Reading Wrap Up…

booksWell, I did my whining about Feverborn in the previous post, so I won’t bore you again with my sadness on the latest Fever book. Moving on, the rest of the week wasn’t that bad. I caught up on the two Shifters Unbound books from Jennifer Ashley that I was behind. Shifter Mates was a compilation of two previously released e-novellas, neither of which I had read, and I liked both of them. I also picked up Mate Bond, but I wasn’t as lucky with that one. It wasn’t a story problem, it was just a personal preference. I am not fond of books where the main characters are already a couple when the book starts. In this case, Bowman and Kenzie had already been mated for 15 years and have a son, so it isn’t my favorite. I guess I like to see the couple from the start, not get dropped into their story when it is already going, but that is just me.

For something a little different, I bought an e-book. Whee! It has been quite a while since we have seen anything new from Alyssa Day, but she recently started a Warriors of Poseidon spin off/mystery series featuring tiger shifter Jack called Tiger’s Eye Mystery, and I thought I would check the first book out. Dead Eye was a fun, fast little read, and I will be picking up the next one when it comes out. Unfortunately, book two, which is called Private Eye, has been pushed back. It was supposed to be released on February 2nd, but now it is looking like a March or April release.

And for a real treat, I did a re-read of Magic Shifts from Ilona Andrews. This is an absolute favorite series, so a re-read is never a chore. It is funny, though. Some books seem to get better the second time around, or maybe I just read it the first time so fast that I miss a lot of detail, but either way I was very glad to dive back into the Kate Daniels world. Now we just have to start the countdown for the September 27th release of Magic Binds. Sigh. So, so long to wait.

I have a strategy for tackling my TBR pile, which isn’t really that exciting – I am just going through my list and reading in alphabetical order, while tackling the In Death books at the same time. I can proudly say that I have finished all of my “A” authors, which was my goal for the month of January. Beauty. What have you been reading this week? Anything exciting catch your attention?


7 thoughts on “Reading Wrap Up…

  1. Monika says:

    Unfortunately I haven’t managed to read anything this week. I finally finished and uploaded my review for J. T. Geissinger’s Make Me Sin, book two in her Bad Habit rock series. I loved it and highly recommend it to readers who enjoy Nalini Singh’s Rock Kiss series. I downloaded Feverborn (not keen on starting it after all the disappointing reviews). I think I’ll start with Dreamwalker by Allyson James (an alias of Jennifer Ashley) instead, book 5 in her Stormwalker series; I think I like this series better than her Shifter books…

  2. Ashley says:

    Reading the Iron Druid series by Keven Hearne and really enjoying it. The dialogue is amazing, and makes me laugh out loud, even when the main character gets himself into very dire life-or-death situations. The male-centric story is a nice change of pace because the main character isn’t a walking mountain of yummy man meat that terrifies everyone but his One True Love. He’s a hot guy that’s smart as heck, but uses brains and magic instead of muscle. I’m on book 5 of 9, but as far s I know, the author is still going strong on the series.

      • snapdragon says:

        It is more UF. There is a kinda a romantic angle but the series is not romantic centric. Just lots of action and WTH moments. It is a really fun series. And if you get the chance listen to the audiobooks the narrator does an amazing job.

        • Iain says:

          I’ve been thinking about switching to audio with Iron Druid #5… about to start the last Black Jewels audiobook and then I need something new…

      • Ashley says:

        I think this series is especially refreshing after the mixed bag that was Feverborn. And the main character, Atticus, doesn’t take himself too seriously. It’s a nice change since so many PNR/UF characters (even ones I adore) are so intense and self-important.

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