Predictions and Crack-Pot Theories…

I thought for something a little different, I would start a thread about what direction we see some of our popular series heading in for the next year. Sometimes, you just get a vibe about something, so let’s share our wild theories and predictions. Here are a few of mine…

  • Hm, not so much a wild prediction, I will admit, but I figure that the next Elder Races book from Thea Harrison (the first self-pubbed, and based in the UK) will feature King Oberon of the Dark Fae. Now, smart money is probably on the Magical dude, Morgan, but I am going with the King.
  • On the subject of wild speculation, I am taking bets that Kresley Cole has introduced Nix’s other half. My completely crack-pot theory is that Orion the Undoing ends up with Nix. I have been wondering who exactly could handle the Nixinator, and Orion is about the only one I have seen who stands a chance.
  • Even though there hasn’t been much (any) news on the Breeds front, I am still sticking by my prediction that Lora Leigh pairs Cassie with the Wolf Breed Rhyzan Brannigan. I know most people are thinking it might be Dog, but I am going with the Assistant Director of the Bureau of Breed Affairs. I just got the vibe the minute he showed up, out of the blue.
  • And I know that pretty much everyone figure that Nalini Singh‘s Venom will end up with Sorrow, but I am still going in a different direction. Even though Archangel’s Enigma gave me a very Illium/Aodhan vibe (I am not alone on that one, am I?), I have it stuck in my head that Illium and Sorrow will be a couple. Here is my theory – Illium loves mortals, which Sorrow is/was, and with her unknown status it is a bit more dramatic than Illium loving a human who then becomes vampire so they can have their HEA (its been done). And, with Sorrow’s terror of angels, there is a bit extra drama. My back-up plan is totally Illium and Aodhan, though.
  • Still on the Guild Hunter books, I was thinking that it could be a Suyin (Lijuan’s rescued niece) and Aodhan pairing, since they are both artists and all, but I have had a change of heart. I am thinking a nice novella of Kier and Suyin is in our future. Or at least I am hoping.
  • And I pretty sure I have mentioned this one before, but I am thinking that Jackson Deveau has a link to bad guy Evan Shackler-Gratsos in his past. In the Sea Haven books, Jackson’s father was a biker and he is being hunted by a biker gang, and Shackler-Gratsos runs a criminal empire biker gang, so I am thinking that the two are one and the same. It might be a way for Christine Feehan to link the two series together even further, I figure.

Ok, your turn. Any weird theories that you just can’t prove? Anything you are hoping to see, or rumors you have heard?


14 thoughts on “Predictions and Crack-Pot Theories…

  1. Shira says:

    I totally agree with your Illium/Aodhan thing. After reading Archangel’s Enigma, I really don’t wish anyone to come between them.
    And about Elder Races, I was guessing that whoever is going with Liam to UK (to guard at the gate?) might be one of the main characters in the next book, but we’ll just have to see, I guess.

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, whatever guards he has on this side is a good option, too. Maybe Hugh?

      I am not sure I really want a Aodhan/Illium pairing. I think that their friendship is great, so I hope it doesn’t change. But still, I got that vibe…

  2. Dawn says:

    I completely agree with the ideas about the Elder Races. Also, since we’re throwing out “crack-pot theories” … what about Liam himself? I know he’s only chronologically a toddler, but since he’s now physically the equivalent of a teen/ young adult & going off to college, maybe he’ll find someone?

    As for Cassie, Dog HAS always been the favorite. And it HAS to be the one from Dawn’s Awakening that stared at her through the rifle scope & broke into the hospital. But could that have been Bran?

    And we actually get more than one Breeds book in an 18 month span for a change?!

    How about for crazy: Chloe Neill decides that, since we all love Merit & Ethan so much, she won’t end the series after all!

    You mentioned your thoughts on the Guild series. Any theories about the future of Psy-Changling or Rock Kiss?

    Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

    • kaleigha says:

      The Liam thing is tricky, isn’t it? He is an adult, but not. I can’t decide if I would like his story, or find it icky.

      I have it in my head that Rhyzan was the sniper and the one who broke into the hospital. I thought I remembered something about him being a sniper mentioned, but I might be losing it, too. Hell, at this point I would just like to know when the next book is coming – there has been no updating for months now. That bugs me. A lot.

      I don’t have any Rock Kiss ideas, but for a while I was convinced that it was going to be Alice and Aden. Since that was blown out of the water, I am now going with Alice and Alexi. Or anyone and Alexi at this point. Not sure why, but he intrigues me.

      • Dawn says:

        I agree with the Liam thing being a toss up of maybe sweet or icky. Sweet because it would be his first love, icky because of the whole weird growth/age thing. But with the visit from the Goddess, maybe that was set up for it? Off to school, here’s your first sweetheart? Or maybe we’re over analyzing, and he could just have another novella about what it’s like to go off to college — something a lot of us can relate to — in his situation.

        As to Bran being a sniper, I can’t recall that or not. But wouldn’t they still have been in Russia when Cassie was in the hospital? I know the timelines are so messy and overlapped, but it seemed like the events in Dawn’s Awakening definitely happened prior to those in Coyote’s Mate, when they came to the U.S. (I know the coyotes did various jobs, but it just seems like a stretch that a Russian coyote would’ve been hired by the GC for the job in the US.)

        I thought of one other off the wall theory — hopefully it’s not a spoiler for anyone. Will Han Solo be pulling an Obi-Wan and show up in Episodes VIII and/or IX to offer guidance through his spirit? Ford’s the only actor from the original series whose popularity got some films to sell tickets, no matter how bad they were (Regarding Henry, anyone?). I still haven’t gone to see it, and knowing this happens I don’t know if I want to…

        • kaleigha says:

          I think Rhyzan was a sniper, too. But you are right, not only are the timelines wonky but character back stories change so much from one book to another that it is pretty much anyone’s guess as to what happened when.

          I didn’t see Star Wars (no spoiler, though, I already searched to see who died). I have only vague memories of the first ones, so I think I am going to have to track those puppies down and actually watch them. Maybe.

    • kaleigha says:

      Hm, not sure I could handle Nix and Thad. Love both of them, and even though Thad is probably older than Nix, he seems so darn young. And sweet. And young…

      • aprilbrookshire says:

        I know. It would be an odd pairing with her wearing the pants. I don’t actually want them together, but the part of Sweet Ruin where she says that set off alarm bells. Then again, KC has given other hints about Nix’s future guy.

  3. Lidy says:

    I agree on Nix+Thad pairing… it’d be like a Conrad+NĂ©omi and Lothaire/Elizabeth one, but with crazy female goddess.

    Sometime ago, someone asked NS about Venom and Sorrow and she said she didn’t know if they were a couple, that she was writing her way into their stories (or story):

    Personally, I’m not huge Venom fan. He sounds a bit childish.

    Now, I totally ship Illium+Marcia Blue or Illium+Favashi (I’ve seen Illium+Eve *ew* tossed around). Illium+Aodhan is good, too, but I think NS is setting them up to be an archangel-right hand kind of thing, like Raphael and Dmitri.

    I wanted to hug Suyin so much! Just when I was beggining to like Xi…

    NS should also write something on Caliane+Alexander, even a newsletter short story. I’ll settle for anything.

      • Lidy says:

        Exactly. I want Illium to have a significant other because he loves her/him, not because she’s an… an Elena spare tire. Besides, I think that due to age, Eve would make a better pair for Izzy… who’s kind of in love with Elena, too. Now I’m scared that Izzy will have a love-mortal-lose-mortal moment too.

  4. Iain says:

    I’m not much for generating speculation/crackpot theories… I sure love reading them, though…

    My fanning tends to channel towards figuring the mechanics of things out… like last summer and the mechanics of Kings/Queens of Faeries -> Firstborn -> purebloods/mixed bloods/changelings in the October Daye series…

    I hold firmly to the belief that I’m the reason she did a new Q&A series on her blog that mostly focused on fae bloodlines mid-August, only a week after getting an email response from her that pretty much confirmed I’d exhausted the released knowledge in Google already at the time…

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