Shadowhunters is Here…


When word first came out early last summer that Cassandra Clare‘s The Mortal Instruments series was getting a re-boot as a TV show, I was beyond stoked. The movie so, so didn’t live up to expectations (along with a ton of other adaptations around that time), and it seemed like this was going to be great. Pretty much everything got me excited, from the speed things were progressing at, to the casting, to the openness of pretty much every aspect of the behind-the-scenes creation of the show. I didn’t even change my mind when I started to see a lot of negative reaction online to storyline changes.

But then I saw a couple of trailers, and, uh, I cringed a bit. It didn’t have the look, or the vibe, that I thought it would. I was thinking Vampire Diaries, but it looked more like Mutant X (which I liked, but still). I have to admit, my hopes took a bit of a hit. Or maybe I should say that my hopes were still high, but my expectations were low.

I just finished watching the first episode on Netflix, and I am so glad to say that I liked it. I didn’t mind any of the storyline changes (Luke as a cop seems promising), the techno vibe didn’t bother me at all, and I loved the cast. Special effects weren’t bad, for the most part, and I ended up actually liking the overall feel of the show. Magnus and Clary seemed a bit stiff acting, but the potential is there. Was it perfect? No. But it ended up being far better than I expected. The first episode flew, and I am looking forward to next week’s.

Who else checked out Shadowhunters? What did you think? Did the changes bother you, or did you find it all seemed to work?


2 thoughts on “Shadowhunters is Here…

  1. Shanice says:

    I liked it, I never read the books, but I did watch the movie, and it wasn’t the worse thing I’ve seen. I’m having a hard time getting why people didn’t like it. For people who haven’t read the books (which I am one of them), and only saw the movie was it really that bad? Maybe I’m missing something. And for those who are fans of the books and watched the movie, same question applies. I’m really excited to watch this, is all I’m gonna add on.

    • kaleigha says:

      I think, for me, my disappointment in the movie was a combination of way too-high expectations coupled with a bit of a cheesy movie. Of course, there was a lot of the books that had to be cut out for the movie, but it seemed like what they cut out made the movie feel disjointed. And I am ashamed to say that I had problems with a couple of the cast, which I usually don’t. I thought Jamie Campbell Bower was an absolute sweetheart in how dedicated and excited he was about the role, and I was very annoyed with the online criticisms he got, but when I saw the movie he was so frail looking that I couldn’t get past it. And Valentine made me laugh, which was so not the direction I was hoping for. I do think I need to give the movie a re-watch, though, just to be fair.

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