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I figure there isn’t too much question about what my pick for this week is, but here goes. The Dirt on Ninth Grave, the ninth book of the Charley Davidson series from Darynda Jones, is released today. And to say that the last one ended on a cliffhanger is a bit of an understatement.

ninth graveSynopsis…

In a small village in New York lives Jane Doe, a girl with no memory of who she is or where she came from. So when she is working at a diner and slowly begins to realize she can see dead people, she’s more than a little taken aback. Stranger still are the people entering her life. They seem to know things about her. Things they hide with lies and half-truths. Soon, she senses something far darker. A force that wants to cause her harm, she is sure of it. Her saving grace comes in the form of a new friend she feels she can confide in and the fry cook, a devastatingly handsome man whose smile is breathtaking and touch is scalding. He stays close, and she almost feels safe with him around.

But no one can outrun their past, and the more lies that swirl around her-even from her new and trusted friends-the more disoriented she becomes, until she is confronted by a man who claims to have been sent to kill her. Sent by the darkest force in the universe. A force that absolutely will not stop until she is dead. Thankfully, she has a Rottweiler. But that doesn’t help in her quest to find her identity and recover what she’s lost. That will take all her courage and a touch of the power she feels flowing like electricity through her veins. She almost feels sorry for him. The devil in blue jeans. The disarming fry cook who lies with every breath he takes. She will get to the bottom of what he knows if it kills her. Or him. Either way.

So, any predictions about this one? It sounds like a totally new direction for the series, and I am very interested to see how things play out.


17 thoughts on “Pick of the Week…

    • bfmason50 says:

      I really like how you write your reviews on Amazon. I read your reviews for the great series “The Others,” which is a book series I absolutely love. While I enjoy Meg immensely I must say I love the elemental’s. I will continue to check out your reviews on this site. I just wanted to thank you for how the time you write thought out and great reviews for books you have read. One curiosity Mr. Meeks you have any desire to read either the Throne of Glass series or A Court of Thorns and Roses by Sarah Maas?

      Kaleigha I also want to thank you for all the work you do on this website for reviews and the great character guides. The amount of time it must take is mind boggling to me.

      • dougmeeks says:

        Thank you for your kind words 🙂 I was given a ARC for the new “Others” book Marked in Flesh yesterday and hope to read/review it in a couple of weeks. I did read all the excellent Throne of Glass novellas leading up to the first Throne of Glass novel which I did enjoy but by the second book it had become tiresome for me. I enjoyed book 1 because I read all the novellas, anyone who did not read them I felt could not possibly understand how she got to this point in her life BUT it became a story of a perfect person (Assassin Barbie) and her love triangle so i moved on to better things to read 🙂 My 2 cents LOL

        • bfmason50 says:

          So is their a certain amount of time you have to wait before you post a review on the new “Others” book Marked in Flesh? I am dieing to read this book, wishing I had the Deloreon from Back to the Future to go forward several months to be able to read the books I want LOL.

          • dougmeeks says:

            On posting reviews, sometimes the author/publisher will request no reviews be posted before a certain date (usually release day or close to it) but you cannot ever post on Amazon until release day except in rare instances (I was able to do this with Ninth Grave on Amazon through a bit of trickery that Amazon would not have liked if they had realized it but it was a glitch not a permission). I could read the “Others” book today and post a review here or on Goodreads but most people will be looking at Amazon on release day for reviews so most of the time I hold them until then. I think I will probably hold this one until next month sometime and post a review here first (since some dummy forgot to send the Ninth Grave review here like he meant to). I am trying to remember what book it was that we were all told to hold reviews until release day just recently but my memory sux so I can’t recall LOL. The MAIN thing that holds me back is I have tons of books to read/review at all times and if I don’t stick to at least the bare bones of a reading schedule too many books end up on release day with no review from me (which is kinda what you promise to do when you accept an ARC). It can get more complicated when I do stupid things like accepting “Wickedly Ever After: A Baba Yaga Novella” before I realized that it was actually a continuation of book 1 in the series, so I end up reading 2 books instead of 1 since I can’t review the novella without having read the first book. Stuff like that happens more than I would like to admit 🙂 That means I spend 2+ days reading what should have been maybe 1 day at most. (BTW, the book was REALLY good)

  1. Sandy S says:

    I read it and I thought it was a bit of a distraction from the original series. And if you have ever read Jennifer Estep’s ELEMENTAL ASSASSIN series, NINTH GRAVE reads like a Gin Blanco tale. At times I kept thinking I WAS reading JE’s series.

    • kaleigha says:

      Actually, the Elemental Assassin series is on mount TBR. Shocking, I know. At least if I like this one, it could get me to the Elemental Assassin books faster. Hopefully.

    • Iain says:

      If anything, that makes me want to read this even LESS… I am very on the fence with Elemental Assassin… I’ve made it through 8 of them… but switching to audio after 5 was a bad idea I think… at least in print I could skim all the reminder text about her friends backstories and motivations… multiple times in the same book…

      • kaleigha says:

        Ah, I have found myself in the same boat for the Jane Yellowrock books. I find myself WANTING to like them more than I actually like them myself, if that makes any sense.

        • Iain says:

          Totally makes sense… I feel the same way… read the first one and listened to the 2nd and 3rd on audio… I read the news a while back about the spinoff series and that the turned Were dude moves onto the new series… not sure thats a good thing… wasn’t really a big fan of him after book 3… and was always lukewarm to begin with…

  2. Iain says:

    As this series continues, my biggest disappointment is all the wasted potential within Charley… after 8-9 books, how much has she really done despite being all-powerful… and what little she has done has been accidental usually… like the time she reached in and stopped a sniper’s heart in the heat of the moment

    • kaleigha says:

      The only thing that sometimes can throw me off of the Charley Davidson books is when it crosses the line from humor to slapstick. It is a fine line for me, I guess – funny is great, slapstick comes off as too stupid to live.

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