Well, That Hurt…

review iconI have been trying for a couple of hours to write a clear, balanced reaction to January’s book of the month. My pick of the week. One of my top 10 most anticipated books of 2016. I have stopped and started maybe half a dozen times, and I keep coming back to is…

Well, that hurt.


Feverborn. That long awaited 8th book from Karen Marie Moning‘s Fever series. I came late into the Fever World, starting after the original five books about Mac and Barrons had already been released, and the first of three planned books about Dani O’Malley was on the horizon. I was a big, big fan, more so of Iced than the first five, actually. In my mind, Mac and Barrons arc was wrapped up, but they would continue to play a strong supporting role in Dani’s stories. That wasn’t to happen, and I was disappointed when the Dani trilogy was scrapped to return to a mostly Mac POV. Even then, I ended up really enjoying Burned. I wasn’t particularly fond of Mac, but then I wasn’t a huge Mac fan to begin with. What I ended up liking in Burned was that while it was predominantly from Mac’s POV, she ended up being mostly an observer through whom we saw the other, more interesting characters. Her weird, contrived drama with Barrons was a minor distraction. I liked everyone else, I even liked the Jada angle, since I figured Dani would come back at some point, so it worked for me. What that whole long-winded paragraph boils down to is that I was so, so excited to see where things headed in Feverborn.

Mild potential spoilers ahead…


Basically, they headed nowhere. I would go so far as to say, from my perspective, 80% of Feverborn was filler. Or, Mac. It wasn’t Mac the observer like Burned, it was more emo Mac drama, and dammit it was dull. I actually found myself skimming her parts, and her parts made up most of the book. Jada, Ryodan, Lor, even Barrons felt like background characters for a good portion of the book, but the few times they were around things did pick up a bit. Threads from the previous book, like Lor and Jo, Kat and Kasteo, The Princess, they are non existent here. There isn’t even any progression on Jada’s story until near the very end. Oh, and the end? To make matters worse…

We got Feehaned.


Yep. You know what I mean. You are reading along, thinking that things are finally, FINALLY getting interesting, and then you turn the page. Stare blankly. Flip frantically. Hell, even turn the book over and shake it. But then you realize that what you thought was pages and pages of more story was actually Carpathian Healing Chants summaries, character breakdowns, and appendices. Yes. That happened.

Did I hate it? No. Was I let way, way down? Yep. I liked everything non Mac-centric, but unfortunately there just wasn’t enough of it to count. I said it earlier – most of the book felt like filler, with little forward progression and little resolution of previous storylines. I do have to do a re-read for the character guide, so hopefully I will get more out of a second try, but right now I am not holding my breath.


15 thoughts on “Well, That Hurt…

  1. Monika says:

    Uhh, that’s terrible. Feverborn is (or rather was) one of my most looked forward to books also. Love your word creation, though: unfortunately it manages to convey a wealth of meaning in one word.
    I think it’s even worse if you have Kindle, because it says you have 20% of the book left to read and then the story is just finished what seems like midsetence, without any warning…
    All of a sudden I don’t feel the urge to start reading Feverborn right away…

  2. kaleigha says:

    The first time it happened was with Dark Predator. When I realized it was the end, I stupidly looked around the room (like part fell off? duh). Then I flipped through the book, then turned it around a few times, trying to find the rest. It wasn’t pretty. I hadn’t though of the Kindle, either. That would hurt.

  3. Iain says:

    This isn’t the only review I’ve read with this sentiment in the last 10 minutes… every review I read makes me even gladder I stopped at Shadowfever and might continue if the 2nd arc ends well…

    On Kindle… last time I was really taken by surprise was Gunmetal Magic… I didn’t realize it was paired with a Kate Daniels novella with an overlapping timeline until Andrea’s story ended… in hindsight it was obvious considering the scale of the final battle, but still…

    With Kindle its always a gamble if the book ends with a teaser chapter to another book around 90-95% or continues to 100%

    • kaleigha says:

      I am a total sucker for the teaser chapters, but they get me in trouble every time. I usually flip to the back of the book to see if there is one, and it never fails that I stumble across a major plot point/death/who the bad guy is. Never fails.

    • kaleigha says:

      I was surprised by how many didn’t like Burned, too. I just hope that this book was the calm before the wrap-up storm of the last two books.

  4. Ashley says:

    I enjoyed Feverborn, although I, too, wanted to throw my Kindle at the wall when I realized that the story was over when I thought I had so much more to read. My biggest complaint about Burned and now Feverborn to some extent is Mac’s navel-gazing. It made sense in the books leading up to Shadowfever. Since then, while I understand what KMM is trying to do, it’s been booo-ooooring now. I cheered at how Feverborn ended because the navel-gazing is over now! What I did enjoy about FB is pretty much what everyone else liked: the Dani/Jada development, Ryodan, Lor, Barons, etc. I would have loved to see more of Cruce, to be honest! But I supposed the saving Grace for me is that this book had movement. Iced and Burned just stagnated for me. I liked the Dani story, but it didn’t move the overall plot forward. And now we wait another year. Or two. *sigh*

    • kaleigha says:

      Yeah, Mac was so the weak link in both (like you say, until the end of Feverborn). It was dull, and came off as whiny and a step backward for the character, at least for me. And when things start to get back on track…bam! Feehaned.

      • Ashley says:

        I love that: Feehaned. *snicker* I know from following KMM that she went through a lot of less than enjoyable personal stuff during the writing of Iced and Burned. I have to wonder if that’s where a lot of Mac’s weakness as a character comes from. I don’t mean that as an insult to KMM, either. Been through some ugliness and I get how it can pervade your life. But now she’s left as an author to redirect what maybe got skewed due to real life circumstances. That’s one reason I still hang on. I LOVED the first half of the series, up till Shadowfever, so I know KMM has the chops. Just hoping she redeems both Mac and the somewhat splintered storyline and the next two. And dear God, in a bit more timely manner!!!

        • kaleigha says:

          I agree. I don’t drop a series too easily, either. It is only when I get bored with the storyline that I move on, and that is really rare. I still have lots of excitement for how this wraps up, so no end for me in sight.

  5. cheryl says:

    I feel the pain…. just finished a kindle book and I was seriously bummed. The book ended at 80%… just ended. The rest was teaser chapters and author listings.
    I was listening at the time with text to speech and it took me a minute to figure out it didn’t make sense. Gah… the end was so quick and frankly left a lot to be desired. I wanted just a bit more than … wam bam it’s over and you have to make your own ending with the little nicety things like reaction of fellow characters and just tie up some little plot things. I just kept backing up and re-reading the last few pages and still went … huh.
    I have to say I have given up on KMM … the last one I read was Iced and I didn’t like the direction it was going.

    • kaleigha says:

      Ew. 80% sucks. And feels like a rip-off, actually. I do the re-read of the last pages, too – like some more will magically appear.

  6. DebbieF says:

    When Iced first came out I was so excited. I loved the entire Fever arc but this was Dani. We finally got her story told from her point of view. We would learn more about Dancer and Ry and Christian. Happy dances all around. Then I read Burned. I still need to fix the indent in the wall where the book hit. I had to mourn the fact we weren’t getting Dani’s story the way we were promised and it took a while. After reconciling myself to that fact (and reminding myself that I did like Mac and the rest of the crew) I re-read and enjoyed it. Even looked forward to Fever Born with the understanding that this was still Mac’s story and Dani played just a part. But COME ON. I want more Dani. I want to know who Dancer is. I want more of her and Ry. I need to know more about Christian and how his uncle is overcoming becoming part of the Nine-Now-Ten. There was just too much blah in this book. Mind you I did like the cliff hanger.

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