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booksMy vacation continues, and I am within reach of my goal of getting all of the character guides up to date, along with tackling a chunk of my TBR pile. Yay me. I did get some reading done as well, including wrapping up another series. I am officially up to date on all of my Jennifer L. Armentrout series, since I read the last two books of her Dark Elements series, Stone Cold Touch and Every Last Breath. I have to admit, I wasn’t that excited to pick them back up, for a couple of reasons. One, I am on a bit of an iffy relationship status with young adult lately, but I am not sure why. I have been reading them, but it has been more of a “get through it and on to something else” phase, which is weird. Also? Love triangle. Enough said.

Anyways, I ended up liking them. They had the same tone and vibe as Jennifer L. Armentrout’s other series, which is usually fun, and they were quite a fast read. Plus, the whole demons and gargoyles thing was different. The love triangle wasn’t really that bad, since you could tell who she was ending up with by the end of the second book, so you didn’t have too much angsty crap messing things up. Still, all triangles should be banned on punishment of death. I am still trying to wrap up a lot of the young adult series I have on the go, but I don’t find myself interested in any new ones (except for the Dark Artifices by Cassandra Clare, which is a given). I think I am just moving away from them.

Oh, and I got my copy of The Dirt on Ninth Grave from Darynda Jones (and the guide is updated, too), which was great. Loved the change of pace while still keeping most of the old gang around. It didn’t end with the bang of a cliffhanger that the last one did (thank God), but there are some big things coming. One of the things that I enjoyed most about this one was that the humor was on point – Charley didn’t stray too far into stupidlandia, which has happened a time or two in the past. She still got herself in trouble, she is Charley after all, but it wasn’t over the top. I like that balance.

And, as I have bored everyone with already, I am almost finished Naked in Death by J.D. Robb. It is a pleasant change of pace, since I can honestly say I haven’t done a sci-fi procedural before. It was a fine read up until Eve and Roarke became EVE AND ROARKE, and then things really grabbed my attention. Even though this book is a couple of decades old, I am starting to see why Roarke is still on fans’ radar as one of their favorites. That was definitely a surprise. I did snicker a bit when he pulled out a cigarette, which made me realize that it was so a 90’s book (and when I realized that he was ONLY worth 3 billion). I have the second book on Mount TBR, but of course I had to order the UK version. Of course. I don’t see myself pulling a 10 book marathon read of this series, but I could see me managing to read most of them by the end of the year (or at least a pretty good chunk of them).

Your turn. What did you read and love this week? Did you finish off anything, or try something new?


10 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up…

  1. Iain says:

    I’ve been chugging along on Cassandra Palmer and Black Jewels… but Cassandra Palmer novellas started dragging me down, so I took a break and tried a goodreads Recommendation, Experiment in Terror… its about amateur ghosthunters and leans towards horror I guess… but I’m liking it…

    The 90s futuristic tech is going to be around for awhile… I dont think Eve/Roarke get texting until book 25ish…

    I have a hard time visualizing the size of the autochef… but since for the poor people its mostly reconstituted soy, I guess it doesnt have to be enormous

  2. cheryl says:

    I don’t know if I want to admit this… I have been reading J.D. Robb for years and I think I like the later books even more than the earlier ones. I stumbled on this series in paperback when 10 books were out and I have read it up until the latest one. I have absolutely favorite ones and some that were just okay to me and own the lot. I look at my bookshelves and sigh… over forty and all a mix of paperback, hardback and kindle. The audio versions are some of the best narrated books I have listened to. One of her best is even a weird title in the series: New York to Dallas. You definitely can’t start with this one and it is book 33.

    • Iain says:

      yea… dont skip to #33,,, thats the one that finally deals with Eve’s childhood once and for all… mostly

      I, too, like the later ones better… some of the early ones are just sex every other chapter regardless of caseload…

      • cheryl says:

        Do you remember which book is the one where Eve and Roarke meet his distant family? Geez, my memory isn’t good enough to say which book before #33 you could start with.
        I love the characters in these books more than the murder mystery.

        • Iain says:

          I listened to the whole series over the course of 4 months, so they kind of blend together… but its whichever book took place in November 2060… because they went to Scotland… and then in 2061 the family came to “Rourke Manor” and now its a holiday tradition…

  3. kaleigha says:

    I had a moment where I thought seriously about doing a character guide for this one. Then I kicked myself in the head. But I seriously, seriously toyed with the idea of doing something like “the story so far” for it. You know, as I read, maybe just a one page summary of some of the key events in the books. Man, that would be huuuuge. And would probably require an author page for J.D. Robb/Nora Roberts, which would probably short-circuit my brain trying to organize, but it might be a good series to try it on. But I would need to decide, like NOW, while I am only one book in (not after 20 books or something, which is my usual MO). Although, I could do just a J.D. Robb page…crap. I hate me sometimes.

    • Iain says:

      Yea… there is soooo much continuity in this series… almost every character Eve interacts with gets fleshed out… the big hulking bar owner on the bad side of town Eve uses to discretely meet people sometimes… the male neighbor of the main victim in book 1… everyone

  4. snapdragon says:

    I have been reading the Lost Fleet series by Jack Campbell. It is very Sci/Fi military but a really good series so far. I just finished book 4.

    Plus I just finished a re-read of the Forever Evermore series by Scarlett Dawn starting with “King Hall.”

  5. Emily says:

    Loved, loved, love The Dirt on Ninth Grave. It wasn’t one of my favorites of the series, but I thought it was so interesting to see things from a “fresh” point of view – even though it’s still Charley’s POV. And I really liked how she remembered everything. That was a bittersweet goodbye and sacrifice. And, of course, it was great to see Charley fall in love with Reyes all over again. Not a huge amount of action, but still really good.

    I’ve read the first 3 or 4 In Death books, and really enjoyed them, but like you, can’t see myself reading them straight through. The problem is that it’s been almost a year since I read them and am wondering if I need to refresh my memory before continuing with the series. Whichever I decide, I’m definitely going to have to pencil one in each month until I get caught up. If you let it go too long, it just gets easier and easier to put it off even longer.

    • kaleigha says:

      I really enjoyed Ninth Grave, too. Not a reboot of the series, but a temporary change in direction which was a treat.

      God, I am the queen of putting off the “biggies” – between In Death and the Dark-Hunter books, I would be swamped. I am not sure, but I think the Dark-Hunter books make up a third of my TBR pile.

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