the few that actually likes the multi-stories. I like Assail even though he makes me mad and I love Xcor and watching him grow. I can’t wait to see Murhder. Totally excited about him. Hope Layla finally gives birth in “The Beast.” I also think that Rhage and Mary adopt a child. Possibly the little girl who’s mother just passed on.

    • kaleigha says:

      I can’t say I don’t like them, to be honest. I guess for me it is that I want more of the main couple, and pretty much every single book a side story overshadows the main arc for me. Like Xcor stole Wrath’s story, and Assail totally stole another book, that sort of thing.

  5. whatmelreads says:

    Hi Kaleigha! My first time posting, but I always read your updates! Anywho, for once I am up to speed with a series. I totally agree with your question about what will happen with the original BDB series. Who will be the “sub-couple” for the next Legacy book? And then will that person not get a big DBD book? It’s getting a bit confusing to me. All I gotta say is: My man V better have a big book and not be second-string in a Legacy book.

    I do think it makes sense to have characters like Murhder have their own big BDB book. I am also waiting with baited breath for Xcor’s book; he better not get screwed over and have 1/8 of his own book, like Blay and Qhuinn did.

    I liked Blood Kiss a lot more than I thought I would. When I finished The Shadows I thought Paradise felt very young, which turned me off of Blood Kiss. But then I gave it a chance anyway and was glad I did. I loved Craeg. I think there could have been some more angst and a few more sex scenes before their HEA, but maybe that’s just me?

    I’m wondering if once people get invested in the Legacy books maybe there won’t be large sub-plots with our main brothers? I’m REALLY hoping for Novo to get a book next, and I would read it even if there aren’t any original brothers with huge story lines.

    Sorry for rambling!

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