Site Updates…

Just a couple of quick notes, probably won’t make much difference to the way things run for you, but I thought I would mention them anyways.

  • I have done up an author page for Anne Bishop, which can be found HERE. As a result, for those of you who had subscribed to the guide for the Others, it has been moved HERE.
  • And since 2016 is officially on the move, the new releases for 2015 have been deleted (it was because I was too lazy to update. Heh). I still have to sync the monthly and yearly summaries, now that I think of it.
  • I have a ton of new releases to add over the coming days, as well. Since I have some time off, I should have everything onsite up to date by the end of the month. Yay me.

As always, if you don’t find something working, or you think something should be added/removed, just drop a line in the comments section. Sometimes I can’t figure out how to do add what you like, but it doesn’t hurt to check.


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